Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran


Music video by Taylor Swift performing Everything Has Changed. (C) 2013 Big Machine Records, LLC.

awwwww soooooo cuteee
Keroppi The Frog
they are so cute!!❤
Emma O'Brien
This video makes me so happy
Leo Tang
Who's still watching this video in 2017????
que hermoso video💖💖💖💖
nick tardif
ed sheeran is a fag. he look gay as hell. smh
Sid Thoo
You're the best Taylor! Daniella (Sid's daughter)
everything has changed
Tyana Jake
Love the video.❤❤
Gabriela Fernanda Herrera
Kadi Harden yeah,me too
Matthew Cooper
if any one know how to make a kid Dream to be a singer because I am just a kid with a dream to singe but I won't to make it happen NOW I do not know how if any one how to Make MY DREAM
Cierra LaBeho
Myleigh Ferguson
is she your sister
Mommas Productions
So wait all of this happened in in one day because in the beginning of all of this it looked like they never meet before and by the end they looked in love, that's crazy......... I LOVE IT
Abbi Thomason
watched it and was like whers taylor then saw her at end and was like ooooohhhh
vu hoang
the boy was bigger than the girl
Pedro Henrique
I SHIP THEM!!!!!!!!!
Taylor Sheeran!! <3<3<3<3<3
Ed Swift <3,3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Dawn Yole
yosvel lorenzo
Can I atleest get one like it is my birthday I'm 10
Maah Rodrigh
awwwwwn kawaii
Marta Narta
GamerGirl 662
No plz make this into a movie.. I need to know what happens next
Kadi Harden
They have more of a love life than I do... wait im single.
Snow Leopard
I shipp ed and taylor so badly together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at the end their clothing are the same the parents have the same clothes as the kids :p
tayyip hitler
April 2017
Twenty_One_ Crybaby's
I ship it.
I ship it.
I ship it.
Livvy Thornell
This a true love song
Jessica Chamailak Fisher
This kinda made me thought at the end that t-swift looks like a real mom but who looks allot younger
Semih Ardıç
iki yakın arkadaştan da böyle güzel bir şey çıkar 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Golden Rio
so sweet
Nikitah Tomlin
Nikitah Tomlin
I love how they fit a Tuba in there!!
dipjyoti Bora
this is the cutest music video for me in the entire world forever!!🐭🐭😚no other can take its place
Ecliptix Z
Ecliptix Z
It's 2017. And yet, I'm still listening to this song.... It's just too addictive!!
Izzie Zverev Izzie Zverev
the blonde boy So cute
rob thomas
I your songsyou are so pretty
Absølutëly Førgøttën
Either this was a vivid memory relived or Taylor had a kid that had the voice of a fully grown adult. DX same with Ed.
Celeste Azarcon
who still listen to this song in 2017?
Celeste Azarcon
I love this song so much!
michael tapp
What Taylor swift has a kid???
Aren't they too little to do all that?
Yoni YT
when i hear this song i miss my crush
Linda Rivers
I wish that I could go there
fav video ever
Madison Clapham
amalie ama
sorry to say this but im only finding about this song in 2017 damn im late...
Michelle Treon
My life right there... Gone😯😔😔
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