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"If you give people bad food, then you shouldn't be running the restaurant."

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Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas - Opening Ceremony
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Created by

“Trump Grill Could Be The Worst Restaurant In America” by Tina Nguyen / Vanity Fair

The Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States

It must taste like tears
Barry The Bee
lol yeah trump cooked all of your food
Barry The Bee
totally forgot to unlike this video a year ago here i am!
Ezzie Mooray
5:34 this is what donald trump is doing to people.
Theresa Zavala
Ned is me
0:27 plz hand me the gun.
Kitty Chan
Ned is me
Ned needs a drink.
McKenzie P
Aww poor ned.
Devon Laurent
This must of been a lady cow ... because this is a miss steak! 😂
Joseph Carriere
They are just hating on his food becausue they do not like him.
Kelly Tran
This should be in kitchen nightmares.
Bryan Marjama
I feel like they just made it seem like his food is bad because it's buzzfeed and they don't like trump.
Not Gordon Ramsay
The crab looks like is trying to rip off people that is so cheap
Not Gordon Ramsay
I thought the patty was a rubber tire or door mat
All around gaming
Phew They hate trump good
butthurt hillary supporters
Build a bear more like build a wall
srinivasa reddy pidaparti
Ned is so sad!
Bakugou’s Best girl
Jesus is Ned okay
42k donkeys disliked this video
Melanin Rain
Ned was definitely me post-election night
Isabella Javier
Next episode of kitchen nightmare... the Trump's grill.
Ananya Asthana
This is my favourite try guys video of all time. I love this video!
Simply Anna
i think Ned was drunk for the last 3 minutes... but that rant tho 100% truth
Callmeh Coco
The thumbnail is gold!💛
Tato Potato
clout doggo
Eugene is pretty much the only normal person in this video Zach is fine but Jesus Christ the others...
ilovepandas288 rAnDoM
This must have been a lady cow. This is a Miss steak.
kiiboumahara meow
"signature color of donald trump"
Remedios Calingasan
Why does Keith reminds me of gordon ramsey/ramsy idk
5:04 the cutest smile ever
Paola Muñoz
"I like rosé, i also like any alcohol."- Eugene 2k17.
Katie Mogilla
5:04 Zach looks so hot wtf
Wooooo Anti Trump video, anybody else wondering how they got Trump towers food there? Only Buzzfeed right
SuperSteve 22
Ned pissed real bad
Mai Xiong
Gordon Ramsay would totally destroy this
Kimmy Nguyen
"This is what he eats everyday
, no wonder why he's so bitter all the time" HAHA! 😂
4 months...sorry to tell ya buddy, it’s been a year ☺️
Keith said 4 months well here we are in november
Koko fuentes2 Second chanell
People he has brought us to the brink of a nuclear war and consistently lied about dealings with Russia I signed the petition to impeach him
Fathia Zafirah
5:06 my favorite
Verenice Ceja
Jones BBQ foot massage is better than this
Demi DaGod
Trump was elected on my birthday....Saddest day of my life and worst birthday
Autumn Ibarra
Are they drunk? 😂
Adultish Gambino
i want to see gordon ramsey try this
Eleanor Ward
Is it just me or were all of them pissed off throughout the whole video
Aaron Samuel
I love Trump!! ❤️❤️❤️
Janette Walter
OMG ned is having a drunk mental breakdown!🤣😂
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