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As you may have noticed, some of our episodes are dedicated to all kinds of intellectual riddles... We hope you liked them, because today we have for you another video to stretch your brain! Remember: you can always pause and use all the time you want to find the right answer.
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Zacto Magma
Just solved it
Exposure Ticker
It blew my mind because I solved em all.. Except the net one.
lucy shi
i got all except the john/bob one. No joke
Alvaro Flores
Go outside the box
Ya boi Nick
😂 I thought the net was a flag
2:22 my teacher give me a task before, it was so damn cool!
‍ ‍
3:28 The fire is going left tho
Yellow pool RULZ128
#much weird
Dylan James Ferreira
If you ask " who was on duty " and then ask " what's his name ?" You asked for his name twice in one question.
AceDemon 343
you give the answers too fast atleast say pause now to think before u give the answers
KNOCK- KNow Or Curious to Know
Nice video..:) My channel KNOCK is also a collection of all sorts of riddles..be it mystery riddles, matchstick riddles, situational riddles, personality tests and many more. Give a visit to my channel, indulge yourself in the pool of entertainment and make your day. Enjoy..!!
Rolling Roxanne.
0:00 i thought that was you talking xD
Anh Ly
Nah 10
Anh Ly
First off if they're tourists then they don't live in the camp
Second you don't live in camps
Diego Martinez
I got the last one right lol
Altar Göktunca
The sample shows the answer.

阿斯蒂芬就放假啊圣诞快乐发ja;受到法律空间asd;发链接阿斯蒂芬了;叫阿斯蒂芬;恋爱时代恋爱时代sdfj;哦爱上对方哦啊但似乎佛爬山发货跑速度发货i;啊哦司法还跑额我付给啊额是废话奥额ufhoa;额我覅和;阿瑟飞机;哦 阿斯蒂芬的;覅啦都送牌覅和奥德赛;发货阿里;送到附近;阿里山扩大发货啊;数量大幅恐慌阿斯兰的;副科级
2. When did they arrive?
7. Who was on duty yesterday and what's his name?
The Storyteller
I actually got the wind and time from the shadow because it looked like the guy at the fire was still wearing his pajamas from the night before. that meant that his shadow was facing west, meaning that the fire was being blown north, meaning that the wind was coming from the south.
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Some of these depended on the situation. One of the silliest 'riddles' I have ever see was the one with seven questions. What if I decide to go camping with my friends and take the RV, but also want to go canoeing so I bring the canoe and the paddles?
Arjun Dhimal
I found more that 13 ways to solve the nine dots problem
Fair play to anyone who got all 7 answers right on the last one!
these were ez m80
Seb Eichler
I thought by duty they ment catching butterflies
Maddixx Scace
1 of the dads was 1 of the sons
⦕ЯΣD ЯØSΣ⦖ GD Ryft47
1:30 did it with 3 cuz I'm savage
Frayer Miller
I got all 7 questions correct!
3:30 ... That is assuming your in the Northern hemisphere, you would need to know if they are in the northern or southern hemisphere to answer that since the longer branches will stretch towards the sun, which means in the northern hemisphere it would be the south and in the southern hemisphere it would be the north. You are just assuming their location compared to the equator there, obviously with the names the questions are probably aimed at North Americans or Brits and not Aussies and so most people would assume the hemisphere to be the same one they are in.
Noah Clynick
I did the one at 1:17 w/ 3 lines.
Itzz Lama - Free Intros!
The voicecrack on the start xD lmao!
That's more an early afternoon sun since it's short.
I only got the one with the dots wrong
Madman Maxman
There were only 4 riddles
Elleanore Lumiere
that last picture is pretty badly drawed. Also how did they get here? ... sure they can get there by boat OR they can get there by train and THEN go away by boat. Who was on duty? Who said that John can't check other guy bag for something?
Actualy you can make only assumtions... not get answares.
Abbas Saleh
how did they get here? well, I drove them there. You got it wrong sir.
Everybody complaining bou the last riddle only shows one thang, NO ONE GOT IT RIGHT! LOL
that picture riddle is kinda good except for the 2 last parts, how in the hell would anyone know that this is supposed to be a butterfly net? i mean wtf. i thought it was just another flag................... based on that i didnt know who tom was and couldnt get the last awnser as well :(
Nadia Sparrowstone
Heres an answer that make sense. 2 fathers and 2 sons. The 2 fathers are gay, they hv 2 children :)
Bill lupin
1. He asked the salesman for glasses. Duh?
2. 2 fathers and 2 sons each? Well, the fathers live in separate homes. So, each father and two sons makes 3. Oh. I misheard it.
3. That's an old one.
4. a. four.
b. a few days ago.
c. It's hard to hike carrying a canoe and oars, so by boat.
d. a number of clues hint to it being morning, so the wind is blowing north. (That bit about the side with the most foliage rather depends on the hemisphere. I based it on the chicken not nesting, the insect activity, and their diet- fruit normally served at breakfast, not dinner.)
(For those who said you can determine hemisphere by the presence of pine trees, kindly google "Norfolk island pine.)
e. Again, signs point to morning, but I can't be sure.
f. He's on duty. (Is THAT what that's supposed to be? I thought it was a flag. Figured Tom was off chopping firewood or something.)
g. That'd be max. He's holding the camera. We know that's him because of the tripod in his monogrammed backpack. (Hang on, what? How'd you conclude it was Tom holding the butterfly net? We've got ID on Bob and Max, but what's your reasoning for concluding Tom's a lepidopterist?)
The one with the picture was very easy..
Tan Strawberry
But the blind person wouldn't need glasses... Cuz he's blind!
Paul G68
Now you know why corporations hire the wrong people - using things like these. They could have the intent of using a boat and hired a boat. Just because someone is looking in a bag with an initial on it doesn't mean its theirs. The butterfly catcher could be another person not related to the group. The group could have more people in it. Just because there are names on the duty placard, it doesn't mean there aren't more people in the group. Also the tent looks a very small tent to house four people. So one could argue that there is another tent somewhere to house 2 people each. If there is possibly another tent, then there is possibly more people - just not shown here.
Edward Dalton
2:50 I think the 1st answer is wrong. Since they are tourists, they live elsewhere, so 0 seems like the correct answer.
Rich Hamel
The last riddle: #1 - Zero tourists live in the camp, if they're tourists, it's because they live elsewhere, no? #2 - Spiders need alot less than 24hours to weave a web.
fadi 04
Can it be more BLA BLA BLA... That's really ridiculous.. complete nonsense. Please dude, have a life
how to solve the one at 1:17 : look the thumbnail
4 lines... i can make it in 3...
Silver Sandwhich
the one in the thumbnail is easier than you think, draw a digital 3
-.- they could bring the boat with the car so they can go fishing.How do we know where exactly is their north and south ...
This looks like a flag and not a Butterfly catcher. This video and 80% of youtube 2 milion viels videos are for morons -.-
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