Goldberg joins the debut installment of "The Kevin Owens Show": Raw, Jan. 2, 2017

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The Prizefighter kicks off his talk show with a blockbuster guest: WCW icon Goldberg!


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cyber rider 1
is nobody gonna talk about the guy with a sign on his face?
John Simmonds
4:40 best wwe moment of 2017
John Simmonds
3:52 lol I know why they cut this off Goldberg says the s word!!!!
Linda Van Cleff
Strowman is down it whas 1 of the best to do it and roman how we dont care about
Emmanuel Duran
goldberg !!!
4:10 the way Goldberg just looks at brawn Lol
2:05 I think he peed himself
The game Triple h
This video was made in my birthday
Infinitygab 17
hey paul heyman do you really need to shout out your name everytime you make a speech
Amazing Facts
When a clipboard and piece of paper is more popular then Roman Reigns.
Russ Temur
rumor that Paul heyman well have new client I feeling it well be strowman
Nick Jethwani

Goldberg - A Girl who is like a sister to me
Roman Reign - My old employee
Braun Strowmen - my ex-girlfriend
Nazreen Akhtar
they are lots of returning superstars on raw
gold berg is grade
Shapeshifter Sans
the kings of spears
john johnson
LOL @ 3:32
KO: "You're delusional you know that?
Goldberg: Yup
john johnson
LOL @ 3:32
KO: "You're delusional you know that?
Goldberg: Yup
roman reigns should appreciate the fact that he speared together with the goldberg. that's it
Would it be interesting if Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman ever worked together?
Paris Tran
Lol the guy who was holding up the Kevin Owens Show sign left the ring when Goldberg made his entrance at 0:56
aman kanojiya
Goldberg Goldberg
i m alwys.. saying again and again
Goldberg is the god of wrestling
Anime Is Freedom
Spear jackhammer Goldberg now owns the entire WWE.
Timothy Smith
that reigns/goldberg face off was really cool. dont lie to yourself
WWE Highlights
Double spear
Aj styles The GOAT
Did micheal cole say "two of the very best"😂😂😂😂 LOL
ItzIbrahim !
I think Goldberg and roman reigns should be friends and a team do u
abelabebesuperfuntime abebe
goldberg and roman shouled be tag team
عبدالله السرحان
اذا فيه سعودي لاااااااااايك
Brie Bella
if only edge was apart of that spear too
david hasselman
Gold berg is fucing gonna beat kevin owens
ilkin cavadov
kevin owens pregnant?
Munish Tripathi
I want to see Heel Roman vs Iconic Goldberg ....
best vs biggest
The Guy vs The Man
his face when the sign moved 😂😂
Imagine hem two as a team
rae sremmurd fan
like= be in the wwe
sub= meet.Goldberg
scroll= 1000000000 of bad luck
Butrint Istogu
Ok so Jericho has to beat these people to win royal rumble

Brock Lesnar

I think I've said enough
WWE you did it wrong here. Goldberg, Lesnar and Taker entering at the end of the Royal Rumble Match was lame. And Eno was even worse.
francisco alvarado
"it took 2 of the very best to do it"

I only see 1 goldberg
Jermaine Mask
I just made the list!! Chris Jericho....
Do Trong
Look like Kevin Owens scared GoldBerg took his universe title ???
Todo sobre Plantas VS Zombis
Hola como están todos por favor vallan a suscribirse a mi canal de la wwe
4:42 it was at that moment Braun Strowman knew.. he F*** up
Will Arrington
Goldberg when ya throwing chairs around u know what happens u wanna know? YEAH!!!!! SPEAR!!...... JACKHAMMER!!.... THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS!! lol that was funny asf
Braun Stroman is like a big baby.....
I Am Clough
So, it's CM Punk vs. The Rock all over again?
MovieManiac 95
Kevin and Chris kinda remind me of McJuggerNuggets and KidBehindACamera
i actually liked Kevin Owens staing up
FunStuffWith Vikk
The match with KO and Roman was not fair cuz strowman ran into the ring and beat the hell out of Roman soooo
Jais O
I like the way how Goldberg said that we got a date at wrestlemania 😂😂
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