Goldberg joins the debut installment of "The Kevin Owens Show": Raw, Jan. 2, 2017

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The Prizefighter kicks off his talk show with a blockbuster guest: WCW icon Goldberg!


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IBroLLyI ISephirothI
I love Goldberg
Watch Goldberg at 4:13 lol
roberto “retos pendejos” martinez
Por eso no quieren a roman se quiere poner con sanson a los madrazos
skylergirl 101
beat down!
Akeem Johnson
Gonna be reigns vs Goldberg vs lesnar mania Austin the ref book it Vince
Vince Mc Mahon prolly had the BIGGEST climax of his life during this segment!
DJ X dragon
the hymen guy
George Ishaq
or maybe, it will be Roman Reigns winning the Universal title at the Royal RumbleGoldberg wins the Royal Rumble matchRoman Reigns faces Goldberg at WM33 and wins the title
and here we got kevin joke show :))))
Jonathan Mason
Michael Close like it took two of the very best to do it bull it only takes one spear from each one of them to layout Stroman that was just double the pain
Danny Shaw
If anyone but the miz wins I'll be happy
Saad Gaming
gold berg sweats alot
John Sanderline
This is gonna be a stacked Royal Rumble.
Luke aku
bored of Goldberg now
Naughtie 2K
Reigns vs Goldberg at wrestlemania 33 lol
kevin owens is fat and boring
Ok. No offense to the WWE. At the Royal Rumble, You have Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens for the Strawberry Championship. But, why Chris Jericho suppose to be locked up in a cage while hanging in the middle of the ring. Couldn't you like ban him from ringside? that'll make sense right?
FallibleSwine 85
Goldberg kinda loves like a duck at 3:52
Ray Ray
Goldberg the best , end of discussion
Senior Superientendent of police KPK
Gold burg only have 1 shirt daily same
Vaibhav Singhal
is it only me or someone else also wants Chris Jericho to win Royal rumble this year?
Faustine Robin
deficit everything turn lie dust plus driver teach aircraft stage.
Strowman no sold the spears lol
Vertinho Everton
Acho que esse goldberg ta se achando demais ele foi sim um dos melhores so que agora surgirão muitos outros atletas bons tanbem acha que ta se achando muito
Let's make a Fatal 4 way at Wrestlemania!
Reigns vs. Goldberg vs. Lesnar vs. Strowmann
Jamego King
Both Goldberg and Roman are good guys, their two should be tag team! YAAAY
אחמד חסין
ناااااااااار ياا كلاب
thetruth.03280 truth
man what happened to goldberg's massive physique specially his shoulder, he looks smaller
Matt K
was goldberg vaping at the beginning? lol
Sree Charan
If roman wins at Rumble against KO then it will be Undertaker/Goldberg vs Reigns at WM33. (Its just what i was guessing tho)
Dan Chaplin
Good old Goldberg quality
The Real King T.G.P
It's an honor to be speared by Goldberg.
Muhammad Salim
goldberg is gonna win the rumble and roman gonna beat ko WM 33 glodberg vs reigns which i dont like it
Lee Masters
Me: You want to know what happens to the haters? you want to know what happens???!!

Goldberg: YEAH!!! Spear...JACKHAMMER!!!! THAT'S what happens!!!!
Dr FllH I دكتور فله‎
Its funny that Goldberg did matches with The Rock when he was young and know he is doing the same with his cousin.
Kidarrion Flanagan
all i remember is golberg who the hell is all these other wrestlers
Ne Doh Htoo
that big guy is famous now cuz he got spear same time by famous wwe emperor
Asha Sangha
To Dear Goldberg:
sometimes big pressure may weaker hot heart,live r

sometimes happiness is yours,
Angie Pablo
Mr.gamer Tv
Anyone saw the Philipines flag at 4:25
Andrew Colvin
who else was hoping the guy with the sign on his face was goldberg!!
sam fisher
goldberg's arm is getting bigger again!
Tim D.
Can someone please tell me where the hell Goldberg has been since this night??? The last two RAWs had so much potential for him to come out and be involved in the drama with Roman, Strowman, KO and CJ, now Brock came out a few minutes ago and cleaned out the ring of RAW superstars yet still no Goldberg?!?!?! Wtf seriously!!!!
LeeZyrAx 111
Guys this rumble will be so good but i don't know who to support between the undertaker and goldberg which are both my favorites wrestlers of all times
Joe Craggles
Austin 3:16

Goldberg 1:26
Lord Defector
Remember he has a mark that no one in the wwe would come close to besides Andre the giant.
173-0 and becoming the first undisputed undefeated champion in wcw.
Daniel Joseph
Too much talk in today's version of wrestling. Back in the day, it was 90% wrestling, 10% talk. Today, it's 50% wrestling, 50% talk. Boring as hell.
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