some are just born blessed
Could this jackass be ANY MORE full of himself?!?!?!?! Who the fuck does he think he is that he needs that elaborate of an entrance, really?? He's a lousy two-bit has been.
Success Attractor
Now I know all Blacks aren't the same.
Show OWN
super sater
nicolaks kemerar
He is the prince, he is big, so big
The Graham Norton Show spot is too d@mn good...
elaine fox
hes great guy lot talent
Ashish Zachariah
This reminds me of Fresh Prince
Max Hagrale
egotistical son of a bitch! still a good actor though :)
Christopher Robinson
Did anyone else see Jesse Spencer (aka Chase) in the audience? 2:26
laura hughes
Would loved to see him do the men in black entrance
Cheyra Dick
The last entrance always happens when I walk in
E Phil
3 was dope though
Anthony Vaughan
daschy t
Corns rule!
Jean Marie Nadal
NADIE, es que NADIE supera a este hombre Dios mio.
sean weisbrodt
is that Miley Cyrus in the panda costume
Alex Borosov
Suhana. Sigdel
I mean like wawww
Maisie Price
Pour anything lung detailed detect sleep list given.
Quensel Lawrence
It ain't Ralph tho
Jay Shah
He is the one and only who can do multi entries in single show.
I just realized how basic his name is.. "Will Smith"
Oleksandr Gavryliuk
Cocky mother fucker
Will Smith will always be in my top 5 fav actors of all time
lol that panda with the choir tho
Corn Pops
I love will Smith😂
davis Davis
lol hilarious!
Omar Alenezi
Dr Chase from House MD was in the crowd .. Did you catch him ???
Sahil k
Hahaha akshay kumar had copied this entry style watch at kapil sharma show
Jane Joanny
amazing humble guy down to earth really
4:07 Fresh Prince still lives.
molly c c
2:27 It Is Chase? from Dr House???
Kate Harvie
Will Smith, you are worth more than this. Fact.
Now that is how you do it. That is an entrance.
Davinia Linda
Over-rated, Over-paid, Underwhelmed...
Michael Niguidula
If u ever need to remember a line
Start a tv show
Get will smith on the show
Do a boring entry for him and get him to keep going out
Dhruv Prabhu
he should totally get an Oscar
Terra Elrod
thank you
Osman Senel
Now that's an entrance
Awww man!!
Because he's in that movie I wanna watch it. Otherwise I could care less. Will Smith makes any movie great.
/-\D4M B
6:12 was was that women in the blue dress Doing with her husband?????? 😧
Saidkhan Zayniddinov
How this dance genre called?
Amber Aerts
Pals stuff Anyone see bigger than this"case!?
Erica Rivers
: D!!!
Rohit Diesh
Will Smith ever stop amazing us
Ashlee X
Lady with the short hair in the choir was on point lmaooo
All that was missing from the best intro was Don Cornelius.
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