Will Smith's Awesome Tonight Show Entrance

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Will Smith tries out different entrances until he lands on the perfect one.

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Will Smith's Awesome Tonight Show Entrance

Old skool gamer 37 Oldskool Gamer37
aniyah thomas
fun awareness cat before seemingly desert wherever potato
The Beatbox Champ
I don't know how they keep a straight face
joann hopkins
So funny
He has only good entrance
Slav Ko
gettin' jiggy wit it!! :)
Linda Kapinga
Hahahahahahha....I am so done with Will. hahahaha...When the Unicorn came out..I was done.hahahH
Nibin Sasidharan
didn't see him dance like this before.!
I admit , my bad..!
Lizanne Whitlow
Will has morphed into a bona fide "leading man." 👍🏻
Alexa B
te amo Will i love you!! will
Frank S.
LOL. It's so funny to see a black cokehead and a white drunkard talk to each other.
Solfie Mester
he's awesome, the best !
Piotr Orzechowski
i have no words. awesome simply
La cagada ese csm. xD
Luk Vanessa
He is by far one of my favourite actors of ALL TIME
kevin smith
This nigga is fucking hilarious.
Sharon Price
he and Harry Connick Jr. we're awesome in Independence Day 💗
Roxana J. Donner
I want 3:49 to be how I make an entrance when they call my name at my college graduation. That would be fun. 😂😂😂
Can we take a moment to appreciate his mother fuckin dancin moves
Ml Ny
"We're out of time" remembered me so hard of Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon.
ngufan ikojo
ol boy, see coordination. i wish i could make my body move like that.
I actually don't trust anyone who hates will Smith lol
Dimitri D
i want a entrance in my life too
haha that was so funny
Lluvia Rodriguez
Most amazing man out there ! I love you Will !! 😭💙
Simply the best. Greetz from switzerland 😎👍🏻
Mattia Antonelli
Lol the last entrance is nice 😁😁😁
Nate Dogg
Did anyone hear jimmy say dats gotta fill good nigga at 1:01
majid jafari
who says michael jackson is dead?
Tom Jeong
dang, those moves
lindush maracas
what's the secret will?
I want that face when ill be 48 too
Jordan Madere
Ayyyyye the soul train line is back
Kezzie Akintola
Lmao did Jim put will up to this? 😂
o. Hood
The man came in on a horse?! wtf?! That was awesome :))
Jessica Guillén
ahahahahahhah it is sooo funny! hahahahha 😂😂😂😂😂
T Brown 1980
Natalia Prado
I hardcore supported the 2nd entrance, like, the soul train vibes got me but the final one was awesome too :)
Now this is the story all about how...
Keegan Allen
this is what happens when another person cancels on his show. they do some stupid thing like this to pass time
He came in on a freaking unicorn!
Angela Houlder
arrogant entrance
Ritik Sandu
Music Junkyard
I still don't have any idea y the panda was there in fourth one
Prince Memo
Will Smith is sooo golden 😂😂😂
William Freeman
questlove shouting music is killer
Vicky 12
"This is the perfect entrance!!! " All right, let's go to commercials. 😃👍
Muthafucka came in on a unicorn... A FUCKING UNICORN DAMMIT!!
certainly madam
that dance:)))
i was waiting for him to enter While doing the fresh Prince of Bell air intro with the outfit, taxi and everything.
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