Will Smith's Awesome Tonight Show Entrance

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Will Smith tries out different entrances until he lands on the perfect one.

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Will Smith's Awesome Tonight Show Entrance

This nigga never ages.
Kurt Gonzalez
I don’t like Will Smith. Sorry to say. I was playing Jimmy Fallon vids and this one started playing automatically. Hated it.
Captain pointless
I KNEW IT!!! Unicorns does exist, they just have them in one of those Zoo:s for the rich and famous..
Ajang Rohmana
That Soul Train entrance make me LOL hard
Jordon Roy
When Will Smith buys your show
Andrew X Gaming
All he had to do was come out to the Fresh Prince theme song and that would’ve been it.
Did the horse take the elevator?
domi nika
Zoey Deschanel
So Kapil inspired from here...
the man is full of him self!!! come on....
Tito Ebeniro
After Fallon said "That's how you make a entrance", I thought he was going to continue with "from now on, that's how you going to make an entrance..."
I was born in Bolivia and I'm 33 years old now. I've been following Will Smith way before I learned English. Best all around entertainer of all times in my book.
VD Video
Art of Work Webhosting & Design GmbH
fantastic fearless guy
Hes got a damn horse.
Abigail Conover
Barcelona Chair
How do you avoid talking about yourself whilst promoting a movie or yourself? Act like a sideshow or baboon. Apparently Will Smith went to the Russel Brand School of Publicity.
Apollonia Ellis
Will Smith is still so fyne! So hott want to touch the hiney!
Moses Small
The smoothest way to be pretentious.
Naughty Skill
plz name of this 1'st song?
Brendan Whelan
This was shades of Fresh Prince. Awesome
Teruel Chynna
Awesomeness 😂😂😂
Jim Dandy
Did anyone see Carson and how he ran the gig? Sigh.
Love Life
Black don't crack baby
Tamanna Sajeed
Vaishnav Sahu
akshay kumar copied this on kapil's show😂😂😂
Estuary Jadu
Most handsome man in this planet.....
Love you man☺️☺️☺️☺️
Xxx Imgay
William should totally take over the show for one night
I love him, he's the greatest!
Hahahaha!! This guy is AMAZING!! Now that's an entrance!! He can sing he can dance he can act... is there anything will smith can't do? Daaaaaaaaammmmmnn man !!
Panashe Hillary
1k dislikes who the fuck hates Will Smith
Straightupnochaser Sistahgurl
I love him and his Family...
Maite Veras
Love Yuo Will Smith
Rageeth Kollatt
Fallon is an awful actor
Zaeem Amin
Such a humble person
Still best entrance ever!
Paul Polpiboon
Classic Will Smith! Thas what I'm talkin about
Michelle French
Love Will Smith and jada!!!

Didnt know dead shot knows dancing :0
3 male actors that don't age:
Will Smith (47 years old)
Jensen Ackles (40 years old)
Jared Padelecki (37 years old)
flex.on.this.b BET
benner fam
Daniel Marques
Please will, one more Ahshshah
Will is amazing!
Ghassen diver
hahaha the best
some are just born blessed
Could this jackass be ANY MORE full of himself?!?!?!?! Who the fuck does he think he is that he needs that elaborate of an entrance, really?? He's a lousy two-bit has been.
Success Attractor
Now I know all Blacks aren't the same.
Nicolás kemerer
He is the prince, he is big, so big
The Graham Norton Show spot is too d@mn good...
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