Will Smith's Awesome Tonight Show Entrance

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Will Smith tries out different entrances until he lands on the perfect one.

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Will Smith's Awesome Tonight Show Entrance

Clinton Barupile
I just don't know why I love these two so much
To me Will is the best for several reasons. First he's been rapping since I was in elementary school and I'm 38 years old lol. He never cursed or became a sell out with his music and always keeps it positive. That takes guts. His acting skills are superb! And he takes care of his family and stands strong with his wife. I'm a starving artist and teacher. I spend tons of money that I don't have to create my art but if I ever meet Will, I'm giving him a great painting to show my appreciation. Thank you will Smith for inspiring me to be a great single dad, artist and positive contributor to my community!
Besart Kurtishi
Nothing would have topped an entrance with the Fresh Prince Theme Song
Mrs Huxley
All I know is somebody was killing that note when the choir sung! ♥
Nova Niron Stine
that first song tho..
jeramy sanchez
he reminded me of Django on the horse lol
Courtney Coker
Dude how old are u
Frederick Weeks Jr.
At 5:43 "Shut Up!"
intel citizen
Will Smith dances like a true black man. Awesome
Alban Shala
I didn't knwo he was such a good dancer
Storm Fan
One of the coolest men I've ever known.
Александр Челомей
Suffer touch detect net plan standard boyfriend.
I love Will Smith so much! He should've came in on the red carpet with the Fresh Prince Theme Song playing though 👌🏾😍
keep it chilled bros
Isaiah Burgess
or snapchat
Isaiah Burgess
Hey Jimmy text me on messenger
raj rai
This man is just awesome 😎
Vincenzo Gemma
Will Smith is the Chuck Norris of entries 😆
The mami in blue... I want that brown sugar!
Romi lin
Me encanta este tío! Es un crack! jajajaja
Elyon holic
i think he nailed the third Entrance ^3^
Rajlakshmi Khundrakpam
he s a showman!!such an entertainer..charming too
will smith is amazing!
Ernesto Perez
wich is the song at 3:50 ? Thanks
Disappointed he did not come out to Gettin' Jiggy wit it
man thinks hes prince ali from agreba fuck out of here ur not god will even harrison ford dont come in like this quess he paid lot of people for this show
Christina Kwon
I was fairly sure he was gonna come in a spaceship or something by the end lol
IG: _iamkor_
The church bump starting at 6:25 and him trying to shout right before that got me when I watches live.
Dion Homer TV
very good show....see u soon
Pavel Bláha
Well Jimy - excatly how they say... mess with the best... ;)
Every guest should come out in the hamster ball
Michael Lloyd
Nice to see Will keeping it real...
Perlita Habanera
hahahaha I liked all the entrances lol
Tomik B
Chocolate Bear)
Guy Lucien
A panda and a unicorn ; I'm so done
Guy Lucien
A panda and a unicorn ; I'm so done
Hong Uyen
Wow! Black dont crack. He looks exactly like the first time I saw him in Men in black 1
Damn Lerrie
Legends Only
Andreas P.
Macaiyan gozum
Isabella Guzman
Suicide squad was the best movie
Only Will can do things like that, shush!
socorro Oliveira
Sizwe Ntimane
kwaaaaaaaaaaa lol Will Smith is sick in the Head!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nikos Maniatis
Oh yeaaaah.
Yaneth López Gaona
I love you so much
Man, The Roots did a great job in the beginning
Abigail Alaniz
the ironic thing is I'm wearing a unicorn onesie in bed watching this!😂
jajajjaja es lo mas!!!
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