M Valla
Jonah, Jonah its all good Obama still MY president too
Frost Wolf
anyone who doesn’t know that there’s 7 continents kinda deserve to be shot, thb
Sly Gamer
OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!! 🤢🤢🤢
amores Velez
The shit Jason does to stay relevant omg
Lord Swang
Outro song?
Lord Swang
Bella Bleach
when David asked if Todd had a boner he sounded like a surfer dude
Megha Singhania
I love the vlogs!!! Btw does David upload at 4:20???
Megha Singhania
I am subscribed to David as I love him and his vlogs but I unsubscribed from Jason because of this vlog!!! He is seriously going off the rails and has made the vlogs psychotic!!! He himself is a psychotic!!!
Abbeh H
i love how every thumbnail we see david holding a dangerous device such as a cobra or a flamethrower pointing it at his friends.
Superboy 216
I thought he would be at the emergency room when he got paint balled
I gagged when jason took a bite of that dog shit
Hannah Beckerson
The vlogs go great, then Seth appears. It just goes down hill after that
Rachel Castaneda
bruh thers 7 continits
King Jean
Look at my ass motherfuckers !!!! 😂😂💀💀I’m dead
Tom Ward
Jonah is such a loveable fucking idiot hahaha
Queen Kittin
The sun is the closest star to the moon right
erika Sandoval
Its sad because I seen it too and i have a pictuer of it is funny😂
0:53 Jason saying "NO!" then David's answering laughter KILLED ME!
Ashia Jackson
I don't know who the vice president is
I feel bad
Potato Keeper
This is why jason is alone
Supasammy 5
Why did he have to hurt the guitar hero guitar
savage boy arellano
Nora Jusufi
Is the jonah part a bit or is he just that fucking dumb
Baekhyun's Fingers
"Does Todd have a boner?"
pauses video and goes back a little
Lucy Basil
Your watching David Dobrik, the guy who tortures his friends Monday Wednesday and Friday enjoy! 😂
You think that Joanna was pretending to be that dumb You know what I hope that Joanna is pretending to be that dumb beacause if I was his mother I would kil him
Adrina Longbottom
I knew the answers to all of those questions and I’m 13 😂
Adrina Longbottom
I knew the answers to all of those questions and I’m 13 😂
Queen Lae
I love the podcast they're so much more real
If he thinks one paint ball hurts try getting hit like 4 times in the same place
angelika gerstner
is this jonah hill?
Caolinn McDonald
David you're wrong.... there were two families eating dinner
Michelle Bae
Jonah is actually stupid omg i cant
Olivia AnnaSue
Yo yall need to chill with the language but love y'all lol 😂😂
lil D1know
come to tallahssee florida
Respond with a 💩 for jason
Cinthya Ituarte Guerrieri
Honestly the best thing of these vlogs is Davids laugh. And Alex.
sabishi shota
Is jonah actually the reason why we all go to school? XD
Duuuuuuuuuude, im eating..
sexy black man
David can turn any old meme to fresh Jordan's.
Fde J8ke
Does anyone else wish the vlogs were longer
1: 7
2: Rosa Parks
3: Mike Pence
4: February
5: The Sun (right? How the fuck am i supposed to know)
Jonah, im 15 and i know these...
Haley Davis
Omg pause at 3:46 Jonahs Face is so funny😅🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alexandra Majul
"What is the closest star to the Earth" "The moon" AHAHHAHAHAHA I fucking lost it
“how many continents are there”
“okay pick a number 1 thru 10”
drln Blk
Jason is disgusting
Bryce Dalton
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