Russians are tough.
Tigers are close to going extinct because of retard hobbyist hunters... People keep and breed them to save the species... too many retards here in comment section.
Micheal Dixon
Why on Gods earth would you bring a MOTHER FUCKING TIGER in the store 👿. Hell bring all the wild animals to the store thats real smart.
Kulada the Lone wolf
They see me rollin,they hatin
instead he bring his tiger and buy something, he should let the tiger shopping to buy he a new brain for cash
in Russia, tiger goes shopping at malls..🐯
mohammed saif
imagine the people's reaction, if the tiger went mad....😐😐
Chow Khai Fatt
Ezekiel confirmed
speedy coster
never ever can believe this wild animals before it gets adult they should leave it in jungle or they should leave world.peace be wit you
John Henry
meanwhile in Russia...
CatLover 9000
Tigers belong in the wilf and arent pets and dont brlong in.zoos u fucked up nigger
Good thing Mall Security was there...They were there in case of a ..."malling" ...lmao!
Hey everyone I just got enough money to buy my own tiger!! Please look at me!
trava mentalac
On the next episode... Tigers drag humans trough the jungle!:)
J Seno
As a child this is all I ever wanted and they told me I couldn't have it. A little pissed now to find out I was lied to.

Good thing they have all those security guards around in case it gets hungry.
Nothing says "I have a small dick AND a small brain" like having a large undomesticated predator as a pet.
Leilani Vasquez
wtf is that even allowed bet a lot of people were frightened
This is how shows like "When animals attack" thrive and get their content.
This was a hate speech
nitrononymous gamer
Matsimus Gaming
"'Meanwhile in Russia"
Napkin Bandit
Stupid ass people....hope they get malled...get it..?😛
You wanna get mauled? Cuz that's how you get mauled.
Josh Brown
Shiva pre- apocalypse.
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