Vanna Rocha
SO EVIL , horrible evil people , cruelty , poor animals . where is this ? I bet some dogs wont get any food. so disgusting , i hate evil people . wish they vanish from planet earth .
Timothy Nodine
those are some well trained dogs probably a hunting dog mill
I need English subtitles! 😭
Yellow Ranger
Nothing amazing about this video!!! You Dumb people!
Yellow Ranger
Why clap? Are these dog kept for entertainment?
Yellow Ranger
Why?????? 😢😢😢😢😢
Lance guo
Are they cloned?
I think they sell those dogs to Chinese restaurants when they grow full size and stops doing those dog tricks.
They shouldn't be feeding the dog like an animal.
Xander Tristano
I love dogs but I hate china
Yaya Sanogo
are those raw meat? wtf?
Claudia Claudia
Smarty 🐶
jorge de paz
They should trow a chinesse Guy , to feel what its like to be eaten by dogs instead eating dogs... 🤔
Animal Lover
Stupid heartless humans... why keep hundreds of dogs to abuse them? 😡
Когда наспаунил мобов в майнкрафте
Dead West
Lab dogs total human torture the beast of the earth
Is this legal?
Chopper Chopra
who spawned 300 dogs
Michael Angelo Dela Cruz
I want dog please give to me 1dog
Michael Brown
Why so many dogs is it like a breeding farm?
Jose Barra
estupido video, animales torturados
Shahid Ali
Logon KO khane ke liye pase sali kutta see marwar Marwa Kar kuttiya paida Kar Raha hai..
Jeff Zaun
From the title I was concerned they were going to eat the dogs.

Well mannered weren't they. They didn't crush to the front like people at the store on Black Friday. Cool video.
Fernandri Setiawan
They are like "the fucks taking so long?"
Major dog alert!
Baba Toon
Wat u gonna do with all these dogs I bet u will kill it an cook iy
Mr. Akash
Soo much of happiness in one video
Janet Epley
I like the handling of the first group of dogs. First, they clean the floor. The food is then dumped and spread very well. The dogs show such discipline. The men are gentle, yet athorative.
S.hasan S.hasan
You tube wale
S.hasan S.hasan
Wah Kya fenkte hooo
Matt Featherly
wow I didn't know this was a thing
aakanksha tiwari
Khatam hone k bad sab ek dusre ka chin rahe h😀😀😀
Georgeo Remegeo
They clean up the floor too :O
Dejavous Male
yes truly amazing.they don't two will literally kill each other when food is involved.
bossman g
its always that one friend💯🙄 3:59
She must've used a Mod on Fallout 4
gul khan
Yaha to shadiyo pr aksar aysa dekne ko milta hai..ajao khana lg gaya hai..😀😀😀
Almac x
0:55 "aye what up fam you here for the chicken scraps too?? aight word me too"
how is this leageal
naveen kala
the 234th seems to be angry at the 127th dog
Kamil M
Too many dogs with less with 1/3rd of food with respect to their size.
Bakyt Bokoloev
Fachism terrorism.
Some dogs left hungry not a proper way to eat food !
Georgian MC
whats breeds??????
Ayax garcia
Why somebody needs 300 hounds.. this is stupid, honestly
Ket Zergaw
This is animal abuse they are not comfortable.
Tom Brady
Why would you need or want that many dogs
rodrigo lingo jr
you sell them or what?
Elaine Mckeighan
So many dogs wow 300
Chinese buffet
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