Justin Kovach
The best octagon interview :)
In the end if Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar fight I can see weight wise, Jon Jones being 235-245 after hydration and Lesnar pushing 265.
Bones, Finally back.
Siddharth Sridharan
Damn. I rose from my chair in shock when I saw Jon kick Daniel in the head. This was also the first pay-per-view that I paid for. I am delighted and happy for Jon. He managed to do to Cormier what even Rumble could not. He knocked him down senseless.

Kudos to Daniel too. He can take a punch.
MS Khan
Jon Jones is Bills of ufc
Choua Lor
way too tall n too big for light heavywight hes a comtender for super heavywieght
Time for HW devision Jon .....
Ciaran Mcintyre
idk why cormier is hated
Call Jon jones fake all you want but this was 100% genuine ' it's never over! '
Junior Da
Jon Jones 🐐
Junior Da
One of the greatest fights of all time
" As long as you never quit it's never over " - Jones' coke dealer
Guys I think Jon kissed dc head did u see?
Justin Bruen
Jones is a madman going in there with that wall of a man. A great challenge for Jones but definitely not impossible.
W Smith
One of the best post fight interviews I ever saw.
K Bennett
I wonder how long until Jon fucks up again ?
Why is evey1 up jons ass and horrible to dc i give both men props for an amazing fight regardless of winner
Id love to see lesnar kurb stomp this dude. I hate jon coz hes so gud luv to see mayweather get fukd up 2.
Andre Galo
Jones cabuloso ninguém aguenta esse monstro!!*
Zohan Trump
Jones should fight cm punk next
Brunhilde Primig
Jon make a great job
I am impressed in every area
Andrew Wice
jon jones vs conner McGregor
눈깔찌르기 신공~~~
Return of the King
MrAndMrs Willis
look, I was rooting for jon jones to win and I'm happy he did but I do respect cormier greatly and I think hes a great fighter. that being said, I don't understand how people think he was winning the fight before the finish, he clearly lost the first round and round two could've gone either way. people saying he was winning mustve been watching a different fight because I have watched this fight over and over and I cant understand how people think he was winning. jon was landing body punches and kicks, leg kicks, a takedown, head punches, oblique kicks, etc. cormier was landing sloppy flurries every now and then but other than that I thought jon was clearly winning
Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar...Lesnar loses due to outside interference by Mark Hunt
iain *
conor is a far bigger star and has more money fact!!!
Ignacio José Sandino Pérez
The wrestling coach of Jones was the real instigator of the JONES vs LESNAR fight
Anthony Hayes
.....Drops the mic
Gavin Lomax
Lol anybody else notice Cormier and Dana arguing in the background at the beginning 😂
Kieran Wyer
Jones is a class act that was phenomenal and classy, and his throw down to lesnar was epic.
DC has lost the fight in the octagon, and lost the championship. But does that mean we look up to him less?
No way man!! DC should be very happy that his good morals rubbed off on JJ, and it seems DC helped a man get out of the gutter, not by handouts, but by inspiration. He lost the little fight in the octagon, but is winning the big fight to inspire people to be better people. That is hero stuff. :)
Great job, both of you guys.
I was very pleased to hear JJ with those excellent compliments for DC. DC is a model person. The guy is "good morals in action" for all of us to see. Since JJ now seems to be able to see the difference between good and evil, and even said he will work to be more like DC, may be JJ is actually turning a corner to be a better person for all of us to see. That----would be "GREAT!!!"
Arekkusu The Great
Damn that was humble AF. I wasn't expecting that.
jon jones .. plays JKD in MMA FOR REAL
John Brown
I may not be the most loyal fan but I have always Loved you since the beginning...
Billy Solis
man I feel so bad for Cormier I almost wanna cry
Lucas Wulff Jacobsen
This is number one bullshit
CHAMP /0v3r Kill
Jones vs Lesnar..... Are you serious?
Kyle Hughley
Hate on him all you want, Jon Jones is the greatest ever.
"Man" - Jon Jones
Taylor Riggs
Demetrius "the munchkin" Johnson.
Budi Setiawan
I love you jon, great fighter ever
MansouR Al-Aqeel
Jones is the man 🥊❤️
Chatchawin Tangjaitrong
I am officially Jon's fan after hearing this interview. His humility really shined, especially by those words he said to DC. Nice touch.
Dwayne Jackson
Jon jones could've kicked cormier while he was down no pun intended....but he picked him up. Words cant describe how much respect i have for that man after that display of sportsmanship. Even after all the vile words and actions displayed towards one another jones was gracious and humble during the most satisfying and meaninhful win of his whole entire fighting career. Jon jones,you are the definition and apitamy of a "TRUE CHAMPION" and after all your trials and tribulations you trusted in the lord to guide you away from,and then back to the promise land. I cannot put into words how much admiration and respect i have for you not only as a fighter but as a human being. All the blessings you are in line to recieve was well earned and deserved. God bless you and your family🙌🙏😇
tim williams
JBJ steroid abuser!!!! shouldnt of even got a title shot. the UFC is a farce these days. how do 2 fighters test positive for steroids and masking agents only to get title shots on the same night. im seriously going off this sport. i used to fucking love it, but its becoming blatantly obvious that its more about money than anything else.
Congrats bones👍
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