And then....
Jason Wynne
Cheat Cheater pumpkin eater with steroids in his bum!.
Austin Nash
Siddhant Das
P4P goat USADA after all
Sean Breslin
Suplex city bitch
Edward Aguilar
Fucking loser he's a disgrace to the sport smh any one in any sport who cheats is pathetic. Work hard like the rest of us
Dylan Fugate
Your a faggot jon KYS
marcus nunez
What did I not do#
Unholy Demon
Maestro de Maestros jhon jones te admiro y eres humildee
I have seen this everyday with an heart break. Jones was the guy who got me into MMA and to do this selfish thing and lie, to the fans,famliy,mangers,coaches,owners. Its just makes me sad everytime. I feel bad for him really and some how i still love him. The world is wrong and alot of diffrent ways. Just. Wrong
Posthumous Joker
It's so fucked up that he gave that speech knowing he cheated. So fucked up.
Samantha Cortez Coreas
Samantha Cortez Coreas
Samantha Cortez Coreas
The Adidas Gangster
This cheating bastard tested positive
juan heredia
"When shit hits the fan is you still a fan" Kendrick Lamar
Right when he gained the respect of people he threw it out the window with the roids lmao
Man... man ..... ill tell you what , when you let yourself and everybody down i just want to say its NOT OVER !!!! Motherfuckers im on steriods !!! Yeeet!
Não interessa o que vão falar Jon bones Jones sempre será o maior campeão mundial
J. Payne
You almost got away with it you cheating bastard...
Shawn Figueroa
Hayden Walker
Jon Jones only one because he was on steroids DC would have knocked him out in the early rounds if jin wasn't on steroids
Hayden Walker
Fucking cheater
Мовсар Садаханов
Former champion
Samantha Cortez Coreas
Staris Unknown - Owner
he passed the test 2:3 weeks before which was random but fails the known test...
ten jay
worse champion to call...fuck u jon
Cheating nigger.
nlmb 13
"Everybody's on steroids"-jon "i would never do steroids on my kids" jones.
Tracy Harcrow
He is such a phony piece of shit....
You tube
Ladies and gentlemen U.S.A.D.A has stopped this contest by testing dick pills positive and now again caught by steroids Jon bone jones
notorious 209
"everybody's on steroids" nate diaz...
Michael Rojas
And now it's all gone.
Harish Thiyagarajan
Respect for DC, brock vs jones let steroid kings clash each other.
sodar smith
I can't believe he would cheat again. He's career is over
Suoh Mikoto
Who is here after Jon Jones got stripped of the title?
the truth
fucking usada
This means nothing anymore... what a shame
Super Slayan
RIP Career, damnit Jon....
I dont even care that jones cheated it just feels so good to watch dc get knocked the fuck out 😂
Samuel Ward
Jon 'Banned ' Jones
Juro Jurkic
21k likes.. and then u realise he cheated..again
Stockton_ 209
He's B Sample Came Back Positive He could face up to 4 years Suspension
The new, undisputed, ufc lightheavy"Steroids" champion of the world, JON JONES
Light heavyweight champion of ROIDS, big ass actor
bear suo
JJJ, Jon Juiced Jones.
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