5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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Simple Life Hacks For your Phone 

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43 伊
I came here to see a smashed screen get fixed tooth paste. This video is a total lie. Thumbs down.
I realised that I just wasted 6:39 minutes of my life! LIFE HACK!!
Esmelda Alarcon
Let's be friends
Alma Flores
ខ្មែរ តស៊ូរ
Shoaib Akhtar
leonard super syper
jaim bien
Stop with the over used music you simplit unoriginal fucks that have nothing smarter to do than to invent "life hacks" that don t evene work not to manson that there more stupid and retarded than the finders
Jason Hill
Why do these videos ALWAYS use so much hot glue?
HomeoftheBrave andLandoftheSlave
I thought i could fix my cracked screen with colgate i guess not.
JellyFam Chris
Why does his phone look like an iPhone
Serina Chen
1:57 amazed me
Serina Chen
I'm one!
Serina Chen
Anyone a youtuber?
Ovidiu Ovi
If i hear 1 more time that shitty song im gonna cut my dick
hhaah remember toothpaste on CD's ?
S1de Step
When u hear this banal song and u see a "life hack" ..
Іра Звірянська
Maks Vodusek
Your hack are terrible because you don't have a background''!!!!!!Please fix it?
kiLLeR My
Please Add Like For This Comment Please
Ts Sh
Shit video
Green Jumper
Green Jumper
Meh it's ok
Yash aggarwal
Wrong wallpaper
Rj Sourabh Kumar
Kya bat Bhai nic video
cheezndoodlezgamin1 l
Useless info much?
SilentSniper V
Hello. You scrolling through the comments? Why are you here. You
obviously know these don't work. Yet, you still are curious? Yes, we all
are lazy fucks that want an easy way to do things which would just be
easier to do the way it was originally supposed to work, but apparently
this is so compelling. I wonder how many of you have stopped reading by
now. 10? 20? I'd be surprise you made it this far. There's nothing
rewarding at this end of this. Why waste your time? What could you
possibly gain from this? You know, I bet I'm going to get some 10 year
old calling me a faggot, just because I wrote something that had nothing
to do with this useless video. Well, I'll let you leave. Just one tip,
if there is a thumbnail with toothpaste on a phone or CD disk, it
doesn't work. Why would you even try?
Thank you for your time,
Some random person on the internet who waster your time.
Emily Hill
click bait pic.... coming from a guy with a smashed screen, thinking this will show me how to fix it
Muhammed.S. S.
Haha this iş a ap for Destroy the phone
el sicario oolong
hola :v
Ebrahim Ali
Saw a cracked screen and some guy putting toothpaste on the screen. False advertising click bait.
Mdaldi Gaming
Channel: AreYouCrazy?
Me: Yes
jason Wiltjer
this video is retarded
Javier Castillo
That damn song... can't escape it
Mikala Garcia
adrian Hategan
I just rly hate the music background now, it's everywhere on many videos ... That's too much I feel sick of that
Családban Vanessza A Legszebb Hercegnő A
Az összes hasznos volt kösziii
David Torres
Song!? :)
This music is equally as bad as cancer.
Reform KOVAC
Stjepan Belosic
decec dej naj srati odi k mame cevape jest i cicat mleka neas pojma nis se je to zakurac dej si mekni kanal da si male zivot ulepsas
Stacey Busienei
This is so creative
Junior Louis
Shahlo Shermetova
Тау деожать
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