Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

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This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.

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Unbox Therapy
Ibrahem Shammas
this is f#‰king suks 😠
Matthew Howse
What a pile of shit you don't get to see the display or talk about the specs!!!!
Young Savage
Iphone 5-7 still better
Clyde Boggs
what do you guys do with all of this random stuff after the video is completed?
Ten below
Donald trumps phone
Matte Edström
I like the internet dependant cameraman!!!
The most dumbest way to spend 20,000 on, I need some 007 strap to my arm voice command etc... for that much
what the brand of this phone
Star Member
Says it costs 20k, nah bruh i think it costs 100 bugs
turn down the music
evan pascasio
Dude that looks like a deluxe condom for some rich spoiled teenager....
Catriona Murphy
Power saving mode with airplane mode?
Ram G
Mehh.. still want the $4 phone.
Luke Snowmaker
20.000 for fkin ANDROID phone :D
Bunnie. Angie
What's with the box-seption?
Kevin Russell
The phone is not what is dangerous it's the keepers of the phone...
Eric Ricker
I'm probably getting a call right now but you know what they're getting? A text saying they're 2nd class citizens! 😂 😂 😂
Ben Mcv
The car
louis portalatin
You should have gotten a vertu. This is wack
Leah Live
Piratas Ninze
Can I get 2 likes for my birthday?:(
Kellan Sherwood
he sounds so smashed (that's drunk for all you non Aussies)
Looks like 1dollar shit
Razor M
that smartphone is ugly af
That's more expensive than a Prius!
Vikrant Burde
I like your videos a lot Lew.
William Norman
3:36 his lips don't move
Qedrî Berwarî
can it blend!?🤔
for $20,000 , that screen best be made of pure diamonds because that's almost as much as a car
Aron John
lew my man can u make a drop test of this phone ?
Sam Cowley
Unbox u missed the iPhone jenga!!! That would have been wayyyy more
John Yoo
I dont care what anyone says to me about this youtuber i am going to still wach his youtuber.
el grecko bouamra
20'000$ ?
it better have a core i7 and two titan x
with 64 gigs of ram
Nate Teeraniti
The phone is gold

...that must be trump's phone!
PlayB0yPlayinG Games
You can also buy this smart phone because this awesome ,before ignoring you should have to check this
Nextbit Robin 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Hexa-Core Android 13MP Camera Phone - New | eBay
Vick Lester
For 20k this phone better eat and breathe for me.
Elmocle !
actually, the president is not allowed to have a phone, so in this case... it would be bill gates phone.
Stefan Batrinache
For that price they should make their own OS . Using Android on that looks like shit.
Falcon SuperNova pink diamond iPhone 6 is the most expensive ($95.5 Million)
And they say Apple is overpriced
Yasin Ur Rahman
so turn on security on when your on the Internet cool
Liam F.
no case?
Infinite Octopus
This phone was made for Hillary Clinton.
The phone of a thousand truths
i don't even know if its
apple or samsung or some other brand
Dion Singh
I can buy that.. that's not so expensive
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