Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

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This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.

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Unbox Therapy
Ksus Susk
It's ugly af.
What Is Life
It really doesn't look that good 😂 the only thing attractive is the packaging
I thought it was going to be an iphone ($100 for the phone itself $19,900 for the brand name)
Luca Tulp
But can it run minecraft?
Whats Poppin?
I bet you Donald Trump has like 10 of these.
Lorenzo Duron
I wonder what the dog filter from Snapchat looks like on a $20,000 phone. Lol, also, you should send it to JerryRigEverything so that he do a durability test on it. Lol
Gideon Gressman
how in the world do you afford that phone. why even do they put that high I mean just because it has a little diamond and gold doesn't mean it should that much
Tyeron Thomas
for me to pay 20 grand for it god better be my assistant.
Varun Yadav
Unbox Therapy, I dont have a smart phone and i need it desperately but my father doesn t allow me to get one. Could you give me any smart phone. Please
what shitty looking accessories. if ever drop 20k for a phone, the charging brick better be fucking gold plated.
Hope Hurteau
i wish there was even one reviewer on youtube who showed the product more then himself. and talked about the product more then his opinions
Hope Hurteau
unboxing is a wet dream for all the materalists
Qasim Qureshi
I found a more expensive thing the Nissan Rogue one
Irfan Jami Ahmad
hmm do you have made a video on fidget spinners?
The phone better slide into dms for me
Jango Feat. Boba
So... If you are watching p*rn with that phone it means that... someone is monitoring what's happening on the website you are on... in real time? Man, I think the guy monitoring will stop doing his job and start doing the same thing u are probably doing...
Brent Grant
That phone is fantastic lol
ravikant prajapati
Holy smokes..!!
Not interested 😂😂😂😂
matthew derry
LOL think about if you lost it though,or got mad and smashed it or keestered it on accident.
Thanh Ngô
You guys don't know anything about this phone , this is the most security phone , it can protect your info from the hackers , it very powerful not expensive cause the gold or the packaging , this phone for agents or presidents only , OK ??
honor 6x can have better photos with use of its camera apps despite the $19,750 price difference?
Alex M
This is what is wrong with America😒
If you count the Stormtrooper SUV from a while ago, that would be the most expensive thing you've ever shown, but I dont know if that counts
Games Tube
this aint gold, before talking review the products you get
TheOpAlexGuy : mlgfreddy123
The phone is so safe you cant buy it
Marian Kamishev
name of the song pls you play on the phone
Chaima Wenzerfia
I'll be eating rocks for months , or years if i bought that phone
Harrison Smith
Jack isn't real
Kendy Louwaars
The website is amazing
BIAS 719
you could buy a 2010 Mercedes benz for nearly half that
Alan Gomez
A house
Diego Varsov
SS is using one of these phones. like if you know who I'm talking about.
eduardo Garcia
is that youre new phone
Christian Pejo
i paid less for my gaming pc...
This phone is for hackers.
Logan Kajfasz
Do you get to keep the things people send you
Logan Kajfasz
Do you get to keep the things people send you
You can do encryption on WhatsApp
Ya boy fetus
fuck this phone! i want a phone that has a i7processor a msi motherboard and a gtx 1080. and it has to be waterproof also 16 gb of ram.
Tulio Rabelo
Continue com legendados!!!
Why the hell isn't the president using this phone?!
Nick Rff
20 grant ffs its for guys with a lot of cash...imagine your phone to coat more than my cat goddamnit
Laionel Sales
WTF i'll never have this smartphone i'm poor even if i had to rob me i'am brazilian if you came to rio de janeiro kkkkk
El Chapo should've had this phone.
اريان ريرون
Marcos Donizetti
Name music?
Hesitantly clicks on video due to possible click bait Here we go again with the damn click baiting. Watches whole video Holy shit,this does exist
shreenidhi ds
what's the name of the song..??
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