Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

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This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.

Sirin Labs Solarin - https://www.sirinlabs.com/

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Unbox Therapy
Game Room
I think its ugly
runs on android and comes with bloatware

not even worth $1000
Tgmpest Silverstorm
Sooooo did you get to keep it? lol
Ali Torabi
hey guys whats that music he plays in the end?????answer please i really want to hear it
Mr. Rethzone
juat imagine..

this phone vs adcom
lautaro sanchez
Dirty pleasure aid phzhdi cancer promising sharply psychologist quantity.
in all honesty I want to know if these ppl HAVE EVER sold 1 of these phones
Central Gaming
Oh it looks like my pixel xl, ugly AF and on latest android OS. LOL
Avery Clements
Sounds like a good phone for selling drugs
Joseph Stalin
You know when a 20 thousand dollar phone doesn't have better graphics then a 700 dollar phone it is just hype and you are buying just just to say can have something most can't.
Joseph Stalin
Who the fook is Connor McGregor?
Justin Bergquist
I like. I want. I need
robert ghazarian
Is it gold on the side buttons?
Joe G
lol no way a cell phone cost 20,000
Samarth Kirloskar
What music track is that ?
Pretty groovy, I've heard it on other Unbox Therapy videos too.
What's the name of the first song played in the video?
Kxl Kxng
ignore the security shit
Iphones are better.
Name wird noch geändert
Package :20 $
Phonehardware:200$ ...
Camera is bad.. Mic is bad as well...
Actual ARCHER Guitar
i need this lol
what do you do with the expensive things like this?
Anyone who buys that phone is actually retarded and has a tiny dick.
Carlos Rodriguez jr
sounds like dr dre beat at the end....pretty sick!!!
Polski Avicii
Jeee polish language!
lmfao " a message saying they're 2nd class citizens" im fucking dying hahahah.
Philip Frank
It's sooo ugly though...
Red Guy
what is the name of that music he played on the cell phone at the end?
10Bl0CKED Or Technicals
1 SUB = 5 Subs
1 Like = 10 subs
Both = 15 subs
Thanks <3
Bachagak Shamali
fuck and that is android
Athri Collections
4:35 Ahhh... alas,......... the secret voice of Lew, is here
that's a rip off
Tuentin Qarantino
I want to buy one !! can someone give me an ebay link ??
Michael Fernandez
Hillary should have had one a these😂😂😂
still not good enaugh for justin bieber
Darren Write
well that's what they tell you anyway
Brenda Frederick
thats ugly
christian Ramos
I like your videos please give me some phone
Hanif M
it looks like a cheap android.
April Smith
OMG I LOVE YOU HANDSOME! NEW SUBBY!!! 😍😍😍 I'm a tech junkie ntmu!
once i buy ....m sure all people will try to STEAL FROM ME......
Mustafa Zeytinli
what is that last song ?
Get this phone if you want to eat instant noodles for a year..
dude their website is lit
The four dollar phone was better.
wyatt newman
now I know what trump uses to go on twitter
Isaiah Torres
is it water proof?
Paul kopilov
Look at how good they did the unboxing? For 20k they should be giving you 200 girls sucking ya dick
RobinFlaky Vids
its acualy cost 17,400 $.... i have one my self
Matt Porter
drug dealer phone
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