Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

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This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.

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Unbox Therapy
Arshdeep Singh
what about the 35000$ gaming setup
encryption mode is cool.... not 20k cool.
the box itself is already 10 grand
In my island this is $180 000
The main issue with having luxury tech gadgets is they are always outclassed by cheaper and newer tech. You can probably find a cheaper China brand phone that blows the specs of this phone out of the water. Its fine to blow 20k on a phone if you can afford it but if you are spending that much it should be for a top of the line phone not an outdated hunk of junk like this
Siddhesh Scindia
aes 256, really? that's the highlight?
Yudo NeidaNo
No gold bricks, no quick charge 3.0. TRASH.
trying to be funny HattySingh
what about the sensher 300000 dollars headphone
Colin Patrick
Why don't you unbox a life
all these people complaining but will never be able to afford it anyways.
Adnan Mohamed
The subtitles ar in arabian
Pete Coventry
Does it blend?
Abroor Amrullah
iphone is better
all that money for a fucking android. do better.
Radjeff Dennis
lololololol hahahahaha THIS IS THE FUNNIEST UNBOXING VIDEO EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!
Arz Armm
that price i can buy a car in my country....
Savage Wormlets
My question is... is there a case for it?
This gotta be the Mother phone for all Druglords, hitmans , hackers and well as,, the mid east.
Ian Dove
President Trump needs this phone. His unsecured Android is GOING to be hacked. It's not like he can't afford this.
Michael Jackson lover Webb
un known
damn man that is so fancy in an specific way
Oliver Sherwin
For those of you guys who are wanting to know the song its E Q Beats - Mineral.
Iván Vargas O.
<Simply a phone
Rafael sky
Dylan Pritchard
People saying it's ugly and unnecessary don't understand that if you're a multimillion dollar drug lord you don't give a crap. You just want safety and to be able to say how expensive it is.
Wish he showed us how game's played on this alien tech
Psychedelic Ape
how about a 20,000 secure smartphone that runs Android? hahahahahahahaha
gaming and every thing
thank god it has a headphone. jack
"Is that carbon fiber?"

Yeah, I heard it's indestructible. @wrenthereaper
Alex TDM
Alex TDM
That's 1 dollar in our place
Alex TDM
Joe Shmoe
This is perfect for trafficking and sale of narcotics.
Daniyal Saeed
shut the fuck up you talk too much like your big cock suck your nipples fuking you fucker
The vine Master/ other random stuff
get my old phone the 15 million dollar iPhone 5
Jerick Nacino
Awesome! Thats cool!
Jay Khan
Im watching this after the "The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone"
Pibbles 'n Bits
I found JACK! 4:23
Night Gaming
buy the dras phone
Gamer Lycan
I don't get why someone would buy this phone unless they are an arrogant showoff fool or just a rich playboy that uses his parent's money on this crap. Rich people that works hard to become rich will certainly never buy this. This thing has extremely low value for the buck and it doesn't even perform as well or look as good as phones from well known brands like LG, Samsung or even Apple. I feel like if I carry this around, no one will regconize the brand and they will all think that it is a cheap rip-off Chinese phone from an unknown brand.
Minh Pham
it doesn't have a headphone
Sony > Solarin
Private Parts
Of course NSA & Facebook have their own backdoor access :)
defender of the good
whoever buys this is a dumbass, idc how rich you are. :l
Official Manuel Prados
4:24 is so satisfying for some reason, I like it better than his regular mic
Mikey Lando
That thing is so damn bulkey and thick
At 4:33 was that jack?
that phone's is for drug dealers and crooked businessmen who else needs an encrypted phone 😂
Majestic Of Chronicle GAMERZ
are you Aquarius guy?
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