Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

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This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.

Sirin Labs Solarin - https://www.sirinlabs.com/

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Unbox Therapy
Just GCHQ, NSA and MOSAD can listen in, we swear
Josh Adams
Don Johnson
If any phone should be 20,000 dollars, it should have a truckload storage,highest speed, best camera, and best performance.
Other than that, just bull shit.
K. Klam
can you watch porn on that at 1080 p
Blek Kout
Tf iphone is anyway better, that this shit is from the gold is not mean is the best phone ever. And you know what? The videos have quality as piece of shit, and the voices to. So, what's mean this video plz?:D
Muthaphucking G-z
Wow that phone looks amazing! But when it turns on you be like shit that's just a standard android
When you showed the video you took with the phone, the audio was surround sound and it sounded like you were right behind me and it scared the crap out of me
Josh Holt
The website is so cool!!
Clark Thomson
I prefer having 5,000 four dollar phones
MLGscorpion 75
I would be scared to even bring this outside xD
Fuad Sarwar
Sounds like money is forcing to talk a lot about things and simple features are turning out to WOW mode!!
I wouldn't dare to bring it out if i have that phone.
Id rather buy 1000 iPhone 7's .
Tyrone Nelson
I wouldn't in my right mind pay that much for a phone just to be constantly spied on!
Mike Boney
Spends way too much time trying to be funny and not showing the fucking phone. Your slightly less than entertaining bro...
Ruthless Press
And u dod something 50000 dollar
Ruthless Press
Actually u did the racing simulator which was 35000 dollars and it was on october 2016 this was december 2016
Just a shitty android
Deepak N
Nice laptop
Xerdune 01
If someone steals that your life is over bro
Cristiano Raimundo
hi. whats the brand and model of your eyeglasses? thanks.
Rich kids dont use these kind of phones... they are dang crazy on iphones
echo SIXTH
you look like coner mcgregor
The Epic Gaming Master//TEGM
You can buy a car with that much money
Solarin falls = wallet breaks
Iphone breaks = heart break
Nokia 3310 falls = earths surface breaks
Samsung falls = hardly anything breaks, exept the samsung
TLC breaks = nobody gives a shit

Me copying = i just stole someones comment
Arctic Steampunk
When your website is better than your phone
Junito Punto Comm
That phone comes with it's own Carrier !? 🤔
Роман ЗП
Looks ugly tbh
FaZe Hagjonnn
Imagine dropping that
Deniz Osmanoğlu
Soyou cant watch porn on it :(
Grekus Burekus
samsung s9 is better
Martin Hugo
It feels like a high order agent shit. plus this guy is mad funny
Some Dude
No specs on the $20k phone? Are you shitting me? What kind of processor? How much RAM? Come on, it's a twenty fucking thousand dollar phone. It should have 30GB RAM and a terrabyte of storage.
von Habsburg
Looks tacky as hell.
it should have at least an i9 & gtx 1080 in it for that price
Chien Nguyen
Shahin Poursharif
wow that's ugly
Isaac M Daniel
I can buy a car with those 20k...
Leyan 56
This phone could pay me 20 bikes
dari_ m
Pay for a phone that's 20K better let u play ps4 games or something cause no phone is worth 20K
Haiqal Repay
You are the appitamy of a wanna be hipster.
Mads D
It is actually not that pretty. Very underwhelming, esp. considering its price tag.
Who else would rather buy a used car?
Trenton Reese
Introducing the TRUMP PHONE!
who would want gold on a phone, its just a fucking phone
kushal paudel
can you make a phone call with that? :D
mik jagger
The carbon fiber and gold details made the price, not the specs of the device i think
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