Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

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This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.

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Unbox Therapy
The only reason I want this phone is to watch porn like a sex god
Betcha Sorrie
bro did you get to keep this?
Pj Ledesma
reminds me of vertu
Athoof MCQ
That's too thick for my liking 😂 why get that expensive turd when you can get a phone that looks and feels better and performs well... I can never get disfunctional status symbols...
Jay B
the price of his phone would fix my life financial situation
Movies Empire
6:16 you scared the shit out of me!
russian models are promoting this brand on instagram
Aaron Allred
What kind of repair costs am I looking at if it breaks?
ابداع للمونتاج
sadly its work by android system
Trudi Cook
this shit fake asf
Ahir 303
whyy!! i can't even afford a table
Rudro Dey
phone is for those rich billionaires, because they would only see and say,,,omg that gold and carbon fibre 😂😂😂 and regular person asks about the google,processer,ram and selfie cam😶😶😶 lol
George Bonis
for $20k, this shit better...(insert obnoxious request here)
Mohammad Nauman
Love that Oooo Oooo
A.Singh The Allrounder
Itna paisa laata kaha se hai be
Dan Seabreeze
That's for Bond, James Bond! A Skinomi laden BLU XL phone with gold leaf, lol! That's what it looks like! My "phone information would put anyone" to SLEEP! : l
I'd rather buy a car and a blowjob
Mofstar 1234
If I had a dollar for every time he said 20k I would be poor.
Daft Punk
did he keep the phone or no because that is a sick phone
Vine HQ
Mr grey in fifty shades of grey movie has this phone in the movie
Teboho Maleka
I feel like that is a Kanya West phone
recording sound quality is shit, i'd spend 20k on a phone if it actually had features, the last phone thats actually had features is the samsung note 3.
Do you Reply comment?
Janaki Ravi
Not that worthy....
brenden cosoleto
didnt you have 50K headphones ?
Keerthi kumar
20k and still a smartphone......where are we,come on guys get us artificial intelligence like jawis in ironman then I'll pay that amount
Hashim Chaudhry
Gtr was more
This phone make me sold a house
No innovation, just markup.
Austin French
finally something I can afford
Nick Berden
this honestly seems just retarded. More retarded than the new iPhone. But really. anyone can make there phone look like that, and does it really provide encryption? or is that just little blown out of proportion?
Real value: 30$
alex welsh
is u jangester
Ryan liang
Imagine if you dropped it down the sewers...
did he do a 20k drop test? LUL
Dalton Albert Matt
ooooo a $20,000 open-source encrypted phone that'll be hard for a hacker or the government to crack.
James Jones
when u pool out the phone my mouth drops and mind blowed
Dino Dino
so when did u had to give back u mug? :)
4:05 I like how people look through a screen to "test the camera" Maybe all you are testing is ... your screen and your screen resolution?! Just saying...
If there is anyone on this planet. That THINKS, that there is a way to "encript" anything, no mater how well he/she is willing to pay is just un educated.
Syed Masum
4:28 jack
Torrente Murrieta
i'll rather get a high price hooker with that price tag
Ricky Anderson
I'm glad you didn't take for ever to unbox
Bowfire8 Plays
Packaging: 19000$
Phone: 1000$
Hahahahahaha great stuff man. Subscribed!
Aryama Chatterjee
useless phone.
Wendy Wirawan
Is there a version of the same price with the higher spec and less bling?
Sollux Captor
$20,000 is $20,000, but that is an ugly ass phone
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