Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hold an incredible amount of political power. That's troubling considering their incredibly small amount of political experience.

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I watched this clip solely for the Gilbert Gottfried dub of Jared Kushner. On repeat. For 20 minutes. Laughing so hard I almost peed myself. I must have this as a ringtone...
penguins inadiorama
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHMCOqlZIRU Kushner is as creepy as this lady
general Grievous
4:01 same
Amin Mian
You know Trump is giving all these jobs to Jared cuz Jared is banging Invanka instead of him, and Trump’s punishing him.

It’s obvious he’s a creep. 🙄 🤢🤮
Something tells me that Jared is going to be overcome by juggling all his obligations, and end up offing himself, either literally or from office.
Julie Carskadon
"Jared new job, wipe my ass I did a stinky"
Your typical everyday fangirl
"He's like Alexander Hamilton" Um, Hamilton cheated on his wife and was actually smart.
be yourself
The apple doesn't fall too far from the Orange 😂😂😂😂
p.varun menon
That voice tho @ 12:36
Princess Buttercup
If Donald could stop trying to fuck his daughter all the time...
لويد أدولف هتلر ينتحر؟ أو ... هل كان يحضر 2018 سادليباك برلين، ريك وارن برعاية المسيحية الهذيان؟ نفس الوقت سوبرمان، نفس قناة سوبرمان، فقط الوقت سوف اقول. لا المخدرات المسموح بها، ونحن سوف تستخدم اختبار "الحمض النووي" الجديد. وسيتم عرض شريط فيديو مباشر لأي من أدولف هتلر لا يزال قائما، أو، ريك وارن الذي يقتل ابنه، للحاضرين. زوسا و نوتردام برعاية. أخبر جميع أصدقائك. جورج أكوستا سيكون هناك مع نجم ضيف خاص! اللعنة وودستوك، وهذا لن يكون على الشريط.lawayd 'adulf hitlar yantahir? 'aw ... hal kan yahdur 2018 sadlibak birlin, ryk warin birieayat almasihiat alhdhyan? nfs alwaqt subrman, nfs qanat subrman, faqat alwaqt sawf aqwl. la almukhadirat almasmuh biha, wanahn sawf tustakhdam aikhtibar "alihumd alnwwy" aljadid. wasayatimu earad sharit fidyu mubashir li'ayi min 'adulf hitlar la yazal qayimaan, 'aw, ryk warin aldhy yuqtal abnih, lilhadirina. zawsa w nutardam bireayat. 'akhbar jmye 'asdiqayik. jurj 'ukusta sayakun hunak mae najam dayf khasa! allaenat wawadustuka, wahadha ln yakun ealaa alsharit.
Samuel James
To be quite honest, Ivanka's quote on reality and perception is quite true.

This has been a question that many philosophers often questioned and this goes through the field of epistemology, ontology and other forms of metaphysics

But Ivanka was trained in the field of business and professional businessmen are trained to make you perceive in a certain manner.

Businessmen may make themselves appear humble and warm or even threatening and authoritarian if they are in a meeting where they are giving a hard bargain.

We are influenced on how we perceive reality constantly through adverts, news, media, politics, social influences like cultures or social values and so on
I'm surprised Jared didn't go to Trump University..
Daniel Malloy
John Oliver loves to say "penis" or maybe he just loves penis
This is so disgusting! I mean the video clip of trump ... About what he has in common with her
Annette D.
haha! I love that the building is failing! I hate the devil and demons! I want them to fail.thanks for leaving me with that image.I'll send u the bill of a shrink.cuz I'm scarred for life and I'll have nightmares thanks a lot! j/ k!no one should ever see him naked.man! that was really gross! he must not have any mirrors left that aren't cracked. otherwise he would have a clue and lose some weight! and Jared is just plain creepy. ivanka has to be a clone to have. the pagan attitude she has. from what I understand trump,ivanka,Jared have been replaced.melania is a reptilian and more than likely Barron is too. probably rest of the family too.
The Software is called Nation Builder. Also used to win Brexit.
Deborah Thompson
Deborah Thompson
Rose Skeleton
Alexander Hamilton is way better than Jared Kushner. And Alexander talked more.
lynne kimball
“Welcome to Anatomy Park!”
Barbie and Ken
Audriana Huapaya
I love your show!!!!
Ben Glaser
18:57 did she just say "arbility"?
Gregory Ashton
The apple does not fall far from the orange.
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hold an incredible amount of political power. That's troubling considering their incredibly small amount of political experience.

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Shani Goldstein
There is something really creepy about Ivanka and Jared. The more I look into them the creepier it gets.
Radio Laboratory
do you think that Vonky is colossally mortified by the baffoonish moron she MUST call her father?
theres NO good answer....think about it.
Picnic Basket Sam
11:42 holy shit, it's the Mooch!
Mathy Don
Ok, checking in on The Kush... any progress on his many big tasks... nope
fäye gässi
cause he never talks he's very smart and reminds them of Alexander Hamilton? Said the idiot.
Tabutany Rop
Idk why that excerpt was read in her voice because although it might have been in her book that's a direct Machiavelli quote.
Nick S
I cant handle this show.... i can only watch it drunk or fucked up and by the end i want to commit suicide. Great research, awesome delivery, amazing comedy and on point.... but i cant handle it. When im on acid and watching this show i want to lean how to fly off the GM building. Love you John but holy shit. You and your writers gotta be fucked up and on the verge of the worst depression imaginable
Jack Mehoff
hitler is my favorite color
You have to have literally zero moral compass or sense of right from wrong to support Trump.

The fact his base is "christian" just shows how massively hypocritical American Christianity is.

How in Gods Holy Name can you justify a man like Donald Trump from a Christian worldview?

Can you HONESTLY picture Jesus of Nazareth supporting Donald Trump? Can you seriously picture Jesus being a Trump sycophant? Can you say with a straight face you think Jesus the Almighty Christ of God would wear a MAGA trucker cap?
Barrie O'Bama
Jared is a douche.
matthew poniman
A progressive's influence, much like their sperm count, will continue to dwindle every time they support preening, self righteous little cunts like John Oliver. It is the key to President Trump's power, but they're too satisfied with themselves to take notice.
Vish Wah
Nobody named "Jared" should hold any amount of power
The Dumbo Heights commercial reminded me of the Sodosopa commercial from South Park. xD
Von Hammer Schlangel
vank plastic surgery fail
The apple does not fall far from the orange 👌👌👌🤣
Ajan Navarro
"I was going to say sex"..... wow.... just wow...
Tonya Ablxif
nat Lee
Their like AI Skelton’s or fuckin cyborgs , why is being alien and weird a good thing... maybe he’s dumb as fuck and driven why not think that
Phil B
Cant believe theres a company called dumbo...😂
Eujin Jung
Wt actual f I can’t believe trump said that...
martha mac donald
where is Waldo
Bozo The Clown
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