what up
Honestly wtf is wrong with trump "sex" really what a fucking disgusting piece of shit
Kyle Hennessey
Given Trumps answer to that question, I would guess what he's doing right now is having a threesome with Jared and Ivanka and making Pence watch which is why lately, pence looks like he's contemplating suicide
Deborah Davis
Really "moderates??" How does "throwing people in jail for money owed for unpaid rent" say moderate??? I did not get that wrong this little prick has renters thrown in jail - I thought debtors prison ended long, long ago but apparently if you are part of the Dumps family you CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT EVEN IF ITS ILLEGAL! Check out what Baltimore is up to!
Oh America, you must be so proud, so very proud. BAAAAAHHHHHAAA
Noah Levy
Rob G Bando
Lynn Scheel
#45 may have a hidden secret when it comes to Ivanka, Incest maybe? That's my guess
The way you put it it almost looks like Donald Trump is Ivanka's and Jared's Puppet.
Superior Being
Mildly dim people go to Uni & get rich sometimes, neither are proof of higher intelligence.
Pao Lee
Ivanka is so naive. Trump isn't your dad anymore, he's the president.
Richard K
Sept. 2017, this is so outdated because Ifucka and Jarhead are on their way out.
Marcin Niedzielski
Ivanka's face looks so artificial it's like looking at a detached head talking. She looks like the Kamino aliens from SW Attack of the Clones it's so fucking creepy ..
W Tollefson
He's there to make deals with those countries under the table...sneaky...sneaky
Dick Bong
I really hope whoever had to photoshop the naked trump pictures together got one hell of a bonus for it, because that's haunting my nightmares forever now.
Malligrub 1
What is this American obsession with Ivanka? She's just another spoilt, trust fund baby rich kid who thinks she came up from the bottom and did it all herself. She comes across as completely vacuous, fake and pretentious as hell
Cringe worthy moment at 3:30.
David Hill
As far as Jared Kushner's dad going to prison, John Oliver mentions a lot of things, but fails to mention the prosecutor who ended up putting Charlie Kushner away.

It was Chris Christie.
Wait... WAIT... did John Oliver predict the "My favorite color is hitler" meme? When they used the wrong font so the word "glitter" looked like "hitler"? Because this was definitely before that meme, so... OH MY GOD, THE JOHN OLIVER EFFECT IS REAL!!!
anyone remember "welcome mr. chance"
Anonymous Filth
There is more important issues roaming around your English Arse , like "Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing" in Fucking Myanmar, me old mate .
Holy shit that was sad.
Lazina Haniff
More here:
Lazychuck Productions
John Oliver if you think about it if you could figure out wether or not a goldfish can't figure out if they are allergic to nuts then he can clearly not bring peace to the middle east more, death in the middle east
Cosmic Portals
Jesus America, I thought the prepers were mad but I can see where they come from now. As long as you are under Trump and his retarded administration I would take everything I own and start digging, stay underground. and when you come up you can help rebuild civilization. Just stay out of the radiation zones and make sure you have a Geiger counter, America is a sinking ship now, and the whole world will go down with it. I will miss the internet and eBay, I really do think this planet is fucked now, and in the future America will be seen the way we see the Nazis now. Its sad really, America had potential, you could have been great but your country has been reduced to a human sewer of corporate expansionist greed, betrayal and war mongering. America you really need to consider what the rest of humanity thinks of you now, if you would back off and mind your own damn business the world will heal, there is plenty to go around in america for everyone that lives there, just like there would be plenty to go around everywhere if america didn't take it all.
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
This guy is not funny at all he sounds ignorant
Dominic Tee
Ah, Mr Oliver, I see you have really pulled out all the stops to craft a disturbing mental image on this fine evening. Now please excuse me while I rinse my brain in battery acid.
Her father is having (at the very least) emotional incest with her. Ewww. Especially on Jared. Married into that and profiting from it? Ewww, again...
12:33 is when the real fun begins.
LeavingIt Blank
It gives that catch phrase, "He went to Jared," a whole different meaning.
Brandon Shirey
Why did a prostitute marry a clown? It's such an odd fit.
Jennifer Winchester
🤢🤢Sex? Such a Gross man🤢🤢
666 5th Avenue? Must have been a hell of a deal :)
Hebo Sabe
John Oliver was a Remain piece of shit.
Kim Nguyen
craZy man fake news
s. marty
fake----this guy johnny o is just a cheap pup-it with his fake veiwer count, laughter tracks.
We all know what happened to anyone whose opinion differed from Obama's....they got fired. But, it's really diabolical that Ivanka doesn't air her differences.
You conveniently neglected to mention the idiots who ran the Carter Administration. You're a funny guy, but your POV is liberally unbalanced. Perhaps a more centrist position might be more appealing.
Somebody Please Tell Harry Potter To Shut the fuck up
He is The #1 annoying person in the world his audience has to be a group of brainless clapping Seals
This is not comedy at all.
Peter Sorensen
she should be nailed on a post. with her father brother! No food no water. What a bastard!
Julie C
The apple doesn't fall far from the orange. Bahahahahahahah!!!
Joey Feep
Joey Feep​someone is going smash a rotten putin piss-soaked tomato in little donnie drumpf's face
So many rich are stupid. But they are also lucky, especially the inherited money.
John Oliver is a national treasure
Jayne Fairgo
....Alexander Hamilton didnt shut the fuck up for hours on end. Like literally, its even in the fucking musical. Dont compare that twat Kushner to Hamilton.

Sincerely, the Hamilton Fandom.
Jana Stormont
Perhaps he is assigned those areas because he knows nothing about it - just like Trump's cabinet who were appointed to destroy their departments.
If Ivanka was any more full of shit, she'd sweat it.
mad honeybee
The more I see of Jared, the more I am reminded of the character that creepy kid played in the movie "the Omen" full~growed...
Sugarhighme Gaming
When you stand beside Trump, just being quiet is enough to make people think you are genuinely intelligent.

...We all see how that's a bad thing right...?
Misery Lit Media
Gilbert Gottfried is a NATIONAL TREASURE!!!
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