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DC Cookster
I don't know nothing much about this but I have to watch it :)
I love "Fred"...I mean Amy Acker, you guys are too forgiving and that is good for you, but this show is something that has been done before and I will go on record as saying this gets moved on the schedule after two episodes and gets cancelled after six episodes....there is no reason for anyone who is not already an X-Men fan to watch this and too many of the X-Men fans have been burned all ready. Now I will go rewatch the 1st Season of Heroes......just my opinion
Stevan Lemeccis
Please react to The Emoji Movie Trailer.
You know how you know it's Brian Singer? None of the characters are recognizable to.. you know.. fans.
The PokƩmon Jedi
Flash episode 21 reaction? 22 comes out tonight
Derrick P
Awesome reaction. Haha I think it's mandatory to say "Sookie" whenever you see Stephen Moyer!!
Hope Suitor
Stephen moyer true blood. looks good may watch and she is from angel Amy acker
Robert Rijkers
first 15sec of your videos i play where's waldo and try to find the cat in the background....
Throgdar The Brute
love Avalon more every day, Amethyst of Gemworld, and Polaris as favorite characters ? High Five girl !!
Steve Calderon
I forgot Stephen Moyer is married to Anna Paquin who plays Rogue in the films and of course they did True Blood together. Now they are both part of the X-Men universe. I hope it's very different from Heroes.
B King
It seemed that the kids mom was a mutant too when she told em it was a gift also. It would make sense since mutants spawn mutants she probably hid it from the kids and the husband.
This looks and feels like it's possibly set in the Logan timeline. The gritty one where the x-men movies and comics are just the shiny fantastic retelling of their awful reality.
oh dear. I was hoping this didn't look as bad as Mutant X. I'm still unsure if it is or isn't yet.
It's totally Heroes. Even the dad being someone who works for a program that locks up people with superpowers turning against it to help his super kid. HRG anyone? I'll watch it and hope it'd good but Bryan Singer directing it gives me both hesitation and hope. Here's hoping, fingers crossed.
Durell Reid
I wonder will we finally get The Morlocks
Slade The Deathstroke
Was kind of hesitant about this show when it was announced. But when they cast Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer, I'm all in. I somewhat, a bit see that Heroes vibe. Just hope it doesn't turns out like Heroes Reborn.... Wooh. That was bad.
Sir Strangefolk
Besides Polaris and Blink there's also Warpath's brother Thunderbird. The latino guy is called "Eclipse", which is Sunspot's Age of X name. It might still be Roberto da Costa or maybe they had to change his character due to Sunspot's role in the New Mutants movie. The main characters seem to be very loosely based on Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker, the Fenris twins, although I doubt they'll turn evil in this.
Richie Rico iese
sorry but it has same old storyline, wish it would start something new but I've watch it with open mind
It looks like it was made seven years ago but I'll still love it. Anything to do with my favorite comic book universe will always look great in my eyes
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