Pandora - The World of Avatar | Disney's Animal Kingdom

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What if there was a world that challenged everything you thought you knew? A world beyond what you thought was possible. A world beyond belief. Pandora -The World of Avatar. Opens 5.27.17 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Learn more -


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Pandora - The World of Avatar | Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pender, Party of 2!
Can't wait to go to the cast preview!! I hope they let us vlog!
Monique Garcia
no, just no SMH
Mitsu WOW
so anyone asked how they going to overcome the whole how the air isnt breathable on pandora
We could have Beastly Kingdoms instead, but noooooo. Let's bring in a dying franchise that no one, if not, modern day children really know nor care about into Animal Kingdoms.
Onyx Riley
I want the park Disney's America to be built! I thought it was an amazing idea! please look back into it!!!
Adrianna H
My favourite park...seems to always reinvent itself...and opens Pandora...ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love you Disney, thank you for all you've done in my life ❤️
Preston Simon
4 months until I experience Pandora!!
Paloma Cabral
Jake Tryon
You're not in Kansas anymore, you're on Pandora! ladies and gentlemen.
Angelandfriends Animal Jam/Transformice/Memes
They picked Pandora over Beastly kingdom, i'll live with it.

not really
OMG I can't even describe how excited I am that they did this!!! I hadn't been to Disney world but I'm 40 and it's been in my bucket list forever!!
Amayrani Rosales
+1. 00 70 I was &)3uullui op kpp000ojeiw
I will just be missing this for my Disney trip this year... guess that means I have to come back? :)
I'm so excited but scared cause the lines for the attractions are going to be 5 hours and fast pass will be hard.
Ion Enc
Can you open this early for me? I'm going march 24th lol
Mike Hitchcock
People keep saying "but Avatar isn't 'Disney!'"...yet this is the most 'Disney' project I've seen in years...
Donavin Willis
This is basically the permeant replacement for Beastly Kingdom. Still kinda keeps the theme.
Oliver Gray
Too bad I'm coming during spring break! Literally a week before!!!
superduperjump 94
5/27/17 is my bday!
Woukd love to see a marvel land in disney
Nia Bashir
Awesome! Can't wait to go in July
Joya 赵
Really want to go on the first day it opens!!!
Aspen Dun
Randy Bermúdez
I've seen that "floating" rock, obviously attached to the other one, like 7,000 times now. Gee, I hope there's more.
Humberto Ribeiro
0:21 OMG 😍
Crawl out of cryo, grab your gas masks and link up with your avatar, because we're back on Pandora
Did anyone else experience screen tearing during the video?
Toxic Wolf
Fire Phoenix Comedy Zone
Per Håvard Kihle
so excited
Mateusz Kurczoba
amazing :)
Zach M.
did pandora replace anything already in animal kingdom or is it a brand new area
I'm so ready for this.
still waiting on soft openings
i wish theyd stop showing these animated mixed clips..and show bits of the actual world..not the whole thing..just glimpses..instead of all of this animation.
I don't have a problem with avatar or the land of pandora but, why did you guys choose avatar of all movies? Most children don't really know about avatar so I don't think they will understand the concept. In my opinion I think Disney should've chosen a more known Disney movie such as jungle book, Moana, Lion King, or brave. I am still excited with pandora land but still wish they chose something else.
Jake Austin
This is going to be the most spectacular Land in a theme park ever! Just the thought of how much tech and detail is put into this land is stunning!
Interlace in 2017. Cool!
Can't wait for this! I think it will be even better seeing it in person! The river boat ride sounds amazing!
Disney Parks
Pandora - The World of Avatar. Opens May 27 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!
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