The Grand Tour Porsche 918 Killer REVEALED!

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Remember the Nissan Patrol you saw on The Grand Tour? Yes, the one that absolutely DESTROYED the Porsche 918 with Richard Hammond behind the wheel  in Dubai. That was definitely a WTF moment, so we had to see what this beast of a Patrol was all about! 1320Video headed to Dubai to jump in the passenger seat and ride along in this 1900 horsepower monster! It has finally been revealed what is under the hood of this beast! This Patrol is sporting an entire R35 Nissan GT-R VR38 drivetrain that has been stroked out to a 4.1 liter engine build by T1 Race Development. Not only that, but this Patrol also has a build Shep Transmission as well as GT-R axles, hubs, brakes, rear subframe, everything! They sent a GT-R over to the shop, and they got a shell back essentially. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud! This Patrol has gained a TON of popularity after being featured on The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out now!

Check out that video HERE:

Big thanks to FPerformance for the full story and the ride we'll never forget, you can find them at: or

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Devon Vela
What year is that patrol?
thats sound is so fucking awesome
سلطان خوي العز العطوي
ماشالله تبارك الله
ابدعت فيه
Victor Rodriguez
This vs the Toyota Land Cruiser
Didula Egodage
Nissan should do this as a Ultra performance edition of Petrol. Looks sexy AF.
Andrei Gauna Adamson
I'm in love with that Patrol!!
SuperMario Jeffy
I have a gxr turbo motec and its 950 hp
I fvckin love ❤️ it.
Hightidefishin with CJ Mason
Garrett OrYahh
Itsthepurp Bu
The dude is laughing "like i fucking hate this guy "
Mr HiiL Kanga
Quero comprar esse carro... Eu amo Nissan Patrol
no matter how much any of you guys hate on arabs, they still having more fun... just saying
Sufyan Butt
Rocco Arroyetti
I wish it was painted in black ,complete blackout
Now someone put a GTR body on an off-road Patrol chassis
When you have to get the suicide bomber there as fast as you can!
2jz powered RAV4 next!
5:13, Jesus that nose !!
George Phillips
Oh my god this thing is a SUB monster and a hybrid beast! Now every car enthusiast in the world knows this car!
Hassan Khan
i wonder how that thing corners
G Mballistic
I don't often sign in to Youtube but when I do it's to fuckin' "Like" videos like this. So cool. B-)
Adam Mangler
What a crappy vehicle!
Reny Bruehl
Cheap car! It doesn't even have leather interior.
Issa Bendeck
gtr engine displacement on demand 4.1 lol
Issa Bendeck
but it looks like t they want the best because now they have jumped to men toy LS 4 turbod motort lol dont worry guys you stil can go 4000hp reliable with this anerican v8 blowers
Harald Pettesen
A "wet" dream of a car , a masked bandit .
Dave Hartnett
Made by Nissan. Powered by Allah.
Andrey Volynkin
Убейте себя, клоуны
Alexander Claes
past Looks for me pretty arabesque vjdeo unknown X‑D
the guy driving it in sandals! thumbs up!
Eggpie_614 Plays
A Patrol on steroids
Angelo Foster
the jeep jerokeee did the same thing!
Must hardly rain where you live with those tires.
Wendy Bombril
Amaaaaazzzziiiinnnggggg!!!!! totally sick Nissan Patrol.. and falling in love with the engine sound
كفو يالفتك😍
Freddy Pedraza
It's like a quiet library girl, you don't expect her to fuck like a pornstar
roz zaide
that's the original nissan patrol engine??
Josh F
Dude sounds like those mfers in porn when they're holding camera talking to the girl
Josh F
So why do this to a patrol?
All that beautiful engineering, and you skimp on a bolt together roll cage? 200mph? That should be your priority fix. Safety, gentlemen, safety.
God. Dubai. You dream it, they make it...
هلا بشيخ 😎
This patrol needs to eat the "fastest suv in the world" by toyota that tops at 230. RUIN. ITS. REPUTATION. GODZILLA.
Kristian Brandt
Hate to be that guy, but making a car go faster in a straight line doesn't make it a 918 killer. It's on slicks too, so it's not even road legal.
Nice sleeper not to many people would see this coming
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