The Grand Tour Porsche 918 Killer REVEALED!

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Remember the Nissan Patrol you saw on The Grand Tour? Yes, the one that absolutely DESTROYED the Porsche 918 with Richard Hammond behind the wheel  in Dubai. That was definitely a WTF moment, so we had to see what this beast of a Patrol was all about! 1320Video headed to Dubai to jump in the passenger seat and ride along in this 1900 horsepower monster! It has finally been revealed what is under the hood of this beast! This Patrol is sporting an entire R35 Nissan GT-R VR38 drivetrain that has been stroked out to a 4.1 liter engine build by T1 Race Development. Not only that, but this Patrol also has a build Shep Transmission as well as GT-R axles, hubs, brakes, rear subframe, everything! They sent a GT-R over to the shop, and they got a shell back essentially. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud! This Patrol has gained a TON of popularity after being featured on The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out now!

Check out that video HERE:

Big thanks to FPerformance for the full story and the ride we'll never forget, you can find them at: or

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wow, no wonder....
GTR is really a beast!
Akshay Chauhan
Cheap bastard admin... don't put addz...
Tyler Kingsley
Lol Kyle said it was slow right to the guy
The short guy
Shit interviewer
Nissan Patrol tune 2.000HP. It is beast.
Torben Povlsen
strange... if they got money and cars they are cool.. if not they probarly are terrorists that wanna blow up infidels and the inbred US dimwits are scared of them.. Maybe horsepower makes the difference...

Did he just say as in Shepherd Racing? He started with racing 4g63t awd drivelines, I bought a welded center diff off his competition 1g. This man is a Jedi in the dsm communities.
Mostafa Sanwar
what is the engine ?
Peter Thompson
But can it run crysis?
Benson Hedges
not a patrol at all then is it really
dejan zekan
Fuel cons?
Rod Lanser
Why is ur voice so damn creepy
Imran Majed
This is cross breeding gone too far..
im pretty sure my civic will beat it
Jonathan RC
Oh man.... This is so bad ass, way better then buying a race car, you guys make up your own shit and is great !!!!
batman 2016
i love all nissan
Dog Burrito
it goes from 0 to jail in 1 second
Kazuki Kashiwazaki
Well, this car deserves miniatures from LookSmart and Kyosho, for sure!! ^w^
Fuq Dup
So you're in Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, which is an Islamic country, that for the most part lives under Sharia Law, and the first or best words you could let out of your mouth were Oh My Gosh, Oh My God, Holy Shit, and Oh Jesus!!?? Lots of Fun.

Keep up the good work!!!
Aaron Jones
Lmfao! He wanted to drive it so bad hahaha!
Omar Falqi
ما شاء الله
gabe duchesneau
This thing just sounds mean
Navin B
there are 3 types of racers, and they are listed as RICERS, TUNERS and lastly SLEEPERS

where is the location of this garage
Hendra Di
I love this sleeper cars.
Adnan A.m
ي الله الجننننه 💔💔💔
Biff Tannen, Esq.
5:13 OMG that nose could park an SUV in it
clarky clarky
Excellent video...
Your Dad
Buying a GTR is far better than putting the engine and be a wanna be
Ibrahim Khawaja
this is amazing..
bumble bee
Still speechless that the guy would drive in slippers. I wonder how much those Hoosier slicks contributed to the Patrol beating the 918.
THATS BAD ASS I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! maybe it couldnt corner for shiut lol
Jamey Campbell
You called his $500,000
Patrol slow 🙈🙈🙈 hope you make it out of Dubai my friend. lol
insurance: has your car got any modifications?
Devon Vela
What year is that patrol?
thats sound is so fucking awesome
سلطان خوي العز العطوي
ماشالله تبارك الله
ابدعت فيه
Victor Rodriguez
This vs the Toyota Land Cruiser
Didula Egodage
Nissan should do this as a Ultra performance edition of Petrol. Looks sexy AF.
Andrei Gauna Adamson
I'm in love with that Patrol!!
Kong da savage
I have a gxr turbo motec and its 950 hp
I fvckin love ❤️ it.
Hightidefishin with CJ Mason
Garrett OrYahh
Itsthepurp Bu
The dude is laughing "like i fucking hate this guy "
Mr HiiL Kanga
Quero comprar esse carro... Eu amo Nissan Patrol
no matter how much any of you guys hate on arabs, they still having more fun... just saying
Sufyan Butt
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