Mayim Bialik's PHD Comes In Handy On "The Big Bang Theory" - CONAN on TBS

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Mayim Bialik is a fact-checking machine on "The Big Bang Theory."

tpkyteroo luebeck
I take it that the deaf should hate you? I'm not subscribing to a channel that hates the deaf and bans CC. Granted, youtubes fake CC was extremely wrong, but I was hoping for a miracle here. Instead, no CC period. :P Can I create a billion dollar society that hates on the hearing and create videos that only the deaf can figure out? Maybe then this evil deaf hating society would get it, and start CC things! Why do I say this? 99% of ALL VIDEO BY BUSINESSES, NON-PROFITS AND COMMERCIALS HATE THE DEAF AND WORSHIP HITLERS HATE OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES! STOP TREATING US LIKE HITLER!
Victoria ellie Chandler
You is a Very kool bird with brains so gel 👌👍💚🌐✌
Luis Armesto
Amy FF kill TBBT.
Ruby Abc
Handy is the german word for phone.
lullaby lilz
They want to make everything accurate but in one of the episodes they get turtles and tortoises mixed up , they said they're getting a turtle but turtles are water animals so they were actually getting a tortoise because tortoises are land creatures
Jessica Jimenez
She's awesome on BBT.
She looks and sounds younger than she is!
Eternity one day at a time
Mayim believes in an unknown God. He knows her - He iniquely planned her and knit her together in her mothers womb - Hes blessed and gifted her with intelligence gifts and skills. Head knowledge must now penetrate the heart - love came down with arms wide open giving His all for you - for God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
sunil chauhan
Didn't knew she is a REAL neuroscientist!!
Nadiah Nor Roslan
oh my god I use those calculators!!!
Lori Wolfcat
Mayim is so funny and kind just naturally! 😹😸 I hope she continues being awesome!
are we sure that this is not a he instead of a she? That face is and voice is so masculine for a "woman"
Kill All Liberals
Big Bang Theory ...where comedy goes to die.
conan, jesus, let her talk
Michael Nasim
It is nice to see an actress acting in an internationally hit sitcom and has a true degree to suit her in the sitcom.
M'lyn pls
She is amazing and funny
That is funny! Basing a character on the Church Lady, I gotta see this.
i loove this interview!
jeffrey woo
she can put her PhD in Neuroscience under Education on her resume rather than in Miscellaneous
jhun dionz
Mayim Bialik is a breath of fresh air!
Her smile & voice are so captivating!
lukey hemmings
SHE IS MY FAV<3 I love her
Crackerz Simpsons
she's hot
Nola Chick
I love that they are all flustered around her because she's so smart. This is awesome!
ohhh FINALLY a smart american!
Marc Domicello
I think Mayim should make as much money per episode as the major leads of Big Bang!!!!
She is beautiful compared to the character on the Big Bang theory like damn
She is so beautiful. Wow!
I liked her from the time of "BEACHES".
Andy Sledge
She's an example why stupid Feminists are wrong, if you want to get into STEM Field THEN GO FOR IT, but dont get a "gender studies" degree and complain about women not represented in Science. Stop blaming men and do it like Ms Bialik.
Dorothy Graham
yeah and apparently we should stop calling women girls....shut up
Lillith Cleary
I would definitely call her Dr. Blossom
Claire Haigh
I never realisedthis was blossom 🌸 lol
Maya Holt
I own a Texas Instruments calculator
Load Pistachio
is that garth?
is no one going to talk about how much Mayim was being a bitch to Dana Carvey.
£lcídiø "Ciditø" Ørlæñdø
Why is that fat guy always present in these interviews?
Nicholas LionRider
Conan acting stupid. Acting like he didn't go to Harvard.
Omar Faruk
whatever , she sucks in big bang theory
love her character
Oh I see if I say girls get smarter faster, it's fine. But if I say guys get stronger faster I'm sexist...
A God
I like her...
how does a well established scientist go into acting ? like did she have to go back to acting school after her phd or just got her job right away
Awww, Dana didn't say it
they are not right i can clearly remember that sheldon once said that "tomato is fruit"
B Gail
can't stand her
Kristi B
omg she looked like sue heck lol
nobodyNothing Anonymous user
Then you remember Conan O'Brien is a freaking genius.
Joshua Bailey
Love that dress. That's a really pretty and talented Dr.
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