A SCARE FROM THE PAST | Slender: Adrift

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It's been a long time... Good to see you again, Slendy...
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Vixor - Agario
This is what I like... I love the old horror games he used to play especially slender and scp
Baeldona IO
lolol I love your reactions haha
S Holmes
Markiplier : you're really aggressive today... being that day that it's been three years since I saw you
me: Maybe he's mad that it's been three years, I mean did you atleast call first? or did you just show up uninvited in his place? cuz that could make anyone pretty upset ya know
(lol love your channel mark XoD)
Erich Schiller
Mark you should play the sequel to the Amnesia custom story "A Late Night Drink" it's on Moddb it's called "A Late Night Drink: The Last Sip" and you're in it (sort of) there are some references/mentions and tiny box tim!
Katie B
the feels though
The Last Of Gamers
Oh fuck, i thought i saw tentacles -Markiplier 2017
*Jade Bear*
eghahhhh fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou
Nathaniel Ceniza
oh my god what if you quote every sentence?
Sentinel16 gaming
Mark take ur mental age test plz
othman tayach
ohhy ohhy ziggy zagging ohhy. ...hhhhhhhhhh
oi fachri
hahaha you so funny
Rebellious Robot
5:00 A song?
Super excited to see this, I've been watching Mark since his second posted Slender video (hECK that was before he even hit 1 million, I think it was around 350k or something), so this throwback was nice!
Maria Villegas
Dakota K
d'aw nightmare land with mr. slendy pant (a.k.a. wade)
Shariska Gaming
I know this has nothing to do with it, but Slenderman will always be "The Operator" to me. THANKS MH!
Wander Mono
Has he finished Scp yet?
Caitlynn Jordan
If only he used his old horror outro.
Alf Fajardo
Does anyone else just love the static sound when Slender catches you?
Barry Benson
I just got a Thelegend27 ad lol
Skylyn Naftzinger
did he quote patrick in this?
i almost poked out my eye when i got scared lol
Rikki Schar
"Hey there Mark! It's been years! Let me give you a big ol' tentacle hug!"
Kachiro Senpai
Not as good as the original. I mean it's nice & all but the older one is better :p
This brightness sucks. I am almost done with the video and wasn't able to see Slender even once.
Gabriel Galarza
did u say it was dicked because it looked bad or scary?
The Robloxian Gamer
This gives me nostalgia, only because when i first started watching Mark, it was either cry of fear or slenderman that made me know about him.
Haley Neal
When u see marks going on tour and ur grandpa happens to be in one of those areas, u get all hopeful then come to the realization that if mark cusses ur screwed 0-0
Fell Wolf
Markimoo missed a page i ooh
Tim Andrus
Why doesn't he just make 10 spookier?
Lmao the Spongebob rock reference
"Ziggy Zaggy Ziggy Zaggy OI OI OI!"
Markiplier 2017
Tails Games
Brandi Gillbert
did Mark make a SpongeBob reference
Sandra Akasuna
Slender and SCP? Am I back in 2012?
paddy davis
haha right away, "no no no no!"
Darkmaster _OFFICIAL_
Since when is it ever a good idea to fly your mouse around on the mousepad like you're having a stroke when the bad guy attacks?
If you hold you hand steady and focus on a linear path you'll find it's much easier to avoid your enemy and NOT run into walls,
or your opponents grundle.
4:54 is that a spongebob reference
Jacksepticeye / AntiSepticeye
Wilford should do this again!
Kolpsgw1550 Qouwbb76
هلا هلا هلا كيف حالك
Poppy Pop
0:02 this is ender no slender
Bulletz 4 Breakfast
Whenever He Makes A Video of Slender or FNAF I always have Deja Vu
For a long moment, I though he's having a hot-dog in his hand. And I was wondering why is he not eating it.
Ah! It's t-shirt...
Speed Gamer
Ben seni izleyen türklerden biriyim ve altyazı koyduğun için teşekkür ederim...
Raiden Palmerin
Mark: aegh I've mistaken a building for a wall because I'm and idiot. Me: well said Mark XD
Yes finally going back to slender and scp
Nanari Games
Does anyone else have the problem of scrolling past this in the newsfeed and the thumbnail starts to move..? This is the only video that is doing that
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