somebody must make thisūüėā
Supergaming Fun
One thing to say about this.. "R" you thinking what I'm thinking... THIS IS AWESOME!! :D

Liviu Squinky
pokemon go in mario
Billiejo Brown
Poorly Animated Duck
Toad have their own mariostops
Call me Zelda ONE more time
At the end u predicted Odyssey with the Blooper
Call me Zelda ONE more time
Through the course of the video shouldn't the Chain Chomp have despawned?
Call me Zelda ONE more time
3:44 how I feel
Call me Zelda ONE more time
Mario GO more like MariGo
Potsie Turner
Im calling copyright
Jack Kreps
Wanna do carting?no.sports?no.torture mini games?n-wait what.oh nothing:)
Coment Mage of ice
Goombas are the hardest enemies because they out number you
The 3ds Master
this vid is funny
D Exton
Goomba: Normal
Koopa troopa: Normal/Grass
Paratroopa: Normal/Flying
Chain chomp: Steel
Rocky wrench:Ground/Steel
Monty mole:Ground
Cheep Cheep:Water
Boss bass:Water/Dragon
Boom boom:Dragon
Bullet bill:Steel/Flying
Flame chomp:Fire/Steel

Koopa family time!

P.S I couldn't remember all of the koopalings so I didn't do them all
Mining DanCraft
0:25 luigi's butt is backwards
Games Boss
alguem BR ai
Grzegorz Wolski
8:00 XD
What did he say at 4:10
Emily Faria
Kid Gavin
1:27 When your like tl:dl
mega well done you made even voice acting 1000000000000000000/10 no joke it was awesome
BEN Drowned . . .
3:29 XD nice reference
squidL gaming
let me guess I'm in the being of Mario and Luigi battle right now and Luigi is ganna win
Natasilva GoogleCraft
Minecraft text?
Animation world
This should be a real game like if you agree
Leafair Plays
Hmm... You've been offline for half a year now. Collage holding you back?
Jack McCoy
No one has commented this
I like this video. Especially the part at the end. I knew there would be big problems with Pokemon Go before it even released, and even if it did well, I am disabled, so that would have been annoying.
Loved the courage the cowardly dog reference at the end
Josu√© LopeŇļ
Hay music is in busquit chin chom
Polygon Cartoons
Kristina A
3:18 Is that a monty mole with a football costume on?
Gamer Bro
Catch card is a reference to Super Paper Mario's info card thing
Peacooler287 Videos
Pikachu Playz
1:42 I'm gonna fly for you
mma man miettinen
good video
Freda Tompson
where did u get that mario maker theme?
GN Campomanes
Koopa rocks it almost kill chain chomp but wait theres more
super ink bendy
wait if that one chain chomp that was real that Mario found it was not real in the game soooo that means all those goombas are not game goombas,but REAL goombas!!!
Jack McCoy
Plz do mario go plz plz plz
Foxy the fox 126
OMG The Mechanics for Mario go is so good mine you I love retro gaming and also I love Pokemon and Pokemon so if anybody knows how to make games make the Mechanics for Mario go exactly as it was for this video if you know how to make games for the phone because this looks really cool and stuff so yeah
Kristina A
2:22 - 2:26 I was like, WHAT!
LEAH Luostarinen
Pokémon references here
Perisat Moldobaeva
Pokemon go had to be exactly like this
Martin Cartes Monroy
C√≥mo se llama la canci√≥n de la b√ļsqueda del chompi
PokeboyHD Gamer
I really think this should be a game :) it would be fun
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