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Comments from the author: 

Hey, everyone. Back again with another Mario sprite video. It's been a crazy ride as I've been finishing up my last year in college. Now I'm released into the real world!....Yay! Regardless, I apologize for not being able to upload anything relevant to this channel any sooner which involves this video. I planned out the video to be around 3-4 minutes at maximum, but you know me, always going above and beyond expectations!

If it wasn't any more obvious, this video has influence from the recent craze that is Pokemon GO. I'm sure we've all tried it once or twice by now and it goes without saying that it was a blast! However, nothing is ever perfect. It was quite obvious that the app had many problems with it ranging from GPS errors, login issues, and the most infamous "3 Step Bug" where tracking ANYTHING was purely based on luck. I'll tell you right now that the broken tracker was the biggest hit for me. I did my best to implement that feeling in this video. Nonetheless, Pokemon Go is a fun and unique app that deserves the best in the future as updates continue to come out. 

By the way, no, I'm not being paid to advertise Pokemon Go or anything.

Anyone catch that homage to another Mario sprite animation somewhere in the video? Hint: It's not mine!

Also, anyone know where the Catch Card concept is from?




Many thanks to ZePyromancers (Electricstar) for his continued role as the voices for Mario and Luigi!



Q: What does the "r" scene mean?
A: There was an instance floating around in the Pokemon GO community where a player used a lot of purchased items followed by server crashes thus wasting the items. The player sent an email to Niantic and was left unanswered until Niantic eventually replied back with "r".

Lunamannen TV
I play Mario GO everyday!
Dan Lieberfarb
I'm fart
William Smith
Wayyet Skyes
I watched this on a school authorized chromebokk
LeKingOfTacos s
what happend to humping yoshi..
Michal Mikolka
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___________________________█_▄▄▄ Feel free to copy and paste wherever.
jonathan martinez
I wish this was a real game. I really want it to replace Mario Run :(
Mr_ Sheep
overall good animation 👏👏
sfraens S
These Nintendo crossovers are getting ridiculous
Armadillo Gamer PRO_YT
Timothy Fazio
I think Super Mario go can be an actual game
SuperChicken / Become a Chicken!
4:10 we dontntntntntntnt don't want thisisisisisisisisisis
Ann Magnus
Alpha Beta
What if there was a Mario's Yoshi Calamity?
how do you even make these? pleaseeave an answer
Travis Smith
1:58 - 4:13 Those moments where you're looking for a Pokemon and it takes you forever to find it because of other encounter rates in those areas.
this is better than pokemon go
Debra Poling
super mario maker, really??
Title screen "try not to fall into a bottomless pit!" Walks in and out one
i would like to not that at 2:25 mario specifically walked into a pit fall
why was 6 scared of 7?

Answer: because 7 8 9! (seven ATE nine)
megafan 1137
Just noticed this was released on my birthday.
Spectre Powah!
I play Pokémon go Mario go ever y day!
this version is better
NEE_on Forever
This is me looking for a snorlax
Zelda go
SuperMarioNick Brony
Mariomon go
Mario Channel
okay now let,s see i like youtob but i have 2 faverits evan and zech
Mario Channel
ow poop i have 6 epusods dont get chrickt
The mega Noob
Lol Mario Pass and not Died
ZODgamer 11
this should be an actual game
more super paper mario references
When Droppers Drop
Luca Orrù
Mario beat by Luigi XD
myra santiago
What the heck is this crap
Cj Hoilett
Cj Hoilett
Nice montage music
SuperMarcoToad64 and PowerFox64
I like how the last suggestion Mario made is referring Mario party XD
Solid Void
dude, your animations are better than dorky!
lluminati god
the smg4 vid is better
Mariomaster HD
Ha goombas were probably everywhere!
Mystic Super Saiyan
you hit the nail on the head!!!
Did it really have to be World. -_-
Janet Horton
RianyAndre 1234
Mario usd dobel taem
Cd bravo mlp Cd bravo mlp
Subscrib ti mi
Lars Negrassus
Yaenias !

By the way... ...great video
But I like the video
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