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Comments from the author: 

Hey, everyone. Back again with another Mario sprite video. It's been a crazy ride as I've been finishing up my last year in college. Now I'm released into the real world!....Yay! Regardless, I apologize for not being able to upload anything relevant to this channel any sooner which involves this video. I planned out the video to be around 3-4 minutes at maximum, but you know me, always going above and beyond expectations!

If it wasn't any more obvious, this video has influence from the recent craze that is Pokemon GO. I'm sure we've all tried it once or twice by now and it goes without saying that it was a blast! However, nothing is ever perfect. It was quite obvious that the app had many problems with it ranging from GPS errors, login issues, and the most infamous "3 Step Bug" where tracking ANYTHING was purely based on luck. I'll tell you right now that the broken tracker was the biggest hit for me. I did my best to implement that feeling in this video. Nonetheless, Pokemon Go is a fun and unique app that deserves the best in the future as updates continue to come out. 

By the way, no, I'm not being paid to advertise Pokemon Go or anything.

Anyone catch that homage to another Mario sprite animation somewhere in the video? Hint: It's not mine!

Also, anyone know where the Catch Card concept is from?




Many thanks to ZePyromancers (Electricstar) for his continued role as the voices for Mario and Luigi!



Q: What does the "r" scene mean?
A: There was an instance floating around in the Pokemon GO community where a player used a lot of purchased items followed by server crashes thus wasting the items. The player sent an email to Niantic and was left unanswered until Niantic eventually replied back with "r".

Preston Rideout
Mario:Is the chain chomp in the pipes?
Piranha plants:GET MARIO!
a few pipes later
Mario: Alright,I'll just go out the pipes magically
Piranha plants: D: D: 0:
The legendary Roboshawott
dood, you totally deserve 1,000,000 subscribers
taco cat
id play it
Damion Jemison
Where's the song that Mario was looking for a chain chomp?
Simon Heldal
1:17 when the game has better resolution than the console itself
ロボッ! nikori
awesome videos😀
Good luck with the future
aviel the king
song 2:03
robot kitty unite jump
good job on the animation
Creepy Creeper
2:22 MAGIC
Damion Jemison
I like the song when Mario was looking for a chain chomp
Damion Jemison
I thought I put a "R" on it.
Rens Demmendaal
Upload more!
Regan Martin
this is awesome
Max Lawrenson
Brody Sparkman
"WHERE IN THE WORLD 1 IS IT!?" -Mario 2016
bill cipher
pokebros go Mario + pokemon go
TheEpicGamer 2007
Professor EGADDDDDDDDD!!!!!!
Redflame Playz Pokemon hgb
luigi who friken likes goombas chain comps are better
someone please make this real
For a mario and pokemon fan, this is good
Zt0021 Zt0021
The static noise is so loud, but overall the video is awesome and halarious!!
Super MarioBrother.
Why do you have 26262 likes?
Angel Joel Cruz
mario go/pokemon go jejeje
like si ablas español
UltimateMaster Knight
why pokemon go is in mario what the hell
So Goombas are like Rattata.
Orlando Carino
1:17 eternal loading
Johto Trainer Mahad
I need that battle theme.
Joep van Wijngaarden
Make part 2 with evolutions!
Koopa- bowser jr-bowser
Or another evolution...
Orlando Carino
5:26 #A goomba?
Orlando Carino
why isn't Mario go a thing yet
Orlando Carino
1:58 Awesome music
Orlando Carino
At 2:22 Mario walks down the hole then Mario walks up the hole #WTH IS GOING ON!!!! 😕😕😕😕
Aredonaz Serah GAMING
For a sec I thought this is... what's that guys name again?
I love this idea!
Hely dos Santos de Souza
Chain Chomp with Metal Claw
Daniel Duque
What is the name for the scream at the end?
Eduardo Silva
fiz um nivel no super mario maker mario go é fixe
Johto Trainer Mahad
I'll guess the types if this was a game.
Blooper: Water/Poison
Bomb-omb: Steel(/Fire?)
Boos: Ghost
Bullet Bill: Steel/Flying
Buzzy Beetle: Bug/Steel
Chain-Chomp: Steel
Cheep-Cheep: Water(/Flying?)
Dry Bones: Normal, maybe?
Goomba: Normal(/Grass?)
Hammer Bros: Normal(/Fighting?)
Koopa Troopa: Normal (Maybe part flying if it has wings)
Lakitu: Flying(/Fairy? Idk how but I thought that.)
Magikoopas: Psychic(/Flying?)
Monty Mole: Ground
Piranha Plant: Grass
Pokey: Grass(/Ground?)
Shy Guy: Normal(/Fairy? Maybe.)
Spike: Normal(/Steel?)
Spiny: Steel(/Bug?)
Thwomp: Rock/Steel
Whomp: Rock/Steel
Wiggler: Bug(/Fighting?)

Why not the Koopa Family too?

Larry: Dragon/Normal
Morty: Dragon/Fighting
Wendy: Dragon/Fairy
Iggy: Dragon/Grass
Roy: Dragon/(Either Steel or Fighting)
Lemmy: Dragon/(Either Normal or Fairy)
Ledwig: Dragon/Flying
Bowser Jr: Dragon(/Fire?)
Bowser: Dragon/Fire

I just waisted 30 minutes of my life doing that. Yay.
Live The Truth
Is there a link to that mario maker remix music? I love it!!
CreeperOverlord ._.
That's really well made👍 good work👍
mr. L
i like the catch card s
dnais jjs
New facebook page. Add and post your game code
Thank you for keeping the Mario Flash animation tradition alive. Most of the other animators either quit or faded away when Newgrounds starting slipping out of popularity, so it's great to see that somebody is still out there making these.
Isaac Sherlock (Spitz)
I cryed at the credit music
Tania Martinez
Dragon Pads
If that was a app I would play it
Chattering Dragonite
7:03 Wait, wrong battle format?
Of course, it's Pokemon GO battle style, not normal Pokemon battles.
Undercraft 76
Good !
SpiritDragainion12 Gaming
this actually seems fun why isn't it a game?
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