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Comments from the author: 

Hey, everyone. Back again with another Mario sprite video. It's been a crazy ride as I've been finishing up my last year in college. Now I'm released into the real world!....Yay! Regardless, I apologize for not being able to upload anything relevant to this channel any sooner which involves this video. I planned out the video to be around 3-4 minutes at maximum, but you know me, always going above and beyond expectations!

If it wasn't any more obvious, this video has influence from the recent craze that is Pokemon GO. I'm sure we've all tried it once or twice by now and it goes without saying that it was a blast! However, nothing is ever perfect. It was quite obvious that the app had many problems with it ranging from GPS errors, login issues, and the most infamous "3 Step Bug" where tracking ANYTHING was purely based on luck. I'll tell you right now that the broken tracker was the biggest hit for me. I did my best to implement that feeling in this video. Nonetheless, Pokemon Go is a fun and unique app that deserves the best in the future as updates continue to come out. 

By the way, no, I'm not being paid to advertise Pokemon Go or anything.

Anyone catch that homage to another Mario sprite animation somewhere in the video? Hint: It's not mine!

Also, anyone know where the Catch Card concept is from?




Many thanks to ZePyromancers (Electricstar) for his continued role as the voices for Mario and Luigi!



Q: What does the "r" scene mean?
A: There was an instance floating around in the Pokemon GO community where a player used a lot of purchased items followed by server crashes thus wasting the items. The player sent an email to Niantic and was left unanswered until Niantic eventually replied back with "r".

Should make a game like that
jabchile 2015
bueno el video
I love how they use a link cable
Henroux Gaming
Toxic Bonnie
Can someone make this a game as it seems like it would make a great game.
Rage1005 Suarez
Lol Awesome video and animation!
Chill Toast Gaming and More
Luigi never won because the game said at the end of the battle "You Win" so the battle DOESNT continues and Luigi only said that to win. And in the other battle format, luigi's number of pokeballs for the party was just one for the goomba itself.
Gage Does Gaming
Chain Chomp = Dark/Steel Type
the awesome Brady
can you make mario go a real app
Pac ghosts Macghosts
what the fuck me
Polar Bear King59
5:48 I thought he would pull out bowser
Jonas Sänftl
whats the music used in here?
Nice Video
Anya warrior
how the hay does luigi have such a long arm?!
Moe Lester
Luigu could have won by doing NOTHING.
the intro reminds me of, want to kill bowser? want to eat spaghetti? rape Yoshi.😭😂
Imagine rural areas for that game.
Nothing but flat land and goombas and risk of getting shot.
Michelle Johnson
“Professor E. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—”
mario is broken
TwistedEcho _
I liked that battle remix you definitely made a good choice when you decided to use Mario and Luigi Bowsers inside story music ;)
shaun hodgkinson
Why does Luigi like gommbas
Rose Smith
professor EGAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!
Damaless Phiri
Claudis Colman
5:33 vs
twilight toon
can of like Pokemon go version
Nekkosu Cloud
This is a amazont animation!! Good Job Bro!!
TheMighty Magikarp
6:06 metal claw is stronger then bite
somebody make this happen
Francisco Lobos
gran que videojuego Raro
Zek and Ozzies Trick shots and more
I will make this as a video game
David Gabriel
niiiiiiitendo! uhuuul! :3
Kid Gavin
1:27 When Pokémon Go takes forever to load
Zac's Tech
Lol... Goomba has more health 😂
Alex Tovar
catch cards are from my favorite game super paper mario!!!
A person u found Gamer
3:25 the goal ITS BACK
The Sketched Gamer 32
Could this be an actual app? I'd love to play it! sigh one can only dream
Justin B
Why are the Mario Party minigames so evil anyways?
mark brown
Great video
Joel Ruedas
I like this version better
Jmee Badua
Luigi is just like me I get a lot of weedles XD I suck but I got another account which is good
jesevi massamba
is good for mario go of rayman go
pLaZmA dRaGoN
it could of name it marigo
This version actually has 1v1 battles, wow
Ivo Robotnik
whoever plays super Mario run, please type their game id so we can be friends
Did anyone else get the "Mario and Luigi are Bored" reference?
07:59 That laugh though
LEAH Luostarinen
Pokémon battle Mario style
LEAH Luostarinen
4:30 superstar saga battle music
Aquatic Sparrow
Lol this was awesome. Fav part was 0:56
Chomp? dump
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