Sayli Chitale
Where is Ameesha Patel?
Ahmad Saleem
i love prity zinta
Pardeep Thakran
no one will subscribe
Srivathsa Cheechi
R Madhavan has done his degree in the film 3 idiots
Rajesh Raina
Taylor Swift is the best she passed 10th,11th and 12th together
Anjana Nayanajith
parineeti chopra is the best
harley Radcliffe
considering higher education as graduation great!!!! jst fuck of....
Ram Tej Verma
Karan Singh Grover is IITian from IIT mumbai
Ferdous Jahan
why srk not in this list
Ferdous Jahan
why ark not in this list.
Sammerbahadur Shukla
Arham Khan
where is mahira Khan . she went to UK for higher studies how much struggle she do you know. In this generation masters is nothing
Filmy World Spy
What's the song's name
Vinay Verma
Sujata Nadkarni
What @ SRK ???????
Ashutosh Upadhyay
they are highly educated in/for bollywood
Anil Kuma
The word education is not about having degrees. Degree are just qualifications to do specific jobs. EDUCATION has a broader meaning.
syed sikandar
ilu my dear friends bollywood ilu may dear friend
sandeep panda
To not only be highly educated but also successful too is a fame of honour
Senjuti Sil
it's high education..!!! in India almost every youngster from a fairly well to do family bags a master's degree....I myself have 2 bachelor's degrees and doing my second masters now...yet I think it's not enough ....
Rajendranatha Hebbara
u all can be a great personalities
Tumululooris Shashikanth
wht about sushant
ethel chibeya
Well education is not limited to just going to school, travelling is also part of education.
ashray gupta
where is sushant singh ?
Sunny Jan
ayaan ayaan
"this is higher education πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. then who has done PHD and other degrees . they have to watch this πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†"
Interesting Facts
This is an urgent plea to all hindi movie lovers.. Please Just take timeout and recollect... How does the hindi movie industry which has introduced some of the most beautiful natural looking actresses over the years.. From the golden Era of Madhubhala Vajayantimala to Mumtaz Sharmila Hema Malini to Sridevi Madhuri and then we had the non glamorous Kareena Karishma Esha to Sooonaaam bent nose kaappoor and than this Mooti Gandwali Sunakshi Sinha... Please don't send us anymore of this Star kids to the silver screen.. We want the quality back.. Give us more of Zeenat JayaPradhajijis and even a Slutty Aruna Irani... Who probably would have been a top actress amongst today's ugly ducklings.. Rest my case people
shafquat ullah
means Vidya was completing her studies so she came in old age to industry its convenient thing
Non Believer
What was the reason of educating yourself if you were gonna work in bollywood. you don't need qualification in bollywood. the women spread from the bread the men bend for the bread. i don't call acting a skill job. its a place for losers.
Subramaniam Ramamoorthy
One of India's greatest bowlers, former captain and the present coach of the Indian cricket team is a B.E. in Mechanical engineering. Aswin is a B.Tech in Information technology.
Roshan Dongardive
where is SRK name he is also highly qualified
shah rukh khan is a phd actor
wasim parray
if u call it as higher education then what about PDF....
kamran sami
Can you produce Cricketer who highly educated?
rahul tiwary
wht the fuck .. this qualifications is call higher education, so sad ....
Khusi Kumar
Where is ameesha patel she is gold medalist in economics
Pritha Ganguly
Sara Jefarson Gym Specialist
WOw....... I Like this kind of video collectiooooooooooooooooon
Sarah Husaina
i like all bollywood actress and his/her education
Maksud Shaikh
where is SRK the most popular
Dr.Tayyaba Shaikh
actually,i thing education is very important in our lives.i appreciate anushka, mr bachchan and priety zinta
Nishanthi Henarath Mudiyanselage
parineeti chopra is soo beautiful
shaista Talat
nyc then aliya , karishma , Aishwarya ......
Sikandar Shah
yes it is correct
Surender Sharma
its not a big deal a i have done PhD in mathematics
Harshit Kaushik
bhai Ranveer Singh paisa aur makeup aadmi Ko kya se kya bna dete h
Basit Bashir
hahahah highly educated ..aaj kal pan Wala b phd hota hai
srisaipriya enterprises
I think kohli is not as educated as anuska dharma
Shahana khan
anushka shrma master in economics
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