SML Movie: Stuck!

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Bowser Junior and his friends get stuck in the couch!

Sorry guys that I missed a video last week! I am back to my normal schedule and will be uploading two videos a week! I will make it up to you guys by uploading THREE videos this week! You guys are the best fans in the world and deserve so much! I am going to try to make better and longer videos for you guys! I will also be experimenting with new/old characters to try to make my videos better! I love all of you! Thank you so much for watching and supporting my videos! Once again I am sorry for taking so long to upload, and will be back on schedule!
Ayden Johnson
Cody's Mom bedroom
Jaystubb Flex
Junior is kinda an @$$
Tanner lasas
Alex Chocoza
Jellybean 10
"Oh poor Kody I guess I have to make another one"
Godzillarules 1954
Anyone else notice the mothra phone case?
Supermariojjk K
Doofy sums up cartoons on youtube kids
Avion Vang
Junior and his friend’s get kidnapp like if you agree
The dum brother Channel
Erik Uraga
I was sad
Anthony Calderon
Sml Answer: Cody's mom
Marcia Edwards
Buy "Why?" on iTunes! ITS SO AWESOME!😃
Kevin Yandell
an elivatour
Will Eason
I'm with cody
Luz Enriquez
The scarest place if i get stuck is hell
Jimin Coolkid
In hell
Jheremy Hayes
The worst place to be stuck at is at Joseph's house
Pedro Flores
in a bathroom with Joseph he could kill me
Mekdes Moges
Hello Logan it's okay if you don't make a video to shoot I just like watching the other ones and thank you for all the videos that you made this week in the past weeks ago thank you
Andy Greener
at the zoo
iClould Kid
GG Ceballos
The scariest place to get stuck in?

A place with no wifi
Joziel Silcott
In the attic
joann gonzales
Stuck ken
steven prendushi
on ground
Diego Alvizures
Sml idea: Joseph meets labron James
Crazy Stunts
Why is every one calling cops pigs. It doesn't make sense they're the protectors of the world. They enforce the laws. They make it so the world doesn't collapse from people killing one another or stealing.
Alfredo Ruiz
mohsen alazmi
the ocean
Hunter Percy
Yo mama
crystal diamondz
gaming cub
7:28 make sure your kids see this :D
Archie Gaming on ps4
SML ANSWER: codys mums bedroom
Joseph FitzPatrick
If I was chief pee pee it would be a room with a bed with codys mom. Ps you can say the winner was gonna be me but I cant win stuff sorry :(
Savage Gamers
in Codys mom
M0nk3yb0b killer
With Cody's mom
Oscar Becerra
The scariest place would be with costs mom
Ethan Pawlik
The scariest place to get stuck in is a elevator
Chris Blank
Did anyone notice that Cody's phone has a Mothra the movie case really
Dozen Lattice
The closet
Jesus De Avila
Scareist place:A basement with cody,s Mom/Dad 😱😰
Jesus De Avila
SML idea: Jeffy's New freind (his freind gets bullied by bullet Mother F-) 2: Bowers Job interview! (Goodman hires bowser as an office worker,bowser meets an anoying worker next door) 3: Cody,s Girlfreind (cody meets a Hot girl in school,then he relizes the school,s bully is her boyfreind!!) thats all guys hoped u liked this!!
Kevin Gonzalez
I was at stuck in my dad's trunk me and my brother
Alfredo Diaz
A room
Jesus De Avila
A basement with codys mom ;-;
Sports Today
Alberto Trujillo
in a locked room with broken fidget spinners and junior and cody and jeffy and cody'$ mom lol
Gerardo Cuautle
My friend has a chef peepee
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