Floyd Mayweather's FULL Remarks at Mayweather vs. McGregor World Tour- Toronto

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Hear Floyd Mayweather's full remarks at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor World Tour press conference in Toronto.

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brian E
Floyd number one
Romana Merlene
I watched preseason games with ScreenVariety Tv and I think they have the best option to watch regular season games too. ScreenVariety
dominick strain
Lupus Aranea
Mayormaynotweather is going to get hurt lose his first match then retire for good. Bet he won't rematch him in the cage neither. All i can say is if you're broke put your money on mcgregor become rich then fly out to shake his hand and pay your respects because he made you rich bitches. Mcgregor is going to give you a face lift. We know we know his old ass needs it!
NBA NBA Rich Moneyboy
floyd, yeaaaaaaaaaa,!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lord KaKe
1 2 TREE
shut your fuckin mouth!!!!!!🀣
I loveeeeee how McGregor talks...he is killing me ..lol
That white juice head standing behind Floyd has one punchabe face!
Conner Morgan
is that all Floyd's vocabulary is hard work and yeah
Krisnanda Sudarta
yeaaah, wtf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hard work...hard work...hard work.....yeah yeah yeah, /////bitch this bitch that....awwww yeah...awww yeah. Nothing but 11 minutes of nonsense!
hola hespanyola
Pete M
this is worse than wwe
Pete M
Anyone who believes that connor has a chance is just retarded. and most likely a wwe fan
Pete M
This is much more exciting than the actual fight will be
hoodies , swearing . same old rap talk , when will a next generation do something different , so old now ! its been 20 years of this garbage !
When did boxing become WWE?
dana white , I hate everything about him . god such a lowlife scum, a white don king!
Absolute Shock
All Floyd get is boooooo.... haha..i love it
I see that bag hit floor before that flag was returned lol πŸ˜‚ the bitch quit 4 times
Christopher Sutton
2 sugars haaaa haaa
McGregor better keep that beard for cushion the night of Aug 26, he's going to need it.
Luis Alvarado
looks like fun to do this for a living
Dregoncito EDH
losdos. son. maricones. soloson blablabla. putitos. jejejejejje
Floyd: I'm 40 but I look 20...
McGregor: and you act 10

Augusto Martinez JM
01:15 negro cΓ‘ncer JAJAJAJAJAJ
ray chan
Floyd, if your manager wants you to kick Conor's ass, please change to fight in MMA, not the boxing.
WaterBenBury Channel
Connor lost to an amateur boxer
Sunday Adebowale
racist bastards! after Floyd beats the hell out of him then there will be stupid stories all over the place.
Zody Kelley
Maybe people will like Mayweather after this. I mean people who don't like Conor will be happy if he gets beat. Can Mayweather read the contract? His best friend says he can't. (50 cent) Who would say that about one of their best friend? When your famous the press never lets things like that go.
Pablo X
it is WWE?
Roscoe Studio
No one knows how to appreciate shit anymore, everyone just records everything from their phones like there is no difference, idiot your on TV get an attention span. Bunch of half brained people in 2017 wait till 2020 then 1 and 4 people will be morons.
hugo santana
floyd is shook....
Vernon Supangan
Hate to see a flag on the floor.
eman X
its clear floyd has gone under conor's skin. the man had no come backs and even threw his own flag because he had nothing to say. the reading jokes are old and we all know floyd aint broke. conor this is floyds world you racist scumbag.
eman X
deep down conor wishes he is floyd
Floyd is a good talker and one of the greatest boxers of all time...

But this is gonna be interesting because for the first time he is at a disadvantage psychologically.

He knows It is true that in a fight with no rules conor would smash him with ease no doubt.

In a boxing ring floyd will most likely school conor but there certainly is a doubt as to the outcome.

When it comes to the mostly irrelevant to the outcome but hugely captivating trash talking conor also has the advantage because of this but also because he is just too funny quick and smart.

Its gonna be a hell of a fight!
Bro look at that girl's face 9:07 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
matt lock
i love you Connor McGregor
Pablo Chavez
I'm not buying the ppv. I've already been suckered in to many time
Tokasz Sogalewsky
I don't see Connor winning the fight but he humiliated Floyd to eternity!!!
Melodies Melo
To hell for everything, it's all about the money, they've set it up, the fight will be just a fake ... so do not ever bet on one of them
Larissa Coccki
"Do what you told bitch!"... I Just Love McGregor!
Roberto Perez
Mc Gregor and Mayweather the two stupid real mother fucking !
Waseem Khan
never seen nuthin more FAKE than this shit
Gustavo Rangel
a good show...but thats all...all the smiles and the face to faces are being made to sell...i hope the actual event does not turn out to be a disgrace...i hope they give a good show...because in my humble opinion...this is not a figth....its a show
Joaquin corzo
i want to see manny pacqiuo vs mayweather again all my friends do good fight
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