Scarborough Performs 'Welcome To The Monkey House'

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Joe Scarborough drops his coffee mug and picks up a rock band to perform a song from his new EP 'Mystified.'

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Email Account
This is so strange.
b bb
Is this real??
John Johnson
Monkey house? Sounds racist to me, but libtards are not racist, right?
Jesus Ernesto Angulo
A well aged matthew perry!
Little Bigman
Keep your day job joe ....
John Thomas
Have you ever been embarrassed FOR someone else?
Mighty Mighty Bosstones meets Blink 182
Bob Kiley
The only thing missing is Nancy Pelocy topless in a go go cage.
Bob Kiley
A garage band with adults?
Nancy King
i think my ears are bleeding
Main Drain Studios
What the...
He must have dedicated this terrible song to the Obama White House. Joe signs flat and wers a guitar. I was a professional musician and we would have thrown him out of the recording studio.Many recording studios take your money and laugh their ass off when they had you your tracks.
I just stabbed myself in both ear drums.
The Real Lobster
Give my band instead colbert!! No hard feelings joe I still enjoy your show
Kelly E
Excellent! I'm thinking about "Welcome To The Monkey House and Other Short Stories" by Kurt Vonnegut after listening to this song. ๐Ÿ˜‰
It just isn't interesting and that is where it fails. The band is extremely tight. Joe is good enough of a guitar player. Not quite a virtuoso and not quite the worst so he is just in that space where again it's boring. Joe's vocals are there too since he isn't the worst and certainly isn't the best and again it's just boring.

Nothing is distinctive at all. I would rather he had an awful singing voice and was a compelling frontman or that he really sucked on guitar because at least then there would be something that stands out.

This is just beyond forgettable as a result of it being technically proficient enough to be good but just nothing more to it.

This is a meal at Applebee's.

It isn't exactly a cold hot dog or a mustard sandwich or dollar store Ramen and it sure as hell isn't Ruth's Chris serving you a choice cut.

This is an Applebee's chicken fingers dinner served at 5pm on a Saturday. It's just there.
Kim Asadourian
Zack F
What was the name of the muppet with the big hair and glasses? Scooter?
well holy shit that was kinda awesome
Shelley Magnussen
Well, at least they sing better than they write music. "THe monkey house? Sounds like some weird fraternity. I don't think the suit and tie goes with the song at all. My nephews' band always wears leather and tank tops.
alexander dillon
Biggest douche in the universe
Kristen Segina
Don't quit your day job Morning Joe.
Kenneth McNeil
Kenneth McNeil
Stick the politics Joe P.S.Not a bad guitarist Though
God he sucks...there should be a law against him singing or picking up a guitar. What a pathetic idiot. One of these days, Joe will look back on this latter midlife crisis and be truly embarrassed. I'm embarrassed for him just watching it.
Joshua Taggart
Wow! Stick to your talk show. You suck at music! I'm not even being political here. You're awful and look like the inbred kid from "Deliverance." Please just shut up!๐Ÿ™„
Living Well With TJ
Kinda weird seeing those black chicks singing about the monkey house.
Patrick Shea
More Cowbell !!!
Reminds me so much of American Idiot the Musical and I love it so much
Paul Parks
WTF ? Sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon. Monkey shit.
Phantasy Star
All that's missing is Mikka with a tambarine all out of que.
Phantasy Star
I think he likes the Foo Fighters.
Peace All
nice to have the privileged where-with-all to do this. It is kinda lame but heard worse. It ain't goin to number 1 but hey, that said, he's havin fun...livin his dream...we should all be so're all so rabidly critical yet what have you done? nada, it's why you're so critical
Cringe...and then some ...
Maybe if Joe(y) put his bitch on stage in something real skimpy...doing "The Monkey", flashing that old not bad ass... it would be very difficult for "fans" to focus on Joe's "singing" with that little hottie jumping around on stage nearly naked...
Scott Thompson
I usually give you a hard time because your a dick but I think it's cool your trying to get some music happening. In a few years you'll be sizzling. Keep up the notable work and good luck to you, sincerely. One more thing, add some more minorities and throw in a few TG's. Let's keep this shit real ok? Here's an idea for a love song called, "Sitting on the face of Bama Hill" Notice how I've cleverly symbolized and synthesized two political figures. This is going to be great! Can't wait to hear the demo.
Mike Mc
Joe Scarborough is an embarrassment to real performers.
I'll say this for it: While it's utterly pointless and not very good, it's nowhere near as awful as I was expecting it to be.
Frank Gonzalez
Am i the only one who want to put a fucking fist to this dudes face?? Fuck this gay faggot ass song.
...very badly ;)
Lost bitch-boy Morning Joe should stick to young interns...he seems to be able to handle them..."Cover-Up of Dead Woman in โ€œMorning Joe'sโ€ Office! - YouTube. Take a good look at his new "intern", morning fake news whore bitch, Mika the slut; she may be next. He'll "sing" to the FBI when the cold case is reopened.
Total shit!
Michael Angelo
This is worse than Mystified. Welcome To The Monkey House. It is a damn good thing "Morning Joe" does not have to get paid to do this, cuz it ain't never gonna happen, not even in the dog house. How do you think real musicians feel seeing a jackass like this on Colbert? This reminds me of something Letterman would put on occassionally for laughs. Welcome to my Nightmare Alice Cooper tune years ago? Like a whole tour if I recall. Peace, Michael Angelo Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist
This is horrible. Mika has turned him into a pansie Pussy little bitch. he is so pussy whipped it's pathetic.
pop love
if we can have a reality tv personality in the white house we can have a pop rock politician . 2017 is just weird.
Belinda Kaysac
Figures horrid Stephen Colbert would have equally horrid Joe Scarborough !!! Those two assholes are a pair!
Belinda Kaysac
What's with the mile high hair? He already has a high brow.. it is for a skull that has no brain
Cisco 4real
Nice sound good
Shannon Brown
Worst..... band..... ever...... But, good for you for standing up for your principles.
Chandler bing dunn grown up๐Ÿ™Œ he even has twin black background singers!!
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