Sori Yazz
Joe. The song really is mice. You have a large African American fan base. You can't call a song monkey house & don't think its not offensive. I know ur harmless w/ those 2 sisters singing etc. Just be careful. We already living in a race hate filled time.
eric dragoo
Joe Scarborough is the worst...narcissistic pos. That hair, cheating on your spouses, stupid sophomoric music, midlife is ridiculous on you retard
paceflchick rocks
Gotta give him credit....doing what he enjoys and with $$$ can get on TV with something that dated and well, mediocre at best.
Christopher Cobblewright
Garbage. What a mess.
GLiDER -Boston
band name .......... "Morning Joke" .......huh??? GTFOOH - pleeze!
Kevin M
Pee Poop
Very impressive performance. Joe is definitely multi-talented! :)
This is what Scarborough produces, Monkey House....Welcome to my grave yard, welcome to my nightmare.....OMG. Joe, keep your day job, and tell Mika to smile a little more because those frown lines are going to ruin her beautiful surgery and makes her chin sag.
Sean Wolenski
I just can't stop watching this. It's just so terrible and amusing. 😅😅😂😂 Poor Joe
Where's Yoko?
James Sudbury
Horrible akward dad music with really cringy words
James Sudbury
Sounds like terrible with sad
Terry B
WTF is this "Ex-Repub" doing? Trying to curry favor among progressives? Oh so cool in a suit and tie, Joe.
I'll be honest, I expected jazz or big band. Not bad!
Katia VP
I like it !! :-)
Adam Records
Ripping off The Dandy Warhols. Song Sucks Joe
Dicky Wang
Like an opening theme to a bad 90's television show. This is puke.
Trump Pence
TRUMP/PENCE 2016-2024!!! MAGA!!!! USA!!! USA!!!
Kevin Davidson
Amateurish-the musicians look professional-must be the house band-the material is less than high school level-backup singers doing monkey arm movements-just brutal
Dan Rodrigues
Not a band that I would go to see live for any reason other than the kitsch value...
omg please kill yourself JS..that was as terrible as terrible can get. talentless person. wow. awful awful stuff. Kill yourself and stop wasting energy with your waste of self
Jason Habedank
Are you sure I'm not watching Jessie and the Rippers on Full House? Totally lame!
Rick Hagedorn
Just when I thought I'd seen it all. Who's next? Limbaugh?
Celan Bryant
That was great!!! Loved it!;) Who knew?
Joe is shi!
His is a commercial in my country seach for boxertv or boxer tv
No! I'm Here To Warn You !
Yeah joe sucks at rock and roll too.
Better than watching Morning Joke. Go for plan B, Scarborough.
Should have called his band 'Psycho Joe and The Intern's He Didn't Kill'
The stereotypical selection by identity of the backing-singers is full-on CRINGE.
David Heywood
I don't know what to say but hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Micheal Mccann
Fucking shite.
Adam Records
He ripped the lyrics off The Dandy Warhols. This is kinda embarrassing to watch. Id say keep your day job but someone has to keep banging the drum for The Globalist right?
Joe Scarborough a musician .. Trump is President ... We are living in an alternate universe at the moment
A pretty catchy hook
America's Newest Hero
No mention of the 28 year old intern found dead in Joes office from bunt force to the head? When he was a monkey house politician. Too bad
crystal Bell
wow really sucks and the show to
Xicon43 Danger
Carole Speer
Horrible "song", Joe is stiff as a rod, has NO rhythm....and he is a vapid, specious television host with no journalistic qualities, just opinions & calls our POTUS horrible names. He should be fired by NBC. He is a loser, he is jealous of Trump and his success and it shows. He and Mika who hooked up while married to others deserve one another..they should just go away.
Ken Odabo
Boy! President Trumps justified insults must've really sent you to the retarded farm because you look like a complete freaking idiot on stage trying to recapture you use in a song did Billy Idol would've took a crap on.
Switch & bait....don't believe him. Midterm elections next year....that's why he's doing it. Vote ALL the republicans out so we can save this country from the corruption of the GOP.
no wonder the asshole always has retarded elvis hair
Ugh, he is horrible
Evelyn Adante
Kindergarten song! The kids would love dancing to this.
Stephanie Baker
i added this song to my music library on amazon music. i love it
Rick Reich
What a douche. Dude, you're like 55. Stick to being horrible at reporting the "news". That hair...........summers eve, strawberry-douche.
Donald Pfaff
Grandma Brzezinski surely busted out the saggy bags for little Joey after that performance
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