I SNUCK ON THE ROCK'S SET! *he caught me* (Feat. Dwayne Johnson)

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Today I shot with the big guy & tried to become a part of his show... 
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I’m a 21 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Hayder Hussein
I hate you
Hayder Hussein
Don't do that
Wyatt Busha
You are so sneaky dude
matt David
Watermelon watermelon watermelon
Adriana Ramirez
loagn you are cool
Connor Jordan
It's treason then
Sara I Martinez
Hahhaha no body saw me so funny I was in the beginning of the video
Alexander Torres
I bot your logan shirt
Alexander Torres
The first part was funny😂😂
joe fink
Megan Spanton
I subscribed
Living The Dream
Vane Jouvin
Chris Stewart
You met the Rock cool
Asianna Nguyen
Elizabeth Shu
Why do you ????
Ahmed Kassim
how do you know the rock
ander tealeaf
dwan is so pissed bro it sucks for you
Faiz shaikh
Please visit my channel on time
Faiz shaikh
Any one want to ear 2.5 lakh per month the visit my channel
Hayley McKenna
Roberto Torres
This guy looks like Felly
What movie is it gonna be?
Junior Tanielu
Lucky the rock didn't rock bottom your ass lol
Kalan Sanders
I am related to Dayne Johnson.
This channel is cancer lol
Natalia Montesinos
Your better than Jake Paul
Caitlin Patterson
Longen we're u on bay watch
Ruth Allman
Ruth Allman
U faking cant
Andrew Hebert
I like some of your videos but I don’t like a lot of your videos
Anna Cazares
Do a 3am vid
Lay. off. the. coke. and cock.
Castsitc_Gaming Page
ITS MY Birthday TO DAY logan I love you
Fahad Patel
LOGAN PAUL is more good looking then the ROCK.all time fav logan🙌🏻😎
Nico Re
Throwback Logan WOW his vlogs have changed
MR Gaming
You love saying fuck logan did't you OH snap!!!!
emma.is.a.gamer 25
ahh Zelda stuff in Logan's vlogs hell yea
karan brown
omg logan you spelled scare wrong you good bro
red scoorpion
bro you are zane of the baywatch
Raymond Arredondo
But I don't like hi everyone saying bad words
Raymond Arredondo
Dwayne jhonson is my celebraty crush
Kathy Abernathy
Logan and the rock should arm wrestle
Sophia Johnson
1 I wish I knew u so I could come with you
2 my last name is Johnson
master dipper809
I thought he would be cool but he's a duesche. The rock is cool though
James Gorgey
Bentley is a very nice car and it has a v8
Carter The Boss
Sub to my channel
Vinny Cufone
Please go sub to me on YouTube its Vinny Cufone
sangoku dragnel
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