It might be a lot more satisfying if you weren't trying to monetize the fucking video so much with a commercial interruption every minute and a half 😒😒😒
Aleanousky ツ
1 like = You are a GREAT person!
1 Sub = Thanks for helping out a small YouTuber with a dream of 1000 Subscribers!
Kaiden Gaming
I can never be satisfied
2:58 new world order
MLG Doge
Not satisfying
Madison Lok
It is more boring than satisfying
The MOST SATISFYING VIDEO EVER. #620 wtf? your admitting in the title its not the most "Satisfying" video in the world
thumbnail 2:22
2:36 is this how double-barrel machine gun works???
GamerSrbija`s channel
what`s the name of game at the 7:14
اميرة الاحزان
مو و
none of these are satisfying
Mandy L.
1. Repeat s from other vids.
2. most WEREN'T "satisfying"
3. a couple of them Might have been...had they not been so Abruptly ended.
Doodle With Me
Im weird, most videos arent satisfying to me no matter what I watch! Great Video though!
Whats satisfying to me?
A Nice Paper Shredder!
Kyle Jakubowski
The cake at 4:05 was amazing
It's-A-Me Heiwa
2:28 Oh....the devil just farted
lindsey paputa
I hate that squeaky guitar sound
apple man
so not satisfying
5000 subs without a video challenge
Ty for not using clickbait <3
Specter Resurrected Studio
@ 0:22 you have to seal the top of the furnace if you want to collect any amount of aluminum from cans, or 50% of the aluminum escapes as vapor.
There was only one Un-satisfying part of this video, it ends.
Onyx Crystalz the Lambling
*drinks some water and sighs* satisfying;)
Keenan Humphreys
hey os I love your vids man keep up the good work ☺
Amélie Lacroix
Late, but satisfied 😂💝💝💝❤💕
Oddly, you used one in 8:53 in your "Oddly Satisfying Video #619". Just to let you know. I know its hard to find satisfying videos how do you even find that much videos? :)
Was wondering when video coming out. :)
Stacey Sechman
if you pause the video at 1:15 it looks like a face
Rosalee Carreras
frist one to like and comment
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