The Most Satisfying Videos In The World #620

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These things that fit together, look super cool and are conveniently symmetrical will restore your faith in the order of all things and the pleasantness of life. All in this oddly satisfying video which is hard to not get satisfied while watching.

the most satisfying videos in the world - oddly satifying videos 2017

The Most Satisfying Videos In The World #620:

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It might be a lot more satisfying if you weren't trying to monetize the fucking video so much with a commercial interruption every minute and a half 😒😒😒
Aleanousky ツ
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Kaiden Gaming
I can never be satisfied
2:58 new world order
MLG Doge
Not satisfying
Madison Lok
It is more boring than satisfying
The MOST SATISFYING VIDEO EVER. #620 wtf? your admitting in the title its not the most "Satisfying" video in the world
thumbnail 2:22
2:36 is this how double-barrel machine gun works???
GamerSrbija`s channel
what`s the name of game at the 7:14
اميرة الاحزان
مو و
none of these are satisfying
Mandy L.
1. Repeat s from other vids.
2. most WEREN'T "satisfying"
3. a couple of them Might have been...had they not been so Abruptly ended.
Doodle With Me
Im weird, most videos arent satisfying to me no matter what I watch! Great Video though!
Whats satisfying to me?
A Nice Paper Shredder!
Kyle Jakubowski
The cake at 4:05 was amazing
It's-A-Me Heiwa
2:28 Oh....the devil just farted
lindsey paputa
I hate that squeaky guitar sound
apple man
so not satisfying
5000 subs without a video challenge
Ty for not using clickbait <3
Specter Resurrected Studio
@ 0:22 you have to seal the top of the furnace if you want to collect any amount of aluminum from cans, or 50% of the aluminum escapes as vapor.
There was only one Un-satisfying part of this video, it ends.
Onyx Crystalz the Lambling
*drinks some water and sighs* satisfying;)
Keenan Humphreys
hey os I love your vids man keep up the good work ☺
Amélie Lacroix
Late, but satisfied 😂💝💝💝❤💕
Oddly, you used one in 8:53 in your "Oddly Satisfying Video #619". Just to let you know. I know its hard to find satisfying videos how do you even find that much videos? :)
Was wondering when video coming out. :)
Stacey Sechman
if you pause the video at 1:15 it looks like a face
Rosalee Carreras
frist one to like and comment
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