MARVEL'S THE GIFTED Teaser Trailer SEASON 1 (2017) Fox X-Men Series

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Marvel's The Gifted Teaser  Trailer Season 1 - 2017 Fox Series

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Mehr Infos zur 1. Staffel von The Gifted:

Gifted ist eine US-amerikanische Superhelden-Serie aus dem Hause FOX, die von Brun Notice-Schöpfer Matt Nix kreiert wurde und die Geschichte einer Familie erzählt, die sich auf der Flucht vor der Mutanten-feindlichen Regierung befindet. Gifted ist im X-Men-Universum angesiedelt.

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Nicolas Sanjines
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Janmartin Cantina
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Maverick McArthur
It should be illegal to have microwave popcorn in a vending machine
Lo que esperava
Barry Crentsil
People started trashing the flash before and came out and now they're saying great. Don't do that to Gifted
I swear they only started filming this recently 🙈
in my opinion, shows that take 6 months plus to film 99.9% of the time are really good.
this has taken around 3 months ... I will watch, but I don't have high hopes for it
Fucking chill Marvel, like really, better bring us Daredevil season 3 before starting 10 new projects...
pita petwerli save the the cheeleader save the futa!
So are these the people those abc agents of shield are hunting?
Because that would make for an awkward crossover..
Yorge Kaeli
marvel is breaking the rules of the number of his series and movies, wtf? i love it, i love marvel
Bryan Singer... -_-
Heroes reborn? lol, thanks but i will pass!
team 89er
so just like Heroes ?
This is just getting stupid now
die blonde ist unangenehm scharf für ihr alter
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