The First Humans Teleported | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

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Hannah Stocking
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Where would you teleport to??
Jake Hughman
That’s a switch
Nevine Kamal
Hannah I love you so muchh!!! You are so funnyy !!
I would teleport to My friend and liv with her
Hana Alquteni
Estefany Ochoa
Why where you using a Nintendo switch
Pedro Sanchez
It’s a switch 😄😄😄😄
Camryn VB
If you hate this awesome shit, you need to do us all a favor and:

1. Either watch Lil Pump and Mans Not Hot, and delete your account


2. Delete your account and then kill yourselves because you got triggered over some Shots Studios video.

I think the world will be better without you triggered idiotic fucktards on YouTube
at 2:17 it shows the nitendo switch logoband the whole thing.
Anthony Opris
Is that a nintendo Switch?
Jared Aguirre
She's use a Nintendo switch
minecaft gamer
I love haana my neme is Samantha rivas
Isabella Wilson
Make crunchy slime im on my Phone BTW
Wow this could have been a movie 😂😂
Shared videos
That was depressing
Baby Groot
nintendo switch tho
Rakesh Babu
Anwar is falling, falling and falling for a date 😂😂😂
Rakesh Babu
Haha 😂😂😂😂😂
Colin La Flamme
I’d teleport to the beach because I live in the middle of Massachusetts where there’s no water
Richelle Rui Xin Sim
I will telorport to korea
Zuri Helfie
@hannahstockings your eyes cross what n you get excited
Tsuki chan
Nintendo switch!!
OtiC OrB
She uses the Nintendo switch
Brutal Ben
That nintendo swicth thooooo
Jeff Jeffy
She was using a Nintendo switch lol
water queen1230
stupid anwar
Elixa Melendez Baez
He doesn't give up!!
Wenlud Lang
Nitenso switch😂
Isaiah Gonzales
Did you see it is a Nintendo switch
dabeast boi
the nintendo switch
claudio varela
Did u guys notice the thing that she used to teleport was a Nintendo switch
Nikki Dawn
They were using a Nintendo switch to teleport lol 😂
Collins Legit
shes holding a nitendo switch haha
Madison Nixon
It’s a Nintendo switch 🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Dope Kathy
Yet her device is a nintendo switch. LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂
hannah do u watch ted ed
henrybonita samson
Wooow! am from Tanzania! Heard my county being mentioned. 😃
Omar Contreras
Destroy colon capernick
Katheryn Del Castillo
Leave her alone for onetoo and couldn’t get her in the Cassie or she’ll come to my house come to my house
The sinistergamer
Did anybody else realize she was using a nintendo switch as the remote?
charlotte fink
When he fell at the beginning though hooooohooooo😂😂😂😂
Carlos Sanchez
She had a nedindo switch
Lucy Cooper
Loved this vid Hannah keep it up
Genesis Gomez Mata
Jameer Vlogs and Gameplayz
Why is she doing it with the Nintendo switch??????
Bash Art-Films
Anyone see the switch 0:53
LitlilraySwag Edits
This girl holding a nentendo switch😂
Mauricio MZ
I see the Nintendo switch controller tho
Mr. cooper
That thing she teleported with was a netendo switch
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