Alex Wang
Donald Trump is now looking into giving his son a 'get out of jail free card'. His lawyers have realised that they can only do so by buying a monopoly game.
Bill Cooley
Mr. Sessions you see a crime, your move.
the irony of the "lock them up" chants
and now I want some ramen. real ramen. imported from japan. I don't think I can stomach anything produced by this country anymore.
Johnny Galindo
Lock him up! Lock him up!
Peter Whitlock
I really REALLY want to know WHO were on the other end of the phones mentioned in the meeting! Was DAD at the end of one of them phones? WHOM was getting the updates of the meeting in the meeting?
James Taylor
This clown Colbert is such a fucking loser. He is just a typical Liberal hater of no value to humanity.
Barbara Howe
right on
HAHA! Very clever, funny!
spencer kenny
.......and theTrumps will just go on, taking the piss out of the US and the rest of the world for the remainder of this presidency, without any consequences. WTF is wrong with society for taking this BLAAAAATANT BS!!! Who is making these people accountable for their actions?! A weak nation being walked all over!!!... and its not just happening in the US, it's happening all around this planet!!! F*%king CHAOS is starting to rule!!! SHEEPLE...WAKE THE FU%K UP!!!! We are being let down by our leaders and governments globally!!

We're (effectively) on a rock, travelling through space, in an atmosphere which we are polluting, cutting down our rainforests and woodlands, an important source of our breathable oxygen, (this spaceships life support system. Thats like an astronaut taking an axe to the ISS oxygen life support system. We're knowingly polluting our rivers and oceans (another large source of our oxygen) and turning a blind eye to the damage WE are doing and what OUR governments are ALLOWING to happen.

Good leadership is essential to our societies survival and evolution.
Education on a planetary scale needs to happen... NOW.

Humans need teaching from early years how to look after Earths environment and all of the life on this rock.
How can our governments let our schools great teachers, teach our children in overcrowded, underfunded schools, with drugs and crime rates rising?!
How do we teach a society that uses sex, alcohol and drugs for stress relief, to cope and live life in a more fulfilling way and deal with rising mental health issues which this capitalist system brings?
How do we unite all races, creeds and colours? WE are all HUMANS.
If there are any advanced alien civilisations, hurry the fu%k up and get here to unite us, before we destroy ourselves, because we don't seem capable of doing it ourselves.

Population growth rapidly needs to slow. This planet has (so called) intelligent societies? WHERE? There should be publicly open strategies being debated on the dwindling resources and mass migration, which is leading to social unrest and unruly societies... ultimately leading to further chaos and civil unrest! Its happening now before our very eyes. Unity and problem solving is key here. Help the struggling countries to develop and evolve, so to help everyone one else in turn. Get rid of corruption once and for all, to grow a better future for ALL of us!! There should not be any poverty or starvation on this world. But there is, which means as an evolving species, we are failing each other.

Cut backs to our main primary social sources should not happen... Our Healthcare, Policing, Fire rescue and Schools are being decimated, by who we vote for (or don't vote for) this is just the start of the tipping point of a failing species. Co operation is the key to us making this planet work, not division. Not left v's Right or Red v's Blue... Common sense needs to prevail here. The most successful species CO OPERATE! Look around at the state of things... Wars being started over resources and money. Innocent people dying in far away countries... for what? For power and money. This isn't an imperial era, this is a technological age of innovation and evolution. This planets technology is advancing faster than the minds of the mass populations, not a great combination.. like children with loaded machine guns.
A good portion of the media is dumbing down people, with mind numbing BS and not enough education. Yes people should have the freedom to choose what to read and watch... but we are developing these clever bots, which are learning algorithms on our portable technologies, which are fooling easily influenced people into making wrong uninformed decisions (FAKE NEWS).

The health systems globally need to be fair and look after EVERYONE! and every capable adult should be paying an equal amount in, not being work shy and dodging taxes expecting to be looked after by the rest of working society.
Our corrupt government systems need reforming and more transparency and accountability needs to be put in place.
The workshy loafers should be made to do voluntary work for their handout cheques to balance the system. And the super rich should not get added tax benefits to make them even richer!
Nobody on the bottom are Russian ambassadors, you cuck Colbert.
Dick Cheney thought he had a PR problem. The Trumps will be whispered about and laughed at from now on. Trump had a choice. He chose racism, bigotry and sexism. America will lambaste him for it. It will be well deserved.
Nicci Lewis
Brilliantly Done Sir!
Non Merci
Can this guy in the back FUCKING SHUT UP! PLEASE MAKE HIM STFU!!
Jada Green
TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT Attttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J hart
To honor Trump's supporters. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!
This is the beginning of the end. With this president the USA is becoming a Third World Country,
Ronny Sterling
Colbert left out the giant foot of President Trump going up Colbert's ass, soon. Triggered? Yes we are tired of pussies like colbert trying to pose as relevant.
Alison W Ames
like "grade-A beef"???
Even a Breitbart editor admitted Trump is guilty of collusion with Russia. The only question is how many Republicans should go to jail and how many should be executed for treason.
Jock James
This is all a media distraction. Like Van Jones said " A big nothing burger". When there is a media distraction , this is a clue that something big is happening behind the scenes. I'm guessing the government is passing laws that take away more of our rights. Thanks for being part of the distraction Colbert and selling the American people down the drain.Trump will not be impeached because he is too valuable as a distraction. The elite who control our government are using the same tricks as a magician. They get our attention in one direction and pull off the trick without us noticing.
David P
and hillary selling 20% of US uranium. Bit more interesting than this rubbish
David P
of course Hillary is a shining example
Dank Meme
i love how libtards try to find any excuse to shit on trump because they lost the election, trump jr didnt break any laws by meeting with that russian chic
he not going to jail people, he white and got money
Rock the Boat
Our corrupt chicken shit government won't do a thing. He'll not only get off scot free but he'll be free to continue his teasonous behavior along with Trump.
all you faggots are still butthurt because killary lost ha ha haaaaaa
Seriously, that 'Figure it out-o-tron' figured nothing out for me. Its seriously a big conspiracy theory. When people say 'Russians hacked the election' i am thinking of the Russian government. Putin, ministers etc. A father of a Russian popstar is not Russia hacking the election
Baron Fritz von shlitz
Libtards,Marxist Gimmiedatic NeoBolsheFemiFags, ANTIFA and BLM UNITE for a Non Workers Detroit style Paradise! After your demands are met our wall will be used TO KEEP YOU IN instead of keeping criminals and enemys out! HaHaHaHa!!!!!
J.L. Gonzalez
I love this lol
Marte van Vechel
Looks like a fucking fallout cartoon
Edison Flanagan
They all deserve to be slow sliced.
monica arends
Bayock Inc. and Felix Sater.

This will get Trump incarcerated for money laundering for the Russia mafia. Sadly, similar to the Boston Iris Mafia, the FBI handler made a career protecting Whitey Bulger. Same with Felix Sater. FBI handler will protect Russian mobster Felix Sater.

Jr, Kushner, Manifort will NOT go to jail. So long as they say Trump Sr. didn't know anything, Sr. Trump has federal pardon powers. He will pardon all federal crimes.

Only way to get Trump Sr. is on money laundering charges that happened before he became president. Sadly, FBI makes efforts to protect Felix Sater and Bayrock Inc.
Kayla B
the emails giveth the presidency and the emails hath taken it away 😂
mark welsh
Colbert you the man
Nathen Vlogs About Life
I mean Trump does have a thing for letting Email scandals go know
The Pofit Cthulhughie
Jr. Is The Trump Steaks of his Children "Heigh Qualitee Son"
Shawan Kumar
oh no! on nooo!!, ooh my god :'D :'D
Sun Shine
Nito Last
This is all Hilary's fault !
John Bush
you bastards in the media ready for prison.forever.
The whole ordeal will blow over like always and it will be business as usual in Washington, and the left will find something else to bitch about.
He's too rich to go to prison
Mr E
Goodstuff Mr. Colbert 🖒
darrin hughes
you and your audience are fucking losers easy to spot on the streets.
Roseanne Bradshaw
Natalie was blowing these guys!
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