ヅFridays withpewdiepie?ヅ

Miss cupcake gamer girl
At the start I actually didn't see him
Daniel Drew
You Might Be Cleaning Your Penis Wrong
-Article written by a woman...
João Rock13
The Dragonizer
Pewds pls rest, we DO want to see daily content from you, but on the other hand we don't know what you feel about what you're doing. Just do what makes you happy, and it'll also make us as happy as you.
stay awesome felix.

Joshua Bernardo
I actually didn't see him at first lol.
Edilet Rodriguez
Best intro I've seen in a while
Peter Meshkov
This is why pewdiepie is the best youtuber
Roblox guy 1212121212122
Shawn Ross
Dear Felix,

Thank you for all of the effort you put into making videos for us. We all really appreciate it, and the real fans love pretty much all of your present content. I personally love all of your jokes, probably because I can tell the difference between when your sarcastic, and when you're serious. So once again, thank you for all the work you put into YouTube, and please continue to make your channel how YOU like it, not how some fans want it. Remember that the real fans like the content that you're staying happy while making!

Thanks once more,


(Also, I know you probably wont see this, as this video was uploaded a few months ago, but I wanted to say it anyway. )
The Same
I have never watched until the broes shit
you have only one moral from the video !
you must clean your shity camera before recording a fucking video!
Russell Welch
Anarchy Games
I actually don't know how I missed this video, I was following Revelmode from the start of it because well y'know charity stuff is always good. Ah anyway, I'm sorry all this bullshit is going down. Honestly? Felix deserves better than youtube these days, same for Mark ( Markiplier ) - and a lot of the folk who got their start with gaming on youtube. I wish the gamers would just get together and start their own video/streaming platform. I feel like with some work? It could be done.
othman tayach
I love you pewds your are the best sister fist or brofist you choose one that you like more
boice and army
I seriously didnt notice him at first😂😂
Green Bro Team Pill
Almost didn't notice that
Когда он научился писать на русском ?
Skills Evolution
ten název je česky...
Delooney Powellio
Something that I admired you for mentioning was that PewDiePie is a character. Felix is the person who is working his ass off to try and post a video that he can be happy with everyday. I look forward to what you have in store for us soon. brofist
Genevieve Gonzalez
I started watching your videos when I was like 11, now I'm 16 and tbh I do miss your old content and I often skip some of your newer because I'm just not interested in it like I used to be
Me And You
Is it sad that in the beginning I actually didn't see him
yine türkçe bir başlık
Ariana St. Peter
how many cardboard cutouts do you have
Rasmus Rönkkö
How can you run out of ideas if you entertain people by just talking
He's been runner my out of ideas for 3 months. He's still hasn't run out wtf?
Jay Basilio
i watch your videos cause they actually make me laugh. sometimes you are annoying when you play like a 10 year old but your a special genuine youtuber with great personality. i live the fact that you mock all the haters into submission. we stand by you pewds. bro army is always on stand by
Portuguese gahah
M a y o i
why so many dannyssssssssssssssssssss
so hilarious xD
gasp he did a bro fist and not a sister fister im telling busfeet
Barry Ross
fvck, people don't give a shyt about your ideas, they just like you bro
un rebeu
Mais pourquoi le titre est en français et pourquoi j'ai mis autant de temps à le voir dans la foule de mec en carton 😂
Andersen ASG
6:48-6:49 i hear "Trump my best"... :V
hey media, want to make it a news ? :D
lol, sorry pewds, i love u... :*
I love youuuu pooods
Maria Lis857
Знаешь русский??я ели как перевожу что ты говоришь!!!!
Neil Abadilla Yeah Idk
I dont even care about the content of your videos. Honestly, play happy wheels, do try not to challenges, heck even do a draw my life part 10. As long as you still have your ugly ass swedish personality, we good lmao. Like lowkey, i watch your vids 10 times a day because i love watching you lmao. Your content is just a bonus compared to your personality.
Caden Misplay
Most people just hate him because restarted YouTube demonetizing him and all the peeps who don't watch him hear from others that he is "bad" I won't be suppressed if a new social media platform rises in the next year or so because the funny you tubers are getting demonetize
PewdsSepticEye Lover
No matter what your content makes me laugh no matter what sooooo
leo merdinger
ouiiiii du fr
Alicia Nuccio
I fucking hate WSJ.. for life....
Muhammad Fahad
hay pewds plz play clieve barker undying game plz its old but fun to play its a horror game......plz plz plz.....😊😊😊
Proper Gander
Devito was clearly the star of this one.
Petra Vujevic
Discovered this channel like a week ago, fell in love!
Yeaaah Yeaaah
enjoy your life. Life is short. After some years when you will get old you will regret wasting your time in youtube. And thats true for viewers too.
Ale M.
He should do a video of himself taking a whole lot of stupid buzzfeed quizzes
i legit didnt see him
There is no such thing as context! Remember Mr. Wizard, bless that master of magic.
AVE Yunus Efe Kula
selamın aleyküm
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