Muhammad Fahad
hay pewds plz play clieve barker undying game plz its old but fun to play its a horror game......plz plz plz.....😊😊😊
Proper Gander
Devito was clearly the star of this one.
Petra Vujevic
Discovered this channel like a week ago, fell in love!
Yeaaah Yeaaah
enjoy your life. Life is short. After some years when you will get old you will regret wasting your time in youtube. And thats true for viewers too.
Ale M.
He should do a video of himself taking a whole lot of stupid buzzfeed quizzes
i legit didnt see him
There is no such thing as context! Remember Mr. Wizard, bless that master of magic.
AVE Yunus Efe Kula
selamın aleyküm
Stop! Pewdiepie is not a natzi! He is from sweden not germany!
Jeff Harbaugh
Do you need a "Sarcasm" or "Just kidding" sign?
Barry Chapman
You didn't see me but here I am! Still my favourite quote.
uzaylı b.
bu başlık herkese mi türkçe gözüküyor aq bu adam niye türkçe yapiyo ben anlamadim ? ( TÜRK YOK MU TÜRK 😂)
if you want content then fuck marzia live haha
Marie Lisa
@Pewdiepie please restart your business. Tell us more about it!
Chult? Does Pewdiepie also play DnD/tabletop?
What the #2017Pewds has become; a modded brofist>:o o-0 XD
Başak Azra Atbakan
türkçe başlık mi??
Vance Biondo
u have distended to talking about cleaning penis is ??
Jay K
bro, I've never taken you seriously, so don't worry.
Victoria N
it's impossible to satisfy 55 million people at once. do you, man.
dear pewds hire me I'm a pure breed Apache helicopter n my whole family runs through the line of Apache helicopters we were the first of our kind n we are all ugly af
play fnaf 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!
Why be here
My dude why don't you do YouTube high school anymore?
hyper wars
I'm pretty sure buzfeed did this already
con rad
please don't retire...without you humor is dead.....
Wendy Maldonado Vera
god I fucking love you, that end 💕
you're a bloody rockstar. I'm an adult and watch you everyday. don't let the fu*****ers bring you down. keep doing your stuff.
Hailey James
Felix. I want to say I enjoy you and your channel. Ive been a big fan since the beginning. its nice watching you and your channel grow. keep dreaming big and keep doing what you're doing. 😊
Christian Hightower
Please!! Get me away from here, I'll do anything!! 🙌🏻
Brady Gallegos
I love the background music lol Xd its so smooth and crunchy Xd its rather amazing too I like your video too
Vance Biondo
ea sir pie..U LIKE MAN!
Element MashChick
Pewds is the YouTuber that he will make videos for now. Yeah....
Benjamin Hladik
Yeah you should stop taking jokes too far.

And go to church every sunday, brush your teeth twice each day, check if your RCCB works and get a new toothbrush 4 times a year, recycle, do enough sports.. and last but least..

you should wash your penis daily. ¯\(ツ)
You need new cam. Its keep blurring out every 7 sec.
Vishwas Dubey
We love you, dont ever forget that u little bitch 😘
Clare Gonzales
Dude, you are totally awesome. Keep going, your content is literally better than how it was a couple of years ago
Jacob Mull
wait is he a nazi?
I say just get more cardboard cutouts.
Robert Mile
people say hes running out of ideas, but hes still hilarious to me.
Sailesh Das
Felix, we will support you no matter what. It doesnt matter what you post because we will still watch your videos. For those that have been with you for a while or even the new bros who have watched many of your videos, we know your kind of humour. We know that you are not running out of ideas boi. We believe in you and respect you and we dont give a shit about what any media company shitposts or any trolls that cant take a joke has to say. We are here 5evr okay.

- All 55m of us ❤
vishva madugalle
i actually didnt see you
Poke Pol
pudipee jeg hater ikke deg😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👉👌👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙
Error Zuzu
Hire me poopiepie, i like money too <3
Mehmet Can Kanmaz
başlık Türkçe lan
Forest Locker
Omg I actually didn't see him 😂😂😂
Čertin Studio 8
ty umíš česky od kdy
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