Wheel of Dares! (MattyBRaps vs Olivia Haschak)

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Hey BFamily!  I'm excited to announce a show in Dallas, TX on Saturday, February 11, 2017!  Doors will open at 2pm and the show will start at 3pm!  All of the official ticket online information and updates are available right here, so bookmark this page and keep checking back!

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This week, MattyB goes head-to-head with Olivia Haschak in game of Wheel of Dares!  Which one was your favorite?  

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Keep following your dreams!


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Khalia Jones
Your going to get a virus hey I'll make a great mom😍👍👍👪
gracie chaney
Olivia won because mat didn't eat 3 spoons full of the caddege
Alexa Hernandez
Matt wins the game
Haily Tannous
olivia won
Victoria Robinson
Dorany Montero
Jhenelyn Lacara
Olivia won
Rhoneshia Brewster
Ashlynn Sheftell
maddy raps one
Dayanara Monzon
Eddie Madrigal
Surprise Collector
Mat looks like a girl with those genes and rips in them
Anne Cervantes
hey Olivia my name is Olivia like yours also my nick name is liv and livy
Ginoa Bunck
Tiffany Stewart
i love you madyb you are my boyfriend
Kayla Waters
Ollie No 9
I love apple sauce
Ollie No 9
I love apple sauce
Kimberly Morgia
Tiny Temple Rocks Temple
Do you like applesauce because I don't even tho it's healthy I don't like it
Nicole Romine
mattyb won
Allira Mullins
you rock matty B and the hastack sister's
Madison Roberts
Mattyb wins
gianna hamilton
how did the sour patch kids get hers
Jay Medillo
livy won
Chandira Greene
did Matty b said oh shot in the the end dumb jrek
Macario Xochihua
oliva won
Zahara Acevedo
Did mattyb say bullshit
Brianna Moten
Shawnea Taylor
I think Matty b won and he is cute unlike other people!!!!!
Ss G
I think Olivia won
Renee George
Matt won
Alyssa Leschack
Sam Parks
Latateeana Brown
mariana mejia
de que equipo son
safiya mohamud
olivia won because she draink and eat everthing
Ashley Somoza
olive won
Rachelle Chisholm
my boy frend bb
April Clauna
Livy won
Sham Shami
Liz Skobel
i think that olivia won
George D Vafiadis
Olivia won
Angela Simon
Olivia won
Tymoteusz Patrzalek
goo nikc
Matt 145
Gabija Jankovskaite
I'm British
Milly Bainbridge
I think Matty B won
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