BBC interview parody


family with triplets relives the famous BBC interview with the professor about south Korea and his family

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뽀야 jinny
진짜 노잼 Not funny!
Marady Mon
Cute triplets
John Nsorbilla
So cute babies 😁😁😁
음.....너무 재미없음....
Joe Smith
you keep your wife and kids locked in closet? lol
Sgt Lucifer
... a C- for the effort, and a commendable attempt to get on YouTube with the wife and kids.
... rehearse the acting part, then try again. Btw, your wife is cute.
Well, there was an attempt..
tequila killer
THANK you for wasting a tit bit of my life right there.
Mr Yohan
Cute kids there!
Lily M.
Not so funny ;)
Gregory Watson
lol...come on have to look more panicky like the karean woman....slide in, fall over the kids while yanking them out by the ankles, then jump in on your belly and shut the door. Dramatics! Now again.... action....
Ladydarkhawk Hey
You just know he was not wearing any pants 😱
Tanzil Zaidi
nothing can beat that korean mother slide :D
lien lee
good job !
Torkil Nilsson
Hahah so funny. The closed embarrassing eyes lol
the babies are sooooo Cute! espec the last one
Deandy Kanzet
he only use that short pants wow that's embarrassing
Sunday Jolayemi
i love this....the kid in the middle said the line..NOOOOOOOOOOOO ! perfectly...and on cue ! lol lol lol lol
Andrew Anane
stop with the nonsense lma0
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