Krishna Tagailo
How would you feel!!😍😍😍😘
Ash Leb
Can he just stop playing games and marry me already!
This will most definitely be in my wedding
Harold Glen
I wanna have his voice
Katsuki Bakugou
Sayak Chakraborty
excellent song :-)
Mika Müller
While Rappers are spreading Toxic across the Society here's Ed Sheeran Spreading Love Through Out the world
Vanessa Freitas
What a song, what a voice... I just can`t get enough from this song!! You know the feeling that you wished to had wrote it? Ed Sheeran, thanks!
Richard Kumar
I love this song bcoz when I hear this song with my girlfriend I felt deep in love ❤️❤️❤️
Jh Zohmangaiha
i don't no how to say i like ed sheeran
dawit alemu
Ed Sheran i have no word on the way that you sing, z way that play notas, the way that you express words through the verses good bless u
masha smith
это просто очень крутая песня просто у тебя самые добрые песни ты лучший
Armani Vo
This reminds me of me and my crush
I wanted to sing this song to her
I had a bad voice
But I really want her
She’s very pretty but she doesn’t know who I’m really am
I’m going to be with her one day but
She likes someone else ;(
I cried at school everyday
She didn’t want me
I wanted her
I loved her
She didn’t like me
Luciana Franco
Mi Teddy😍😍
Evangeline Labao
I love you Ed. 😍
Anthony Murphy 1981
Christoph Jenny
love love love ed sheeran
deni setiyo wibowo
I was born to tell you, i love you Sri ❤❤😊😊😊
Kristel Gorgonio
OMG!! @Ed Sheeran 😘❤ #EdSheeranLover❤ You're my favorite singer ever..I remembered your song #LegoHouse ever since your world began.🤗😉 Hope to see you soon here in the Philippines...Hope my dream come true..🙏🙏🙏🙏
Anthony Murphy 1981
Beautiful !
Quênia Alka
I Loveeee You😍
Quênia Alka
Te Amo Ed Sheeran
Andreia Brito
Popy Kefaloukos
Ed Sheeran is such a good singer :-D☆★
Dicky Salim
he makes me wanna click the like button again and again lol...
Lívia Rambalducci
Oh ed I love u too😊
Carol Attwater
my wedding song
Chemene Rison
Emilia Santianni
i love you ed
Raid Isco
Best song in 2017 ..😍😍
Maryanti Misrawi
Maryanti Misrawi
carolina teixeira
So deep!!
Timoy Johnson
Ed Sheeran is just this amazing writer and and song writer that God sent to bless our ears with amazing songs
before listening this song, i would never explain the emotion which he tell us in this song
Kaicel Derequito
How would you feel if I told you I loved you ✨
tyto alba guttata
i've just broke the replay button!!!
Aryan Soni
His all songs gave me goosebumps 😄😄😍😆
Adekunle Tobiloba Wisdom
i'm in class, but nothing else seems to matter.
It's like time has stopped over the past few minutes.. 👍
Veronica M
'How Would You Feel (Paean)', 'Perfect' and 'Hearts Don't Break Around Here' were all written about Ed's girlfriend Cherry:)
Liliana Iacob
Love u.
Sarah Ares
Nina Emma
I do 😍😍😍😍😜😍😍
Nina Emma
Happy birthday
Lisbet Leyva
Es el mejor cada una de sus canciones transmiten amor y ternura lo adoro
Parinya Foongkiat
I'd missed that chance long time ago but eventually got another one and I made it. Ed's beautiful song and voice takes me to that moment again.
Nayana Karlla
Quem será a musa desse homem?
Priyanka Shah
super lyrics so awesome
Patricia Cloran
That song is so beautiful sung by the most amazing talented Edd Sheehan
Zoe Durafour
Je comprend mieux
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