Joanna Galanaki
Triquillus Luna Aj
Wow he is so awesome!I wish I could play guitar that well!
Alex Pires
This music os só a beauty
worrier #itaintme
lisa may & jamie cole will one day be with each other every day, xx but for now there's just summink ive gotta do
Imam Ghozali
MrJorge .yugigato
Waiting For An Angel
I'ev got a big problem.. so there is one girl, she is my best friend and her ex is really good friend of mine. I always loved her but as a friend, now im feeling something diffrent and thats where things are going crazy, in one i will probably hurt my friend and her ex and in the second hand im scared of telling her what i actually feel because im afraid she doesnt feel the same and then even our friendship will end.. im sorry for bad English but i really do and will appriciate help from anyone..
Dulce Corazon Agravante
Thank you for this song. So lovely.
Léo Tube
maratona ED SHEERAN
Boymaker Studios
This is so good it just makes me cry
Putri Sf
TP Isabella
My all time favourite artist..😚
Majin _
The best forever
Alora Harris
idk if I'm seeing things or on my screen the thumbs up button turned blue!!!
Sakura Trixic
i love you, i like music .
Ben Hole
Such a shame you cannot buy this version. Far better than the iTunes version.... please make this version available 👌
StickRun Gamer TM
the other guy looks like olly murs
Nightcore's Channel
Fuck you to all who dislike this. .l.
Jean charles Roy
Un bijou ,une pure merveille
Rueliamarie Tiquia
All songs of ed sheeran is amazing
anne gentica
I feel like Im so in love hahaha! Yes Im in love with your songs Edward :-)
Am I the only one who thinks this has a Van Morrison vibe, especially the piano?
Christine Hanson
He certainly is good with the love songs
montse gonzalez bas
esta canción es impresionante!
lisa cogollodo
One word that came to my mouth 'WOW!'.
yt try
This is an amazing song who ever has disliked it is stupid. Ed Sheeran is my favourite artist who has inspired me to sing more, i sing every day now.
Lisa Trippear
Ed your wonderful❤️
It's about Hermione ❤️
Hasfira Pira
i like this songs
Lisa Parkes
I think me and my boyfriend are breaking up I am so sad right now we been together for ages now he wants to make me feel shit I guess it's too much for him he can't handle me giving him love when we are alone together
I miss my prom this song brings back memories😐
rz Hossain
bast song ever
Yanixa Dajome andrade
Te Amo
ed sheren pls love this comment my dog pass away this song is amazing
que hermosa cancion!!
the question is:

how would she react if you told here you loved her?

I got rejected, unfriended, blocked, removed communications...and now I am here being part of the alone society
ASMR princess
My gosh. My heart. ❤
Hop Sicle
10k people must hate music
arnould philippe
Dédier à la femme de ma vie .......Liz!!!!!!!
JD gamer 123456
legend love ya
Róża Kalusek
I Love you .. ❤
Róża Kalusek
I Love you .. ❤
I can't believe I didn't see a comment saying this was posted on his Birthday. Shame on all of you Sheerios. XD
Christopher Gonzalez
Amo está canción
I love ed sheeran!
看以前ed的tour diary,雖然不懂英文,但還是看的很開心。
真的好愛你的聲音!笑時也好愛!amazing voice
Lucio Garepe
la paraste de pecho colorado
Carolina Cruz
love this song !
Terrae Henfield
I love you
Kate Rattanawin
I love you Ed Sheeran
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