2,000 People Have Seen THIS MAN in Their Dreams

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Did you dream about this man too?

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Strawyhalo 1215
I saw this man
Aye aye aye money man 21savage
I never seen it
Usman Ahmed
For those who haven't seen him in their dreams
Get ready now
And by the way he looks like my friend,s dad
Papa Kitty
Lol he kidnapped me in a fur suit outside of school XD no I’m serious
francesco romano vids 2 aooni channel
/﹋\ (҂`_´) <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - - /﹋\
Fortz Ledesma
He looks like my teacher 😂😑😨But still every time o saw his realistic portrait it scared me like I can't sleep anymore
Fortz Ledesma
First I was scared then this guy reminds me of the character on Naruto name Rock Lee or Guy sense :)
Purple Psycho
I just.. godness sake i just ran at my dad office
I’ve seen this guy before, but it wasn’t in a dream, and probably even creepier is the fact that I drew a face that had a uncanny resemblance to this guy, I didn’t even use a reference image, just doodle and shaded a random face.
Ricardo Ortiz
Seen this many times along with the picture of this man and yet have not seen this bruh in my dreams
Isiah Phillips
Saw him outside a train in a chair turning to dust
thats my grandpa
MLP Harmony
looking at him makes me feel scared :(
Andrew Kaminski
I seen this man in my dream many of times. Him and I became besties and I named him bushy brows. One night he turned against me and well I killed him in my dream 😂😂
Ryan and Lyn
He kinda looks like Shwoz (is that how you spell it?) from Henry danger
This guy is some random pervert who wants to rape you
Josue Velasquez Lopez
Is it just me losing my damn mind or does he kinda look like one of those books that have like "funny" jokes in them...
I can't remember cause I rarely see those books now a days

I think I just lost my damn mind
Cam and Owen Wiper shaper
I saw him last night
Fire Le floofy boyo
Wait a hoax?? But I see him in my dream even before I saw this... creepy sorry its true u prob dont belive me..
XDozzyX G
That guy looks weird
Chance Byerley
i dreamed of him he was holding a hammer bashing me with it i am never sleeping again it happend for a month when he was hitting me with it there was a gun with 1 bullet i tried shooting him but i died in my dream i woke up at 2am
Mygame Only
😂 that man look like my grandpa
Suzi B
It is a proven fact the brain can not make up a face in your dreams. You would have to have seen the person's face even for a split second in a crowd even in the most populated place.
Mahendra Rawat
if this is the pic of god thenbgod must be creepy
francesco romano vids 2 aooni channel
My total wierd theory.....

THIS MAN : probably ..... the face of your nightmare... in every place of the world people dreamed this man ... he is a real man..he is god....he is a demonic creature that haunts your dream and nightmares!!..he is a stalker....and even the real life "freddy krueger" we do not know who is this man!..if you dreamed this man,he probably asked u something:something good or bad...do not believe him , I dreamed this man...
0:25 sorry, i ruined your sleep and a whole week
He looks so creepy
I haven't seen him in my dreams
Top KiLLA21
Bihh this man is the actual Freddy K. Nightmare on Elm Street
KeepItComin g
Never dreamed on this man but watching this video before I go to bed I may dream of him :(
I’m not even kidding, I have dreamed about him. I am spooked.
James Pace
I don’t see him any more but like 5 or 6 years ago when I was in like second In grade I would see him in a room made out of white curtains and it was creepy af
Travis Emanuel Arimado
i dream that tonight and i saw this video cuz im looking if im the only one dreaming this guy but my dream was may brother was in the kitchen and im watching cartoonz te my brother called me cuz he said help when i came theres that face and i said who are then he dissapered that the scariest dream i everhad
Nicholas Gaming
Why im wacthing this in the midle of night now i think im gonna see that guy ☹
my phone just glitched o.o
Ricky Porter
that's Kevin Spacey..
1.woke up
2.goes to party
3. Kiss crush.
4.go to sleep

Put that order in backwards that is reality
flame thrower cat
Jillian Holley
I have never seen this man
Victor Oyeneye
I dont have dreams anymore idk why
Jaylen Watson
He ate me
thiago barcellos
Just the Oasis Vocalist!
Cyded Gaming
Nah that ain’t god that’s the devil fam
nah i only dream of ice cream and getting laid :)
Probably 2000 pranksters lol
Tai Lopez Sings
He looks like a child molester.. maybe I have dreamed of him
Never. But now maybe i will after seeing this video.
Naoise Corrigan
I have seen him
Carl Sagan ?
Ive seen him before
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