2,000 People Have Seen THIS MAN in Their Dreams

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Did you dream about this man too?

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o yee
the man makes me really uncomfortable??? i had to cover the screen just so i didnt have to look at his face :/
Nicole Norris
Seen him once but that's it :-/
Blah deBlah
Mass hysteria.
This channel sucks.
I'm not gay
he looks familiar but not in my dreams lol
I'm not gay
I never seen him 😀😀
Guy With Potatoes
That's Jacksfilms
now, i might dream about this guy because i saw his face ......
fuck veganere #fuck nyt års løfter
this is true ive seen him like 2 times
just a normal person on youtube
my little 9 year old sister told me that she had seen this man in her dreams when she was about five. She told me that the dream was with her and him and a few shorter people sitting on a round table and that he was the reaaaalllyyy tall and he had took one of the shorter people and cut him up in pieces. When she woke up she found herself in tears. This creeps me out
seriously this is so old news man, i heard about this like 7 years ago
After hearing this, I'm just thinking of Egor from Persona.
rw stearns
Hella scary looking
hector lopez
who wouldnt dream of him hes handsome lol
Nicole Muller
he's my dentis :P
Barbara Hanrahan
I didn't think I have seen him in my dreams, but I'm wrong I saw him in my dreams before, and in real life
Les Critiques De Charlot
Just reading the comments to avoid seeing him again... I saw the exact same person in my dreams...
Les Critiques De Charlot
I saw him in my dreams !!! 😰
aswin kannan
I also saw this man in my dreams
he is so creepy
Braun Strowman
He kinda looks like Michael Jackson..
Wait, only i think that?
But, i ain't gay so no.
Aussies Connect Playz
Don't do more of these
Trisha Jaliya
I watched this in the middle of the night. Not so scary? I WAS HOME ALONE.
Ebony Cat
I'm so happy I haven't seen him in my dreams
Michael Brown
this is creepy! I haven't seen him yet
Michael Brown
creepy thnx for the nightmares
Elmo Gamer
Looks like my Grandpa
our npl
where is Nepal? It is experinced in Nepal also...
Moudhi Alangari
No I didn't get it
Michael Flanagan
When I have bad dreams I don't get scared it just happens. I would roast the hell out of this guy if he showed up in my dream. lol
Soviet Cyborg
I just saw him! On this YouTube video!!!!
erica z
i was having nightmares about him, i won't and can't tell what happened but it did involve me almost getting killed in an abandoned house. and heck, this guy looks like my dentist.
[D4nK]Gringo 510
im pretty sure im going to dream about him now that i know how he looks like
o Hyperius
I never remembered seeing this face until now it seems so familiar almost like he's always been there.
Christopher Walters
this is actually one of the creepiest thing ever
Henry Barcena
I have seen this man. I killed him in my dream.
Watchya Burgers
Dude, when I was about to fall asleep that guy popped up in my head.
Wombo Bot
LMAO, bro what a legend
Joi Henderson
The antichrist
Kendra Aguilar
dude he looks so creepy
Spirit Wolf
nope I never dreamed about him,I just dreamed about my crush jk I dream about killing special people and killing all people that tortured an animal what ever animal
Scripted Cheese
Alex Globs
I'm sorry but "this man" is very scary! 😳👱
Chuck McCleskey
This guy was on Kitchen Nightmares. Greek restaurant owner looks like the picture. He has two daughters in the episode. I forgot which episode.
John Zoidberg
Just associate him with good things to make it better
Lorenz Rellegue
i saw this man in my recommended section. 😂😂
Hana song
he looks like gargamel from the smurfs tbh. 😂
David Ramos
Not sleeping tonight Lol
Thot Be gone
Nah all ive seen is naked bitches in my dreams
Bodur Ibrahim
I have seen him that's crazy
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