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This month sees the release of the second film in The Hobbit trilogy: The Desolation of Smaug.  Perhaps the most well-known of its characters is Gollum, a mysterious cave-dwelling creature corrupted by the power of the ring.  His digital character was created by New Zealand-based visual effects company Weta Digital. 

In this Nature Video we go behind the scenes with Weta's Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, Joe Letteri, who reveals the technology they used to make Gollum's eyes, skin and movements look believable. 

Joe Letteri has written a feature on the development of Weta Digital's animations for Nature. Read it here:

Rizka Amelia
Gollum is creepier than valak
Giancarlo Giovannetti
2:34 lol, funny shit
John Wie
0:52 XD
For Gollum: our audio app (12 voices)-
Nasty little pocketses
cant believe that someone can actually "act" that... there must be some truethfullness in this scizophrenic behaviour of gollum that circus can find in his own personality?
Insafeli Eliyev
Anthoney Hampton
He's on planet of the apes serkis
Anthoney Hampton
Serious on planet of the apes
Psycho Doodle
It's not all cgi so actors can work off each others and make it believable that they're seeing what we see.
It's still animated so the character looks like something from a fantasy adding to the story and the movie.

This and puppet+cgi are the future of animation. As long as there's something in reality for the actors to work off; it will always be better than just cgi. Just look at the "fantastic creatures and where to find them"; I couldn't ever believe they were with the creature, more pretending they're there.
MEU VIZINHO DANOU O PAU A TOMAR CACHAÇA E USAR DROGAS AGORA ele ta igualzinho o precioso ><><> -si precisar de um dubler do precioso pro filme avisa laaaaaa
lol 2:34 - 2:38 cant stop laughing
Nilesh Chaudhary
0:59 , what music is this?
Jesus you can definitely see the importance of Andy's work. Good actor too by the way.
Noémi Tóth
Már értem hogy miért féltem tőle annyira
Gollum - Shut up !
Bilbo - I didn't say anything
Gollum - wi wasn't talking to you

Sherlock - shut up
Greg - I didn't say anything
Sherlock - no but you were thinking and it's distracting me
Little Angie Minecraft
Gollum : Shut up

Man : i wasnt talking

Gollum : i wasnt talking to you
Анастасия Волкова
Pls give him the Oscar
Angel King
Another option for safe sex...wrap your whole body in latex
Jeff Araujo
I wants more
Filthy frank ?
Ron Wylie
You know only now are they saying Andy should get an Oscar!, he deserved it for this alone, an amazing, experienced actor who has learned his trade. If you have not yet seen it watch him playing "Ian Dury", he is brilliant. They should honor him
Dale Leisenring
Emma Aye
Andy Serkis deserves an award for this
Ashann unplugged
give this man an Oscar
Pavle Ristić
Good job!
Tuin Hek
Glitter LPS
The Ravenclaw Elf
His name is SMEAGOL!
It looks like an old white woman.
kiran kumar
serkin's acting was mind blowing
Holy shit that guy´s faces are hillarious!
golem is uuuuuggglllyyyy!!!!!
TheMasta Pasta
when someone steals you're nutella 4:44
Carol Coates
I love this character, especially as Sméagol. I feel sorry for him trapped with Gollum!
Hacker T.V.
Enes ışık a benziyor
Nastasja Zecevic
This is truly amazing...
Howling Burd19
How he doesn't have an Oscar, is beyond ridiculous!
Lori Wolfcat
Ugh, they already got it right! Now, in the hobbit, he looks CGI. In the Lotr, I didn't even know he was "fake." Now, it's so obvious. 😑😑😑 His eyes give it away. Then, how the light reacts to him vs. Bilbo. Rise of the Planet of the Apes franchise is the same. The body always gives it away.
Nikita Slump
Am I the only one who thought he was a real person owo
alexis Salazar
Andy serkis is a God ..
Gollum's CG is the bar for CG.
that shit looked 100% real, the movement the look the eyes it was the finest CG and it still looks the finest, hell the improved CG is harder to tell if it's gotten better, but they've found a way to speed up the process and have it more accurate yeah they really did a great job making Gollum
Deividas Merkevičius
Honestly, i wanna see, a Gollum movie, hope they gonna make it.
give me a 5 redbulls and i could do it
a Smeagol is a genus of small air-breathing sea slugs of the upper intertidal zone, pulmonate gastropod mollusks in the superfamily Otinoidea. Smeagol is the only genus in the family Smeagolidae. This family has no subfamilies.
is that pink guy?
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Filthy Frank...
Schatten Faust
Steve buscemi would be bettter choice for gollum and they can save a lot of money from CGI and Special make up dep.
Who else instantly thought of pink guy when they saw the suit?
He looks like an uncircumcised dick..
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