That fucking noise per each number is literally driving me fucking ape shit!! Other then that I enjoyed. gj.
Ryan B
If I made a list of the gayest videos; this would be one of them.
Sebastian hoffman
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Gorky Bartholomew
Taylor Hinkle
none of it was scary
B Palushi B
# KnowledgeFeed good work
John Ransom
Penal= "pee nail" check your pronunciation
Alexandria Diaz
y'all complain so much.
Elektro Dragon
Any doll factory is scary abandoned or not
Suzanne Cooke
If you are going to do your own narration, have a literate friend check your pronounciation.
Christa K
Do these places really exist?
Adam Shepherd
The most scary thing is the jump scare-ish sound for the numbers
Jorg J
The castle has been demolished this year
I actually went to an abandoned bunker once, the name is bunker Den Hoorn
henny hefner
Who cares about the pronunciation, just watch the video dickheads
JoanneClosaline BFF
Learn how to read properly
Payton Bury
could do without the music
RaShaye Wheeler
I HATE those types of Dolls!!! (but I still have dolls like a pink puppy, a lamb, a I Love Lucy Bear, A FNAF Freddy Plush, etc...)
Naly Thaitom
Past old
Toxic_Ash likes creepypasta
Hehehe just me chillin in bed gets scared as shit when something called on face thinks its a spider freaks out starts watching YouTube clicked on first video seen thinks why the fuck did I do this to myself
Spoony Love
Sometimes on really hot and humid days I get a horrifying feeling that I may have shit in my pants. So much so that it prompts a bathroom visit to conduct a cautionary wipe to insure I'm not in the midst of a cataclysmic event that requires immediate action on my behalf. I've also noticed it happens most frequently in the days following a sound asshole shaving. I deduce it's from two smooth surfaces, right and left cheek, covered in butt sweat rubbing together with a reduced amount of friction in the absence of hair that gives me that intrusive feeling. I have to imagine I'm not the only person subjected to that phenomena. Even knowing that doesn't mitigate the terror of having my emotions fucked like a cheap red light slut.
You no can read good.
Jay Robinson
The area around Chernobyl is a hunters paradise. No people and lots of wildlife.
Christopher Bono
Cannot count the number of mispronunciations. I hate to complain, but it is really distracting. I've heard several while writing this!
Sardar Nazary
7:14 you can see aghost in the door
Derek Lippincott
Before you narrate anything, PLEASE learn how to pronounce everything!?!?!?
Cursed by a Wizard.......Seems legit
Jason Peterman
The first image of the 'dome homes' is not part of the project on Cape Ramano. It is actually on Pensacola Beach Fl and that picture was taken just after Hurricane Ivan in 2004. A news crew actually stayed in the home during the storm as it was one of the only homes safe enough to handle the devastating storm and its huge storm surge. The house received only superficial damage and I believe is still available for vacation rental.
Dallas Chaney
Dewey AI
Sofia Sisttie
Omg spreepark was in one of the scenes in one of my favourite movies, "Hanna" at the end of the movie. Im just hearing of spreepark for the first time.
WB bLueYe
i was 2 years ago in pripyat..... you can buy a weekend tour for some hundred euros...... i cant describe the feeling..... just curious and scary
William Kunte
How many of you bitch males and whores are gonna tell the man, who obviously don't give a shit about you, that his spelling ain't good and blah blah!
ღStuby Universeღ
1th is Chernobyl
Hissy Gamer
North Korea is creepy
Evan Murty
3:25 Bill cypher from gravity falls
How does something get "widely recognized" as haunted? XD
Curtis Newton
man I need to stop clicking on these top bulshit videos
Darth Wader
They should have included Kenmore Insane Asylum in Goulburn... it is mega creepy...
Rene McKeel
Wow...hire a narrator with a little inflection in their voice. MONOTONE
John Roman
Narrator sounds like John Boy Walton.
Jennifer G
OMG I went to Spree Park back in the early 90s on a school trip. It was fun; I had no idea of its past.
drop the dead donkey
mental, those doll heads are worth a fortune, hundreds each on ebay...go back and get the lot
Sarah Forrest
Mighty White Integra
youve been aloud to go to pripyat for a few years now....
I Read Lyrics Not Books
Reminding me of MW right now
Icelandic Potato
That sound is annoying!!!
Jason X
There is nothing scary about any of these places.
Doggy Doge
If u know that reference
Idk what to say
Saying the next number wasn't enough ?! You had to put the most annoying chime you could locate to denote the next place on your list, plus you can't pronounce words properly... Thumbs down man you should go back and redo this mess for the love of god
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