$4 Burger Vs. $777 Burger

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“I don’t want this burger to ever end.”

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Arcade Killer
I just watched this cause Keith
Joshua Hearn
Them being to bum boys spoil the food
Victor Aguayo
but would Gordon Ramsay like the most expensive one
Ni &Gi
I like Andrew better then Keith sorry 😐
Cool I live in vegas
GoldWaggy PP
i wish this is my job
sander vaher
they should make a cheap hot dog vs expensive hot dog
$777 burger with arugula nooooooooo of all veggies, why arugula?
Annaliese K
I want someone to look at me the way Steven looks at Keith at 6:12 while he's eating 😂
Peri Dot
The cheapest burger is the same price as a small coffee in Australia.
What happened to the other guys?
Melak Hamed
For the $777 burger, the man who brought them the burger sounds like Peter Griffin!
Ellie Wang
They must go to. smashBurger that place is SOOO good
Zeombie Gaming
You could buy a iPhone 7
It's David
It's weird how they bite the burger on the same place the other person did. It's weird because I don't do that with my own family
Turquoise Macaron
Ugh, they don't understand waygu beef... the value comes from the marbling... If you ground the beef you lose the point of the beef
Jakub zancewicz
Clair Thomas
can u do tacos!!!!!!!!!!!
william torres
5:24 Lol the mocking
yamakin 101
My sister might like the Best one
4 ohm
Watching this into a McDonald's
Student Jorge Robles
You guys should try is it worth it tacos
Cameron Slade
I hate Gordon Ramsey restaurants, all money and no substance.
Esme and heath Cupcakes
I hate burgers 🍔
Iris Noel Quinn
I would have to donate my spleen and a little less than a pint of blood to be able to afford that last burger.
Jhope the Flower
I never knew there were burgers better than in n out
Kevin Chao
help. im hungry for burgers now
Sophie Tran
I still smash a burger down even if it's small because it's still too big for my mouth
Lukas Kirtiklis
I can buy for 4dollars in Lithuania fries with spices a small cup of cola and cheeseburger :3
Mike Titz
woah,my comment is at the top of the list,I thought it would be buried in the bottom of the comment section
Christian Herrera
Whos else mouth was watering when seeing this
How rich is Steven
were did he get all this money in one week
Aqua 3456
"How many burgers did America eat in 2014?" "200,000" Keith is legit me
Steven just wants a friend who he can spoil with food. I can be your BEST friend Steven! 😆🖐
Marc Mantione
With a $500 watch he's allergic to that gayyyyy :$
Jasa Morris
the 777 burger costs more then my setup .__.
Barky Tree
0:38 Steven went pass 'Habit Burger Grill' :P
Boob Boobington
i can shove burgers in my mouth just like matt stonie
Newmo The Grand
Hi Guys! Check out the trailer for my new short doco - www.instagram.com/p/BQnorrQjw_q/
WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!:$$-8:!&8&2"/&!..iebqlwbvwjdmckffiseuqkw s+\€\€[£]!{£,£,!\¥.¥!,+<%{€*€,'sisnqlb iskfnysialabhxk
Just went to habit burger today and no joke it was the best burger ever thanks buzzfeed only good thing you've ever done lol
I'm gonna go make a burger now
kazhakhstancheatskz never vac and you know
I love Buzzfeed!!!! thank-you
Laran Sihsa
They way they take a bite off the same burger reminds me of DP category on internet porn.
Mango Pie Myrra
Dynamic duo: Taylor and Selena
tarragon mayonnaise :-|))
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