Sara Yoo
5:17 he sounds like Peter Griffin 😂😂
Aisha B
it wasn't the same without adam
The Gaming Pepsi
I wish I could eat this but I'm all the way across the country
My boy Shane in the back
Lindsey animates 223
Steve: America ate 9 Billion burgers In 2015
Me: how do they know do they stalk people at home ??
Mudkip The Wolf
just a dog lover
boy gordon's restaurant was packed!
salmonella barbatuia
Glad you dropped this dude
choklad är livet. haii
it was a paparazzi after you 2 4:19
wifi password
Rebecca Light
This just made me hungry
Molly Peterson
i'm getting the feeling that keith doesn't like stephen as much as stephen likes keith
Qualified Asian
I love the Habit! try the Santa Barbara burger 🍔
5:27 the guy sounds like the guy from jack in the box
태 태
that $777 burger is giving me anxiety
tyler hayes
They did not did in and out because it would of 1
Usa poop
People are happy they replaced Keith but outside if buzzfeed, they are friends.
This is one of the few BuzzFeed series I actually enjoy :)
Canal INHOM !
Look at Keith *GIANT* mouth... wow
Dancer. xox
I only clicked on this for Keith I love Keith he's amazing
Ankit Sanghi
Andrew is better than Keith
Jessica xoxo
And then there's me, lowkey shipping Keith and Steven. °~°
Brenda Arias
I feel like Steven is too pure for this world 😍 Andrew is best of a partner than Keith
Andrey Kravets
Brisket is not pork
Madi the giraffe
Is no one going to talk about that waiter being extra fancy just cause the camera was there idk why it was funny to me but it was
dunno lol
777 su ogni cosa
cory henning
i was jealous! lol 😂
Jak Daxter
I liked Keith a lot more than Andrew.
Very professional editing, clean vid overall. Love food and comparisons. All you need is to throw in some of my favorite foodies for a guest appearance here and there. Here are a few: ericsurf6, Daym Drops, Afterprisonshow.
Leonardo Osta
Triplo sette su ogni cosa
9 BILLION BURGERS?!!?!! Do you know how much cows' lives were lost for those burgers???? Man I'm glad I went vegetarian.. :(
Keith's jaw looks like it unhinged on the 777 burger
Raw pork ick
Doritos .S
İn turkey we call nusret expensive but if You have 800 $ to spend you can eat a goat
Jack Johnson
Who wants this video to be redone with Steven and Andrew?!
Steven tries too hard ... can see why nobody likes him.
Mishael S Khan
" With Keith and Steven , best buddies for life. "

Until Andrew came along😂😂😂😂😂😂
ViNnYbOy !
Lets be real, the habbit burger sesoning is probably salt and pepper
Eve Reel
dumplings! noodles! fries!
The Shadow
How to make friends Asian version
legend mate
i bet 35637388847476627289494959597726265373829273663829292887646646634562788827363663636366466646463672727373664646646666666666663636364674774 that you did not read the message and you did not realise that i putted a number in it you go back but you do not find any number Now my like
Death OrFate
1$ Bleach VS 6000$ Bleach
Best buddies 4 lyfe, next episode no Keith wtf?!
alaa elsir
They should've went to McDonalds.
keiwana danyell
tbh the $4 burger sound better. not because its $4 but i dont like id enjoy lobster on my burger.. and balsamic vinegar.. no thank you.
Lucas Delhove
give me your job!!!
Antonio Madrid
keith's voice is different in this video than his regular voice in the try guys
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