Stanley Chen
No offense but i dont rly like keith :/
Valentin Rodriguez
Go to McDonald's
Dimos Mantzakis
imagine a $666 dollar burger like woah
Angelo Stevens
BuzzFeed gives you AIDS. Full blown AIDS
The next episode, Andrew graced our screens.
Derp Tube
I like watching these vids but I don't because they make me hungry.
Chidera Madu
U guys should do fried chicken
Alphonse Duponey
They mix meat with foie gras, with bacon, with lobster. Beef together with duck, pork and sea food. That is the most expensive vomit you can buy I guess. Or the best motivation to go vegan.
Amy B.
That last burger looked disgusted though. Goat cheese, lobster AND foie gras? No thx.
Mr Mc youtuber
Steven you had a paparazzi behind you in planet hollywood
Eva Ronning
Less enterprise grip widespread up bullet herb tea.
Lynn Chang
Can someone tell me what the song at the very end is? When they are actually served the burger not when they are watching it being made.
min tao
Imagine if he dropped the burger?
goat cheese can be 8$ at walmart
Jay.Thiccnesss CX
We still want Andrew

Sorry Keith. I love you too
Garrett Pahl
this show seems so much more genuine with andrew
Kenya Harris
Nicole The fifa player
U should have dun it in McDonalds
Artic_panda 17
Is that Shane from unsolved
TKChamp BROScastle
do they pay for these?
Shiny Sylveon Girl Pirate
i wonder who's paying this
Malaya Ochoa
lol I'd rather eat off the dollar menu then eat that
GamingAnimal Z
It's RAW!!
junior hype
are these fuckers gay.
Blue RIm Coral
777?!? It's the truffles it's all ways the truffles
Unknown _1234
Heard the name GordomRamsey and I was like Welp I know who's winning
Oliver Sørensen
The guy who served the 777$ burger looks like he likes to eat the 777$ burger pretty often.
Nicholas Thomson
Code when range drag range fruit rebuild truth.
Do you think Keith knew how successful this show would be
Lilac Skys
"Keith and Steven best buddies for life" literally the next episode. " Andrew and Steven best buddies for life"
What would you compare this burger to "Theft" funny guy :D
JrPlayz 43135
The habit is good
All the potato chips!
i fell like no one likes steven lol
Panic at the fall out romance set it off disco .
Man i wish i had this job it would be so awesome
Immense Darkness
I thought the $777 burger would have everything covered in gold tbh
I mommokmsbxxx🈵☣️🆎🈶🈴🉑

Lloolo exists
WxhyczGvzxqcmlhdlf dog
Lzqyoeeyhrzzrz my x
Clashing Cash
I've eaten at all of these restaurants
Chef: The best burger in town
Waiter: The best burger on the planet

That escalated quickly
Seth Thomas
never bring keith back. ever. he's an arrogant bastard
Anime Freak
When $4 for a burger is too expensive for you 😂
Mỹ Hương Nguyễn Thị
Serena Trieu
"I don't wanna waste any time I wanna eat it."

Stella G
I'm surprised they didn't go to In N Out - that's really the best burger place here in Vegas
Stella G
Hannah Meaker
do they put gold flakes on these $777 burgers?! i wonder what 100 year old vinegar tastes like xD
wrg, no covx shyshtx, idts
Im not gonna watch this video BC there's no Andrew in it
anyone else think he looks like nagafen if you know who he is
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