$4 Burger Vs. $777 Burger

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“I don’t want this burger to ever end.”

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Christopher Mondoux
Keith was probably a little disappointed when they hired Andrew...
Shannon Antoinette
I was surprised that the expensive burger did not have shaved truffle on it.
Pelin Özbalcı
Oh my god that felt like the burger episode in himym
Dicey TV
Burgers shouldn't be meant for fancy eating tbh
Niva Vevo
I'm eating a burger
Bijan Love
love this, but its clear Steven and Andrew are a better duo! haha
I am just happy that, for once, the high priced choice didn't simply have caviar and truffles heaped on top. More often than not, they simply put a nice made meal and throw those in to justify the price.
Eda Jane Ahmaogak
Keith is a magical unicorn and Steven is a baby panda. :)
Nour K
The waiter at 5:23 sounds like the guy who voices garfield
kyle cannon
I enjoy watching these vids as I sit here eating cup ramen. I feel like I'm living life vicariously this way
Loy So
The normal burger looks better then the other two expensive ones
thats disgustinglm how steven bit into the food that was already eaten by keith ewwww
Davin Moua
i will go for the $4 burger because its cheap and it look good!
Helena Rubil
1:20 kills me every time
Zack Wood
"(piano music crescendos)"
Darylle Osugi
This is making me hungry now •-•
Im canadian and im planning a trip to LA right away here, you guys have given me so many ideas for food that i hate you, how am i supposed to eat it all?
Sophie Bryant
This is a burger shop that sells burgers which is worth 1000 $ but it sells them free 🍔🏣
One like one free burger which is worth 1000$
Alexandra Najera
Glad this guy didn't stick around. I like Andrew and Steven
Alyson Henry
Nooo where's Adam??
Vanessa Hofman
You guys seem like you don't like eachother very much! seem to cut eachother off alot and not enjoy eachother jokes.. makes for lame video..
Ishrat Fatima
who else is eating burger while watching this!
Hao Han Lee
Ok maybe not.
Santiago Hinojosa
I was hopping to see In-N-Out on this video
Gemini Kitty
Is it just me or did that guy not sound like Trump
Pitchanun Kongtaweesub
no offense but sometime i find that Steven is so annoying you can see it on Keith's face!
Ugly Potato
I'm hungry
Keeley Maynez
Clorox Bleach
$666 burger lol
Diva Love
where's andrew and adam???? :'(
John Mark Estacio
Owww how sweet😂
do not watch this if youre hungry
That's so sad "Keith and Steven best friends for life!" Awwww I feel so bad
The habit is better it's good it's very popular in Cali and Arizona I recommend you all to try it it's the bomb :D
Antwan Boissinot
The Gordon burger and the last burger was raw af
Bobobob boboboob
I'm so hungry xd
Aylett Kish
it seems like Steven likes Keith more than the other way around. are you guys really best friends?
u can see how much keith doesnt like steven
Busse Boi
3:21, Keith's Face XD
Persona Paragon
Kiwi Slush
The habbit is my favorite burger.
Really Keely
I hate how everyone in the comments is bagging on Keith just because they prefer Andrew, like okay that was always allowed. Also saying Keith is a jerk to Stephen ? Untrue he was just joking around, not even that negatively and it never even once seemed like he "doesn't like Steven".
Hoseok's Tight Leather Pants
i want a best buddy like steven in my life :'"")
Trung Hiếu Lâm
Two guys shared a burger. OMG. :))
Keith Looks Kinda Gay..Since He Acts Like It and Speaks Like a Gay Sorry Keith
W.D Gaster Glitchtale
I hate you BuzzFeedVideo! Making me go through this torturous Video! Making me Hunger for something so Delicious that I cannot get!
Abe Changsta
they forgot the HonkyTonk burger that cost like 2,000 USD
Faisal Zafar
why the hell do I always watch food videos on YouTube when im hungry and/ or its 2AM.
Joaquin Christopher Pena
Vegas is like....BURGER BABY!
I would go to habit burger
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