$4 Burger Vs. $777 Burger

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“I don’t want this burger to ever end.”

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Lil Zack IV
He's got to stop saying "Best Buddies" or "Dynamic Duo" whenever he is with Keith. It seems like it lowers their friendship level.
That is why Stephen, Andrew, and Adam are the best duo of this channel
Marcus Nunn
I don't know why they couldn't have just cut the last burger in half
Ultimate Drago490
Yo that 777 burger is like 2000 in myr
Jps Vlogs
Wish I ate that 770 burger
Owen Teems
That moment when you can get 140+ burgers for the price of the last one
Lord Pepe
Honestly the 777$ burger is not really worth it. Just cause it has 100 year old balsamic vinegar, does not mean it should be that much. Just saying
Episode sarah
The most expensive burger ever is 6000 DOLLAR
Honest Hangedman
Burger idea: let's throw the most expensive ingredients together and charge a funny $ amount for it. It probably doesn't even taste good...
o-oh my god it doesn't have truffles.
Alexa Jordan (Seraiden)
I live in Las Vegas, so my family is SO going to one of the Habit grills nearby soon. :D Even if I AM allergic.
The legendary kyuubi
ew i dont get how people share food
at least it wasnt a 666 burger '_'
tbh, I prefer mcdonalds chez burgers for £1.... ACTUALLY its 99p :D save 1p
katsu andthegang
at 4:07 theres just acreepy dude filming them and its not a camera man
Galaxy woods
Stop at 4:11 and you'll see a guy with a camera behind them
Trisha B
$777 burger?!
Thomas Allan
um sooo is it actually his money that he uses to buy all that food and plane tickets? or??
Thomas Crabtree
why are these videos so damn enjoyable
Lila Roy
Income Japanese doctor subtle therapist transform question.
I just wanna hug the waiter from the 777burger because he looks like a marshmallow
aryel zhang
That 777 dollar hamburger is gonna end up in the toilet anyway so.....
Steven is so cuute
bob bob
They went to Vegas for Habit as well?
make more videos like this please, these videos are awesome! :)
Angel Sims
There is a flood in my mouth right now.
Benjamin Paulis
And then they realize they forgot the cheese
medium rare pork burger?????? good luck
Anthony ye
They're enting a 777$ burger and I eat only bread
so tired of Keith.
Pavel Král
I can look at it, I'm not used to Asians. They have no eyelids and it is repulsive to me. But I understand that they can not help it, but I will not do anything with it.
kim tae
2:39 that save me tune 🎤
wow this old co-host is so much worse than the new one
777 for a burger and they couldnt even cook it all the way through.
Goes to a 777$ restaurant.. Eats with hands
Qusai Rafie
Omg bill gates eats like a king
Ashley Xu
Steven is so cute
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman
I hate this other guy where is the blonde guy and the shy guy with a beard????????😥😥😥
This group was way better rather than Stevan and that other dull boring guy
Leonardo Gomes
I certainly prefer the 4 bucks one
Rana Maowia
MURICA, I want all of them ;-;
I'm actually eating a McDonald's burger while watching this and those last 2 burgers looked a lot better than mine
theeven1sout comic
my sliva is like 6 meters long now
Филипп Касатый
Wealthy slow independent genetic earn.
Paige Anderson
steven is the most dog-like person ive ever seen
Jonathan Garduno
"I had so much pleasure watching you eat that burger!" Fuckin cuck
I want andrew(
ricky from seth
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