Teachers Who Know How To Deal With Students!

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to some hilarious teacher student fails where the student is being a smart ass and the teacher responds in the best way.

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Lizette Wood
Lizette Wood
Justin Bieber spots on his fans from the top of his balcony when there at his house
i just like musicals sue me
Blue Fire Inc.
I didn't get in trouble for making a penis joke having to do with the fact that moby dick was a sperm whale in class. I didn't get in trouble for literally dropping the mic at a school play. I also didn't get in trouble for making drug references constantly. But I got in trouble for yelling at people to pay attention to my project. WTF.
james salerno
The worst was mrharold he caled evry1 werd
trey tyce and vince
I want more of this
Lily G
( |_| )
( •-•)
( >🍚
Here, have some rice.
Emz Magpayo
Roses are red
My name is not Dave
This makes no sense
Mr. Cookies
I got a joke:

Never mind, I will try to be original next time.
Hockeyrookie 4
It's funny because my dog literally once ate my homework
Imogen Henderson
1:16 paused, Tal's Face looks HILARIOUS!
I'm going to try to get my work done as soon as I can in High school. Because some teachers give you extra creds if you hand in stuff early. :/
I'm sort of scared. I'll be in highschool by the september of 2018...
Dead Sky
Sophia Fahy
Onnce in kindergarten my dog ate my homework I still brought it to school but then shr showed the whole class and everyone laughed generally at me (kindergarten was 4 school years ago)
Lea D
My sister ate my homework like the last time

Yes but not your sister it's your dog no one will think is your sister

Ok it's my dog now
Bruno Kester
A teraz zamieszczę tu Polski komentarz nad którym znaczeniem obcokrajowcy będą się zastanawiali i na końcu dodam emotikonkę śmiechu. Plan idealny xD
Seth Freakin' Rollins
1:01 what i came for
Vanessa Garduno
I remember my 5th teacher was a lot like this
Number 1 is kinugfu not number 1
Biohazard Inc.
i wish these teachers were my teachers
thaydoi hienphap
There is an add about Tall
A girl in my class her aunty's dog actually ate her homework
Hannah Sibley
Student: Would you punish me for something I didn't do?
Student:Good,because I didn't do my homework
Poli Spasova
Who else got the add of yarn with Tal, before playing the vid? 😂😂
Teengaming #1
3:35 that guy was my social studies teacher in sixth grade I'm going into eighth now
emerald gemini5325
I once had my baby nephew eat my math homework
DarkFire Gaming
watch yandere memes try not tooooooooo laugh YAAAAAAAAA!!!!POOP!!I LOVE MY BORING LIFE YAAAAAAAY!!!?!!
What is actually so bad about working at McDonalds?
Brian Peterson
my dog has actully ate my homerork before and my teacher accepted it
luna moon
student: how do you spell dictionary?

teacher: say it out loud

student: Dic-tion-ary oh Dick
Chloe Pillay
My Tech teacher did something similar to the Justin Bieber question
It had spikes and everything XD
Phoenix Love
My teacher this year had memes on the walls of her class LMAO
Kayla F
For the homework assignment I've been doing the last one the whole time
Alex Grey
One time in fifth grade my teacher's dog ate my classwork.
My math teacher once was explaining a math concept, and he said to us, "Don't make this mistake. I like to call this the Rami."
Rami was a student in the class.
The Darth Vader would be my dad
Josiah Ellinger
In all honesty the #yolo im pretty sure is mine
HeadshotGamer X
If I were to wear a fake mustache I would get yelled at by the vise principal.
Roses are red
I dont know how to rhyme
I love to suck cock
Every single time
WarriorCats Forever
me: hey wanna meet up after class (talking to my friend)
teacher: why are you talking when I'm teaching
me: then why are you teaching in the middle of my conversation
Teacher: YOUR ON DETENTION (almost cried)

this is a real story btw
Pretentious Name
At 1:30
That's what my teacher gave us for "homework"
EmbwaceTheWeiwd IAlthoPlawyMinecwafe
I NEED THESE TEACHERS😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 AROUND 1:43 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 THIS TEACHER i need them😂😂😂
Sydney Howard
My add was tal lol
God Sisters
At 3:19 my teacher and whole school uses memes
Ann Dominguez
I've been working on #1 for the list of HW for 4 years. The problem that the student put #yolo is easy to solve. And Saturn has six rings no one. And if you know Greek/Roman mythology ( shout out to demigods from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter) Saturn is the Roman form of Kronos, who is the King of the Titans and Father to Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, and Hera
Ale cat kawaii
My reading teacher has a wall full of teacher memes
ShakenApple 4918
Once my dog pissed on my homework
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