Teachers Who Know How To Deal With Students!

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to some hilarious teacher student fails where the student is being a smart ass and the teacher responds in the best way.

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Sarah Huettemann
Q: What happens when you do conditioner before shapoo? A: Super soft hair and it stays like that for a long time. ♡ you should do it.
isabelli808 MIL
Everyone of these is basically my teacher.
My classmate wore a fake mustache for the whole day at school, and he was 11
Ella Williams
Here is a story I found on twitter that really happened:
Weather Forcast: It will be snowy and schools will be closed
On Twitter:
My school: School is not actually closed. They have made a mistake.
Random Student: do to your mistake i will not come to school tomorrow
My teacher: Use upper case letters when starting a sentence and punctuation to end it. It would be due not do. Upper case the 'I'. Considering how you wrote that sentence, you should go to school tomorrow.
My teacher's tweet is later re-tweeted alot and he was called savage by old students of his
Alicia's Cool Videos
if Justin Beiber saw this...... i would laugh, like if you agree
When I was in high school, I had a math teacher who had a strange love for math. He was very patient and got even the most uninterested of us who questioned everything to try our best. Every day he would come in and say MATH IS BEAUTIFUL!! with a big smile on his face and it was just contagious! He'd stay up all night grading and come and give us our results early in the morning and wanted to discuss them, even if we had other classes. I really miss that guy.
Tattooed Banana
3:15 stale memes smh
Caiden 205
3:18 that's in my home room
DeadBush TheNoob
Teacher: When I was your age Timmeh, I was the smartest science kid in a class.
Timmeh: So? I went to math class.
Teacher: Eyyyy Johneh?
Guinea Pigs 26
Once two people in my class had a bossy off and it was made by my teacher
emo trash
Once my teacher snapped at the Student:
Ali: Miss, did you know I KNEW you were gonna be my teacher?
Teacher: Ali, when did I ask, and who said I even care?
Me: Sits bolt up OH HA

He was considered the class clown. Now I am.
Flaming Lizard
I did heaps of jokes to a teacher and he was about to laugh
Ashley Jackson
If a phone goes off in my class, my teacher will answer it no matter what
Jace Luckoski
My teacher uses the experiment meme except it says "my teacher said I had potential then he pushed me off a cliff
LaDonna Foringer
I'm not kidding my friends homework got eaten by her dog
Nick Friday
my sister wants u
I love how you respect Justin Bieber, Tal. (I'm not a JB fan.. but I don't hate him.)
Ty Kidder
Gal has cursed all of us he said "Voldemort" 😱
Praise the Lord🙏
My moms a teacher she said that she would do this #CarGuard #GarbageBoy
mythical gamer
4:43 what song is that also that's my fav one XD
Ann-Marie Hurley
Oh my god, after he said the use conditioner first thing I was done my shower and used conditioner first xD😂😂😂
Aim 4 Miricles
My dog acctually are my homeowrk twice so I gave in a ripped up soggy piece of paper then they believed me
chie ladia
im a teacher...that's all :)
E for Eric
My dog ate my homework and choked on it and died
my older sister is a math teacher at my high school and she BUUUURRRNNNSSS her students 😂😂😂
Eugenio Santiago
my brother is 13 and he has a mustash and is growing a beard
Warehouse Ambrosia
Teacher:kate what happend to ur homework?kate:meh dog ate it!teacher:U DON'T EVEN HAVE A F***ING DOG!
Warehouse Ambrosia
Katniss Playsvlogs
Can you make another vid like this
5,362,235 subscribers
Kendra Turner
"cUse god liked it so he put a ring on it "???????
Aaliyah Rivera
a lot of boys in my school have mustaches......I'm 13 in middle school
Princess Luna
7:00 Tal: I'm so hot, I need a snickers. that has nothing to do with being hot.
mikayla duong
ᗰE -> ᑎEᐯEᖇ ᖇIᐯEᖇ ᗪOIᑎG ᕼOᗰE ᗯOᖇK -> ᖴᖇIᗪᗩY ᗷᖇIᑎGᔕ Iᑎ OᑎE ᑭEᗩᑕE Oᖴ ᕼOᗰE ᗯOᖇK
Lizzy G
I Had 2 Funny Teachers 4 2 Years Which Is 3rd And 4th now after a few years im 2ith a teacher who roasts ppl.LIKE DAAAAAMMNNNN CHILL WOMAN
Cross \0w0/ don't touch my senpai nightmare
art class has lots of memes of having stuff with u and not be late
Jovanni Uribe
2:12 My 10th Grade Math Teacher Dressed Up For Halloween During Class.
Chris Montano
our teacher is like that
Valeria Bautista
At 6:30 his mouth wasn't going with what he was saying
Clorox Bleach
I just actually started karaté
Sah MM
I wanted to have teachers like those.
Daniela juarez
My lunch monitor(who is a woman) said to us "just don't get me in trouble" when we were like killing each other at lunch😂😂😂my class loves her!
Eipmuj Rotpar
I have level 11 charisma
Bere678 0978
the one where he is drinking students tears those kids must be really depressed
TacticalProductions414 youtube
My teacher had a student who's dog actually are their homework
puppies rescue
"this is so creative and funny"he says with a straight face 😂
I once had a sub and we (my class, not me, I'm respectful) kept talking and laughing at everything he said so he wrote "you WILL fail this semester and it will NOT be funny" on the board 😂👌🏽👌🏽
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