shahril power
curry such a nice guy .... humble man ... i have high respect for him
Nahiyan Gulam
LeBron in on the joke dumbasses
Hollywood Hawkins
Curry is a real champion.
Yoda Ydyxz
That’s entertaining. That was speaker I can’t believe he believed him
Aditya Shantika Putra
Curry won our heart
Nicolas S
Curry is the best! ...🤣talking on the ball 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥
Theflashx X
Guillermo is the best
I'm Batman
U look like Charles Barkley. LMAO
Chuy Peña
Curry looks good in that vid
kings Outdoors
Much respect for steph
His prediction is correct✔✔✔✔
Curry is kind
Kamila Time
Jerry Lyu
first pronounce it right bro, it's not LeeBron
GabeMIke Cruz
Guillermo is so funny 😂
Inziswap 012
I saw this on Instagram 😂😂
BiG JuiCe
Aww Shumpert be nice it's only a joke.
Collar PlayZz
Stephen curry has so much respect
Curry is the best
Daniel Faseyi
Lebron and Guillermo have a jimmy and matt damon situation...Guillermo is still waiting
Nathan Young
Warriors are so much nicer than the cavs
Deryck MENG
It was the Final, every player of those two teams was under a lot of pressure, which is why I don't blame Lebron James for ignoring a "weird" (also funny and sweet) reporter. I've been a fan of GSW and Steph Curry for a couple of years and this is the first time I see this vedio. I just wanna say Steph Curry is the best. Not only in games, but also in life .
Rekha Shiva
Kevin Lee
Kendrick Perkins is my favorite Disney princess.
Johnny GoodFellow
Curry is a Satanist
Schuyler Westley
shumpert is mad funny
Curry is such a nice guy
Ashley Morales
I feel everyone was rude to Guillermo except for Curry. Good on him, though, for being so friendly and cool
Cali Carrera
I love Guillermo
Cali Carrera
Frozen 😂
Cali Carrera
Hi this is my microphone 😂
Sky Kitties
I want a hug from Stephen Curry 😍😂😍
Hanlim Little Boy
Curry > James
i dont respect lbj from now on
Rekha Shiva
Maria Gonzalez Mansilla
LeBron sucks man who does he thinks he is? Curry is such a nice guy and ppl hate him cause he's good?
Chili Dia
" Mr. Jumpert " 😭😭💀
Natalie Rantisi
Hilarious, make more of these
Patrick Star
This man is so funny
Nathaniel Rodriguez
The cavs players other than like JR aren't really fun 😂 they too serious
Ryn Marie
JR Smith is such a cool dude.
Jordan Burchett
The warriors were nice cavs were mean
Jose Ventura
To this day Guillermo's hug came back to Curry and won the championship
Trician Pereira
Mr BBQ 😂😂😂😂😂
Musically Compilation
Isaiah Sisneros
Isn't Guillermo a security guard
Ferrit Asia
"Can you sighn my net" lamoo
Sarah Gonzales
That smile is life.... Light skinned boys are just nicer.√ Lolll.
Sarah Gonzales
Jimmy's wrong for sending that poor Hispanic man to do his dirty work for him that he's not bold enough to do himself. xD
And Steph---I am so in love with him now. ^,^ ^,^ And I swear this just recently happened! Goes to show appearances alone don't always capture the attention of one. Because I definitely noticed he is a handsome guy, but it took me watching him in interviews to completely win me over. The sheer niceness just makes him so much hotter. .. <3
#AndIDontEvenWatchSports. xP
Swan Ronsen
a friend of Guillermo is a friend to me.
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