10 Most Popular Toys In Different Countries

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Do you know that LEGO was originally created in Denmark in 1932? And that China has this awesome Yo-Yo called Diabolo? And that Japan’s Hello Kitty was first introduced on a vinyl coin purse? Here are 10 more popular childhood toys from different countries around the world!

Hello Kitty is a beloved Japanese toy that’s been around since 1974. The toy became so popular it became one of the most well-known toys around the world just four years after its launch! You can find Hello Kitty-themed everything - accessories, clothing, and even cafes!

One of the most popular toys in the USA are the American Girl Dolls, which is created by Mattel, the same company that produces Barbie dolls. American Girl Dolls bring creativity and are on a mission to unleash young girls’ full potential by making them realize they can do anything they set their minds to. American Girl Dolls give voices to a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds and have inspiring characters with stories that make a difference. 

Because childhood toys became so advanced and are so easy to throw away and forget about, Italian toymakers had a different idea. They created paint-free cars, made from high-quality and long-lasting wood that can be passed on through generations. The company believes that “playing is a serious matter.” They created popular toys that not only last for a long time but have a distinctive sweet smell that takes you back to your childhood! 

What are the most popular toys in Mexico and Hungary? Make sure to watch the video to find out! Don’t forget to subscribe to TheThings YouTube channel!

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Max Robert
Finally! An original video!
Jana Khodr
what was australias
Archana Sharma
after watching the full video I think think as per now number is fidget spinner
Archana Sharma
I think lego is better than playmobile
ThePro Animater
what toys have you played with

me: every toy
Kaylynn Toya
they are still selling American girl dolls to this day
Carmen Colosimo
Which country is play Mobli in
Bonnie Baker
Max Jervis
I'm so confused were are figet spinners
Fadwa Labiad
Ronan Mooney
Fidgit spinners
Dhruti Prasad
u did not speak about India
Game Day
Patricia Villanueva
i like Marias
Rojaraja Raja
I like this video.... I subscribed
Awesome Ellie
i play sunka and lego which makes 2
eusha pokemon
no fidget spinner
Rachel Harper
odinary boys
plz make the video of fidzet spiner
Rizkia Putri
i dont now that lego is from denmark
Moyaz Ibney Rafique
my one is lego
Debra Greaves
amirical doll
Aaliyah Allen
Aaliyah Allen
go play mobile
Aaliyah Allen
go ag
Sam Williams
I like hot wheels and greenlight toys
Taylor Meservy
Mark Anthony Fronda Legaspi
NOOB FOR Fidget Spinner Lol!! Noooooooooooooooob
Naaz Sikander
barbie is better
Sydney Grant
American girl dolls and Rubik's cube
Saad Ahmed
fidget spinner is also a popular toy
The Funnys
Where are the Canadian toys?
Kavita Gajra
what about india
The Funnys
Do they have American Boy dolls?
sachi remollo
I was playing sungka with my friend while watching this
Mohammed Kahla
american girl dolls are better

P.S.:I hate barbie dolls.
Abdul Mosin
fidget spinner is my favourite toy
Tri Pantyarso
She/he missed indonesian!😢
Far H Far
Who is Filipino
Te'erra McBride
Enrique Luna
My favorite toy is a shooter
Novtek Jenna Abao
qhoohoo finally i have a fidget spinner
Brian Dusting
I have got the Diablo
Sabrina Vogt
cabbage patch kids and legos
darwin garcia
I like the fidget spinner
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