Floyd Mayweather Says Conor ‘Mr. Tapout’ McGregor Likes To Quit | ESPN

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Floyd Mayweather admits he’s not the same fighter he used to be, but guarantees he’ll have no problem handling Conor McGregor during their presser in Los Angeles to promote their fight in August.

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Esar Abdikar
Would Floyd trash talk like that if he fights Connor on the pentagon
Duane Bell
My god, Mayweather is definitely American. Take from that what you will.
My nigga Floyd up der drunk asf 😂😂😭
All I see here is racism to white people here
Maurice Issa
McGregor only made 3 mill his last fight... Bwahaha fooking broke poosyy!😂
scorpio_ jack
All work is what bullshit
Richard Lim
Mcgregor sign the contract to fight mayweather in boxing. yeah .. but my question is, did COWARD/RUNNING chicken Mayweather sign a contract to fight Mcgregor in the World of UFC??.. pathetic...whatta shame Floyd. . . if anyone Floyd fan here dosen't have an answer to this question..., then,... SHUT YOUR FUCKIN' MOUTH.....
Hermione Therese
Connor will be swinging air come august 26
advertisment????? WTF!!!! why fucking adblocker not work??? first ad I see since about 5 years atleast ....... :-(
Maurice Harris
Didn't Mayweather get his ass beat by Pacquiao? Wasn't that fight rigged? I think this fight will be a repeat of Mayweather getting tossed around the ring and the judges saying he won.
Бекзат Сеитов
49-1 Eaaa
Gio Sáenz
what song is it?
The Essence
Floyd should have literally danced when mcgregor said dance for me boy lol
Mcgregor had to come to the boxing ring because you dint have the balls to fight him in the octagon
Floyd : I dont give a fuck if it's a ring I dont give a fuck if it's an octagon
Mcgregor : Dont be talking shit you do give a fuck if its an octagon
Floyd : ...
Mcgregor *smirks
Floyd : ...

Me : LMFAO ROFL😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Dobbs
Can you say Apollo vs Drago ..... enough said
antonio lopez
why they did shup up conor's mic? i would like to here it xD
G-Dog! 58.
They have to bleep out cuss words, geez. Is this the Disney channel????
Don Tio La magia
Coner win or not win....take that fucking money...We no better MMA fighter and a boxer give me a break.
Anthony Velasco
In the octagon, McGregor wins hands down. Since this is boxing, the points are gonna go to Mayweather because all he does is duck and throw one or two punches. Its strategy in the boxing ring, so ill say its gonna go to Mayweather. Just know, if this was a REAL fight, McGregor would whoop ass. But since it aint, its just another payday 💰💰
I watched this. Thought about it, and nah I couldn't give 2 fucks. Yu'll do nuttin!
Greg Comito
Floyd is just one of those people that you hope just gets fucked up and humiliated lol
HeR0o7 H
mcgregor needs to whip his ass
Raman Chaudhary
May weather is a hypocrite he saying mcgregor is a tap out if he was in the octogon he would tap out more
"ALL WORKERS WHAT?"... Lmfao is someone telling him what to say when he walks off?
Boere plaas
Jesus Christ May Wheather is as dumb as a fucking doornail. Speak like a normal person you dumb dumb.
edgar skateordie
Mc Gregor is going to lose in boxing rules.
Floyd will lose on MMa rules because they are no rules.
Too hot Too not
The "MANNY" Team
King G
11 years older, Mayweather could still beat him
Rhoads Windham
I guess in this case money walks and bullshit talks..... if you catch what I mean
John Hanna
Floyd is a dead man walking Conor will kill him
John Hanna
Floyd is a dead man walking Conor will kill him
Synical Productions Official
Mouthy Mayweather would get destroyed in the octagon, no questions asked, no doubt!!

And yep floyd, Mcgregor wants them 4 ounce gloves!!! bwahahahaha!!

Lets hope for a 2nd fight, in the cage...and we'll see! team Mcgregor all the way
Po$itivity Ko$hur
easy payday for both it looks like smh
highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl
gay af
Allegro T
Mayweather hits faster than anyone Connor has ever faced in the octagon. Mayweather will pop Connor 5 times a round till the final bell, and Connor will chase and miss every. single. time.
The Strain Experience
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La Ne
He's not the best ever, mohammef ali is
this video could have been over in 4 mins if floyd hadnt been walking around every time he says 1 sentence on mic
mikey sparks
The best ever? Fucking guy in the beginning gives so mich disrespect. There is no way in fucking hell floyd is better than Muhammad ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Robinson, or Joe Frazier.
Tim Thomas
HARD WORK, say that with a fist full of cotton
Katy Diaz
Mayweather undefeated??? LOL I don't remember him getting his gold medal in the Olympics he got a bronze he lost that gold medal bout fuckin pussy!
Chad Bax
the man flys american colors ill back mayweather

His 4 family members respond...

"Yeah...I still got it"
connor us a quitter? 5 years ago connor was a nobody he came from nothing
What was he waiting for...? I know it wasn't the teleprompter...cause he can't read!
mario short
If Floyd lose white ppl getting beat up for all this going against a black American y'all some bitches
Mexlycan Filmico
I see in Mayweather another Muhamad Ali in other words, another future Parkinson victim.
Jonathan Massey
at least Conner knows how to dress himself and talk on a microphone coherently.
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