Chris Jericho gets locked in a shark cage: Raw, Dec. 19, 2016

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After learning he'll be dangling above the ring in a shark cage when Kevin Owens defends the WWE Universal Title against Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho falls victim to an "accident" that leaves him high and dry.


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William Carter-tindale
keep him in the cage forever
tyler froud-little
ernid hekic
Lionel Smith
he really meant it
Robyn Little
Wait Soryyyy Manger you My 2 favorite After HBK
Norah Alnosani
I can't wait to see Jericho in the royal rumble locked up in the cage
the phenomal jaxon
2 weeks away
madison freeman
kiaritza marlene
like si lo vez en el 2017
Who thinks that when they get the diamond play button they should have a party?
Alliance Gaming
1:37, Harambe sign
Black Ninja
that's funny
Tania Boyd
Who else saw the harambe sign
Jesus Cantu
The way chris jericho says, "FOLEY! OPEN THE DOOR FOLEY! OPEN THE DOOR!!" Well i was a fan of chris jericho when I first heard of him, he is still cool though, but why this gimmick? But all funny how it was in this part.😂
The Main Event King
giorgi nanitashvili
wow! wow wow !
Corn Dogg
So scripted
Vikia Terry
hi omg
Ethan Harris
IV got a WWE game 2016 and the missions so basically the mission I'm stuck on is I'm Stone cold Steve Austin vs Bret hart
Tuấn anh Trần
2:34 AGAIN
2:52 AGAIN
Boba Fett
They should have put the cage in a shark tank (not the tv show)
Warith Allah
Y2J is one of the few superstars left for the attitude era but at the royal rumble he will never interfere Agaain
lisa cash
Wow I didn't no th Chris Jericho
Was scared of heights
Khadijah Tahir
he should not have gone in
Olivia ol
yes yes yes jericho😈in the😀cage😂
emgaming Morales
fanypack Mick Foley
Its The Beepo
This was sooooooo roleplayed!!!!
Qué mala actuación xD
Raven Nash
nice job mick nice job locking chris jericho in that shark cage now Roman regins can focus on winning the royal rumble and heading to wrestlemania Go Roman i believe in you
Michael gaming lol
Earth The Humans Hone
Lock me in there with my crush for a week
Tangecha “The” Bloodedge
guess Mike saw that little stunt Chris did when Kevin fought Seth now if only he'd Gallows and Anderson a second chance with Xavier locked in a cage unless this is before night of champions if so Gallows and Anderson still deserve a second chance
juan balbuena
jose iago
Hes is over
Ale Villa
wtf shoot them both
Jihad Munshi
You know what everyone
fun money
Anyone else notice the picture with steve brule on it?
Schleich horseluver 2734
Jericho has to boleve
Sandra Antoniazzi
bien fait
Roblox 20Dan03
Wait, this is raw? Damnit I clicked on the wrong video
Chris Plays
Make a double title match with roman reigns and his US title VS Kevin owens and his universal title
Doesn't seem very becoming of a heel to admit he's "afraid of heights" and whine :P Come on
Rosanna Del Castillo
Their acting is so bad
Chris Sparks
he is so scared
Waleed Shah
L Michele
Drink it in maaaaaaaan😑😑😑
Eze Azu
This segment was great. Mick Foley is an Attitude era veteran and knows how to set up a great match and promo
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