Peter Pashinev
PC Power!!!
Stay awhile and listen!
Andrew Haycock
First of all, I have enjoyed this video. A great addition to what I have noticed is a renewed interest in 1990's PC gaming.
Now, as someone very dedicated to this, I thought I might point you to some resources you may find interesting. is THE place to go for information on this subject. I have been following Phil for a very long time and he has the resources to make your retro-gaming life happier and better. Trust me, if you have an issue, go here.
Every build is different and I like your choice of components, but I have a few tips.
In terms of cooling the Voodoo 3, Phil's Computer Lab offers an excellent approach to this that will be quieter and a lot better.
For the record, I used those blower coolers back in the day and I think they're actually worse than nothing, as they are noisy, don't provide much cooling and the fan motor adds as much heat as they remove. I have taken a different approach to Phil and used this:
I cool a Voodoo 5500 using one of these instead of the onboard fans and it works very well and is pretty quiet. There are many solutions similar to this.
A point of note with the Voodoo's, is that they make fantastic DOS gaming cards too, so really a very good choice.
Playing anything that's CPU sensitive? Go here;
I suspect you'll be using a 440BX chipset so this should make a big difference.
I would love to see more details about this system, Hard Drive, the nature of your optical drives, whether you consider adding a MIDI module to your soundblaster etc. Like I said, great video.
Jeremy Nyberg
You gotta get a ball mouse for that retro bumpy feel. :)
I love seeing videos like this. I've always been a PC gamer at heart, but I was at the mercy of whatever my parents bought for our family computer in the 90's. Which would often involve a basic computer that could barely play flash games with no dedicated GPU. The only game I could really play was the original Runescape, back when it had what's now considered "classic" graphics. I played the hell out of that until it switched to its first version of 3d. By then, I was old enough to finally buy my own computer. An athlon 64x2 4200+ cpu, and a whole 1 gig of ram. I was coming from the family system that had 512mb of ram and I was completely blown away thinking I was living in the future. Then I bought 4 gigs of ram and added a GTX 8600 to it. I built that computer solely based on the rumor that Diablo 3 was coming out. Diablo 3 didn't even come out for another 4 years until after I built that computer.
Stunts is a freewhere game legal to download and share.
Cilvar Frey
No Deus Ex. Sorry, but MetalJesus doesn't rock in this video. :P
Come on man this pc is old but its not vintage at all in any sense like seriously bro smh
Sooo, reverse LinusTechTips? xD
so how did you capture dos very interested to know
Ramot Gnisnal
I prefer a 1999-mid2000 pc config myself as my dream retro gaming pc.
Voodoo 5500 to take in Glide API
500mhz pentium 3 to still keep speeds reasonable in dos titles
sound blaster live
100gb of storage to carry am entire library of 90s titles.
if I had to ditch the voodoo 5500 in favor of a gpu from 1999 I'd go with the voodoo 3500 despite the geforce 256 being better
The Mechwarrior Games were great too!
Great now I have an itch to play Pod Racer
Catherine Limerick
Max Pc, Dream Machine 98 - Abit BH6 Mobo, PII-450, Sb Live, Us Robotics 56k External, PC100 Corsair Ram, 32 Meg TNT Vid Card... Something like that as I remember. I took them up on the build including the case. It was massive to say the least. Anyway I bought me some Celery @ 300A instead of the PII 450. What a machine!
The diabetes medicine should be on its way, hoping my Patreon funds get there soon!
Marcelo Velarde
Every game seems like a joke back then, except for NFS(now is a joke)
Honeypea Digital
Ahhh stunts. I still play this occasionally. What you're missing is Chips. Can't remember the full name but that I spent hours on
Gabronx RetroGaming
You've built my first pc, except for the fact that I only had 128 mb of SDRAM 100 ahaha
Phil Whiting
That is about 90% of my PC in '98. Those were the days...
I've just built a machine that is just about the same except with an AWE64. Started playing the original DOOM last night.
な kyleyked06 か
Now That's Pod Racing!
Ross Gouldthorpe
Nice machine, it should give you the best chance at compatability.
I've been messing around with these machines recently and found the following issues you might hit:

Voodoo 3, great for Win9x and glide games but you will have issues with dos glide games as they expected a voodoo 1.

Soundblaster 16, you might get choppy audio in windows and DX games, as ISA doesn't seem fast enough for some digital audio.
So it might be worth checking out an Audigy card, which will give you EAX sound but will have some dos compat issues.

I also found I had some compatbility issues with SVGA (vesa 2.0) games in dos in P2/P3 machines.

There are some nice guides to setting up a boot to dos with win9x:
I used this to create an autoexec.bat and config.sys that gives options on start up.

But enjoy you machine its great fun to go back to games of those age.
thx for telling us about RE PC im the type of person that likes to buy used hardware.
Not nearly as OG as my P75 system 24mb ram 2mb S3 64V+ and sound blaster 16. the best part is the mhz display at the front and turbo button. plays Doom like a champ
Sweeet! love this segment! Thanks MetalJesusRocks for taking the time to do a project like this. Must of been a fun one :)
Sam Haze
$200 i cudda made that PC for under $10
Paul Bennett
Good luck :D
The ABC Jug Band
That Re-PC Store is awesome. Wish something like that was in Sydney!
oh LOL, my dad and I just fixed up his old pc <week ago and got it up and running with xp, no sata in that board! IDE, AGP and PCI slots only, Thankfully I have a load of cables, adapters, agp video card, ram and OS disks laying around, 98, 98se, windows upgrade to xp disk. we chose xp because 98 was such a pain to install drivers (manual) For some reason I've kept EVERYTHING related to pc's in the past 20+ years.. games, everything!
I had my old chaintech av-710 pci sound card in a box that we hooked up.. I couldn't find the disk (probably in storage) but he managed to find some drivers at the manufacture's website for the VIA Vinyl Envy24HT-S Audio chipset. YEP, sure did!! and it's still available for those who could be hunting for those drivers...
The Gunman
I used to love that Stunt game back in the day. I couldn't help but think you might be able to get an MS DOS emulator or even Win98 bit I'm sure you would have looked into that.
mike bandulj
Wouldn't mind seeing you try soulbringer or doing a fix vid for newer pc's for running it or similar games of said issue. as well as maybe doing some star seige or
My phone has better specs than this pc 😂
Benjamin Slayton
I built a PC similar to that in 1999. I really miss those games.
Eric The lv 51 battlemage
Go with Sound Blaster AWE 32 instead so you get nice music in doom, duke nukem 3d and so on.
Would dos games run on win 98se?
Daniel C
Only thing I would have added: The original Half Life. That was a 1998 game. I had a Pentium 233 MHz box at the time. Barely played HL at illustrious 512×384.
Although Unreal would have made a fun addition too :)
When my dad brought home a voodoo 3 on Black Friday it was like heaven with those yellow eyes staring at me.
spicey nigga
MJR please do more PC gaming related videos!
i have this windows 98 server, pII dual core 1 gig hdd stacked, 4 gig ram, soundblaster 16 and a decent video card, got 50$ in the whole thing including a 29 inch crt monitor and p.s. i could have built you that pc outta my spare parts piles for a whole lot cheaper, lol
Nathan Solomon
You gotta make a buying guide for big box PC games
Distinct C
I am about to start a channel on c++ tutorials and I am looking for people to follow me. Follow me and learn and learn how to program c++
Da_Gamers_Loft 0
Fallout 1,2 are my favorite pc games of all time, and the reason im a gamer! Good times!
Grant Slade
Great video
NaikJoy Miao
An ultimate gaming PC for the 90s is determined by whats the newest and best 3Dfx card you can get. And the best korean CRT you can get to overclock with CRU. A man of your status could get his hands on a Voodoo 5 5500. Might aswell go with a Pentium III 900 and 512mb of SDRAM to make funny videos. Like running Unreal Tournament 2007 on the system. But anyways.. I agree thats a beast for its time and you can play anything. But I wonder if it could play anything at 240hz and fps. And no comment with the sound blaster :). This is an awesome gaming machine.
I just, literally yesterday, sold a Dell Dimension XPS T450 to a guy to play old games on. Makes sense though I mean, now the systems with the maxed out specs we lusted after in the magazines are attainable! Thinking about building a tower for every era of PC gaming and having them all on one big KVM switch; like a retroPCgaming arcade machine!
Zifei Li
Man! That Porsche driving game was my dad's favourite for a long time. Those are good times...
Patrick Howie
Dude, love your vids, but you really need to upgrade your audio,, and get a good mic
White Dinosaur
I'm going to try to make a reverse sleeper with Turbo XT board and VGA, now need all sorts of crap like a power adaptor and standoffs, floppy emulator etc...
Kyle Thayer
That warehouse looks like it would be a blast to go and visit!
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