Mario's Goal Calamity

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Mario's next zany calamity involves....a goal? How hard can it be for Mario to cross the gap to reach the end of the level? Find out!

-------Author's Comments----------

Hey guys! GM94089 here! I bet you're shocked to see a new video so soon after my last upload! Hope you like my newest video though. It's a bit different from what I originally had in mind in terms of concept, but that's show business for ya. Regardless, I'm positive this video will put a smile or two on your face! Enjoy!

Shoutouts to Alejandro Hernandez for his metal cover of Super Mario World's credits theme:

Metal Master
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Mario mad😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Marco kirby master
0:44 ¿who are the name of the song?
The try bones and Mario at 3:52
5 million views outstanding
Best/one of the funniest channels I've ever seen
Steven Coy Dishman
6:48 MongeBob or Spario like feeling.
Mr Boerger
I swear everyone these days has it out for Mario from the theories about him being evil to smg4 making him retarded and to everything working agaisnt him in these calamities
gameguy SX75
3:52 Who knew Mario was scared of Skeletons? XD
Youtuber Gamer
mario is doing kamehameha in 8:19
sebastian rodriguez serrano
2:00 FULL CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yoshi du 974
The Music 0:16 is Mario Galaxy 1
Gage Souders
Here we go again...1. Paratroopas are d*cks 2. Come here, Fishy Fishy3. Hey, at least you're not fat anymore4. Where's Luigi and his Poltergust when you need him?5. Stunt jump failed.6. Suddenly, Balloon Fight.7. Looks like it's time to go fishing again.8. Guess you could say that was a TOAD-al fail.9. Didn't momma tell you not to POKE around?10.Jesus, it's Tubular all over again...11. Use your up special next time.12. May I (g)ask you a question?13. (Insert Castle Calamity 2.5 reference here)14. Attack of the Paratroopas 15.Wait, I forgot my rod this time!16. OH MY!!17. Another TOAD-al fail.18. 30 Yard Mario, First Down19. Urine big trouble, Mario20. I always keep these puns in HAMMERSPACE.21. Waiter, there's Mario in my fish!22. Should've grabbed a Boo mushroom.23. Mario, you really need to PIPE down.24. The last fail was TOAD-al, this one was really MAJOR(a).25. Perpetual Piranha Plants Protruding from P-Switch Pipes have Mario in a Poor Pickle!26. Wait, when was this the mirror cup?27. (Insert forced and overused Team Rocket reference here)28. In one end, out the other29. ...?30. No need to be such a Hothead.31. Dear god, it's question block calamity all over again...32. Luigi, lay off the Double Cherries...33. Why hasn't your head exploded?34. Karma finds a way...35. Not tough enough, apparently.36. Should've asked DK for a green balloon.
PolarBear Games
Nintendo Gamer
The end was like LOL
Ballistic Boo
5:49 Welcome to Mario Maker.
Jeffrey Charles
9:25 lol after reloading save states 100000 times Mario finished the level but fell into a kaizo trap lololololol
Micaiah Dukes
Classic F*cking
Henry Toliver
I notice your sprites have shadows... That's pretty neat! It give is a 16-bit South Park Vibe.
Vladdy The teddy bear
Purse first
Kevin Dong
I wonder how did that Paratroopa survive.
I love how almost every Mario game is now a 2D animation. I love the use of cartoony sound effects.
Micaiah Dukes
The Fish Ate Mario Funny
3ndermatt Gaming
That spiney didn't Aki for consent first
Pickcrafter FAN

dill cipher
super saitama Mario vs saitama that battle would be epic
Jamie Lynne
7:42 MArio goes to Super- Mario?
Natalia Yaminova
over 36 takes!!!
Kid Goku
Dragon ball Mario confirmed
Maximus Gersaba-Myers
Elmarc rv
8:35 what is this?
Ness ok
la risa de agalla el perro cobarde
Harmony Light
I love how toad screams and runs away after seeing Mario peeing but then comes back to look at his dick XD
What's the music?
super mario world in a nutshell
im going to make a part 2 of this. You inspired me Gamemaster94089!
Heidi Meyers
Diamondguy256 The diamond
ChuckOver5 [MCPE]
This is my Fave part 8:34 thats vid was on paper mario
SSJ Mario vs Goal
Zack #24
Bruno Santos
5:41 what
Lori Kirby
This reminds me of ItsJerryandHarry's Minecraft Trolling:Parkour video where he keeps failing the last jump.
could you rip the lightning bolt sound from mario and luigi superstar saga, i having trouble getting it
*this is definitely not a parody of Mario maker*
Green bot Studios
He could just Super Mario Make a path for himself
Julio Argomedo oyola
Mario galaxy 6:10
Gael Ibarra
(corrected) can someone even make this in super mario maker ?
Gael Ibarra
can some one e en make this in super mario maker
Kana Blood of Dragons
what was the music in the super Saiyan mario bit called
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