Mario's Goal Calamity

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Mario's next zany calamity involves....a goal? How hard can it be for Mario to cross the gap to reach the end of the level? Find out!

-------Author's Comments----------

Hey guys! GM94089 here! I bet you're shocked to see a new video so soon after my last upload! Hope you like my newest video though. It's a bit different from what I originally had in mind in terms of concept, but that's show business for ya. Regardless, I'm positive this video will put a smile or two on your face! Enjoy!

Shoutouts to Alejandro Hernandez for his metal cover of Super Mario World's credits theme:

Freddy Fazgamer
for Mario's super sayin music,You used Wally's from ORAS
Kai Williams
This one is sooooooo funny!
last gameover!!
7:41 dragon bowl mario
Moneyblasters 123
wow he predicted the capture macanic before super Mario odyssey
this was so epic
Lance McKendrick
super saiyan mario needs to be a thing quick someone call nintendo for a dragonball z mario bros crossover game!!!
Amir Sakr
Yay yoshi its in life
The Golden Mario
If Mario Was In Street Fighters 7:33
The Terarrianist
Super Mario Salty Spatoon calamity?
The Terarrianist
1:33 a time when our ears didn't explode from Toad's voice
Claudia De Luca
6:36 Yoshi's revenge :v
Anthony Chung
7:25 super Mario smash power.
Jonas Sänftl
whats the real music here... not the metal bla
Derpy Lucario
poor toad..... NOT HAHAHAHA.LOLOL
Mr. Meowth
7:34 to 8:32

Every Mario Main in Smash.
Chris O
the 36 had the music from pokemon ORAS when u fight Walla at victory road plus KAMEHAMEHA
Nathan Cheung
What was the point of that Pokey grabbing mario after getting peed on?
Rass Robles
so fun
Mario: finally game: new worldmario sees endmario fails Mario: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Isaac Kassahun
and besides, your videos are SO funny! so keep it up bro! keep it up...🐯
Isaac Kassahun
I'm just wondering since the time is 000 shouldn't he die and keep it up with your videos and remember the star block claimilty k bro?
Grim Creeper
Yoshi torture is probably the reason they let them fly in the newer games.
Adam and Friends
0:32 remember kids smoking is bad for you so don't do it.
Maria Barrera
7:43 and thats when mario steals sonic's chaos emeralds
Felix D
That last one reminds me of when diego had blocked a bunch of attacks in street fighter
#34: What Mario deserves...
Reginaldo 22
Mr.Marcus Ekdahl
Mr.Marcus Ekdahl
Awsome kame-hame-ha i liked it
ζωη Zoe
Freddy Fazzbear
The Sugars down your spine
Ljubisa Nm
OMFG The 7:45 part is unbalibavle because the mario's true power of the star power
Just All Out Weird
if Mario was a pokemon,,this would be his z move at 7;37
Isn't that Wally's Theme from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
Look at 3:15 😂😂😂😂
RubenPlays Roblox & More!
7:13 agter 36 attempts Mario begins to get mad!
Pedro J. Reyes
I'm sorry but #26 still confuses me.
Caius Ballad
That moon one..... Did I just get Shrekt?
Aquatic Sparrow
For all of you asking about the music, why don't you jump to 10:13. IT IS TIMESTAMPED
Aquatic Sparrow
Super funny lol
Google Koda
hey I think there is a mistake in ur video...
the time said 000... Mario should had lost...
Shouldn't Mario have 10 points left? 77+33 you hu
Simon Anderson
6:40 - Revenge is a bitch, faggot.
Susan Green
How did Mario getAll those 1ups in that pipe
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