Paramore: Still Into You (Studio Vocals)

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So excited about these entries for the Paraoke Contest! I decided maybe I should share my own video with you guys. This is literally the entire first vocal take I did for "Still Into You" in the studio last year. I took it on my iPhone and was saving it for the right time to post. Hope you like it! Sorry about all the weird faces and the dancing awkwardly all by myself. 

Anyway, keep sending in your Paraoke versions of the song and HAVE FUN!


Julissa Ramirez
I want to be able to sing like her and not like a dying cat
Teri Lastovicz
❤️❤️❤️ best singer ever for me
Blake Beauty
holy wow insert heart eyes here
Karen Jazmin Suarez Rios
No affence but you don't sound very good
Alex Rodriguez
I feel her & Brendon from PATD have the best voices in pop, but don't get the recognition they deserve because of there "emo"past. Just not fair
None Of Your Business
Sounds exactly like the record
// starfish //
this gives me chills omg
em and gem
norman canlas
i love you
Derpy Panda Lover
There goes anyone who says that she can't sing without editing.
Zoë Goodwin
3:02 slays me so much
Jauregui ?!
just wow ..
god .. hayley you dont need autotune <3 youre the best ....
Leana E.
savage skills she is so Dope😍
Maad Ü
😍😍Want so bad a colab with Brendon Urie and Hayley😍😍
Probably the most underrated female vocalist nowadays
jordan mendes
Damn... Love you Hayley!!! u re awesome!!!
Paul Rawk
Not a bad vocal take on a song that was fairly big.. bit of auto tune in the end i think for this track. She wouldn't be the first
Chukwudumebi Enemor
i. am. shook.
Chukwudumebi Enemor
Kara Camille Delonas
Elvis Reymond
3:00 is a gods gift.
Dean Winchester
well i cant argue. its definitely her 😍
For me, Hayley will always be the best female singer out there. She's like the freaking Dave Grohl of pop punk
Cristal Muniz
Hayley William slays every song why do u have auto tune? U have such a beautiful voice it's so independent
Alejandro Charras
cara de pepino
Optimus got slimed
I hate fucking singing.
Radiant Eclipse
She's beautiful, her voice is absolutely beautiful, and she is awesome. I want to meet her.
thor156 x
you rock!

dam I miss playing I n a band...
Aqua Studios Roblox
I combined the Still Into You vocals and the music video, it does literally match
Johan Rocky
amazing, perfect vocal range.
Romello Lopez
God she's such a fucking amazing singer
Renee Farrabow
Such a great vibrato
Serdar özkurt
Ramen to u❤️
Dear GOD she's talented
who's aesthetic?
Noseless Troye
Such a big voice for such a small person
Journee Dawn
Wow such a strong powerful voice for such a small little women
omg... i see a queen
Matt The Man!
It's exactly like the official music on the radio.
Cakra Daeng
yeah after all this time, i'm still into hayley 😍
this is so much for my heart! (fainting)
Salvatore Cusumano
Too bad she screwed over the entire band.... I like them as a band more than just her.
norman reedus lover
your a good singer keep up the good work girl yes yes
I like Paramore but after hearing this??? ....that poor girl, trying to be like Metallica by adding a "uhhhhh" at the end of every lyric. Adding the music definately helps hide some of the awfulness in the singing.
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