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WISET CHAI CHAN DISTRICT, ANG THONG, THAILAND — A group of users at an internet cafe in Thailand got the fright of their lives when an unexpected customer showed up at the door. 

Security camera footage captured on April 8 shows the moment the rat snake enters the room and immediately causes chaos in the cafe. It jumped through the door and slithered around the room as the poor patrons tried to get on top of chairs and turned the place upside down trying to escape. 

Multiple camera angles reveal the snake’s aggressive attempts try to bite one patron’s backside, as well as how the slithery reptile sprang through the gap the second it saw an opening. Luckily for the jumpy patrons, rat snakes are not venomous, and as their name suggests, they typically feast on rodents and birds, suffocating them using their killer constriction technique.

Complete Absence Of Light
he goes full muay thai into the other guys lol
Olga Dhmhtrhs
kill all snakes....its a danger....
Carlos Gonzalez
kangaaro kicks !!! deploy
That man ran out like madea out of jail.. lol
White Lion Lion
ha ha ha ha
joshua camilo Mercadal
Haha hilarious
Dylan Henry
That last one scared me because of the woman! 😆😆😆
Kawaī ツ zoo TM
thailand!!!! i live in thailand
Andrew Garrett
god damn thats was some ufc judo kung fu flip double kick the shit out that guy
Snowy 05
This is why you should live in the UK, WE AIN'T GAWT NU TIME FOR SNAKES, We only have grass snakes and Adders, I mean it stings if you're bitten by them but, but, IT STILL HURTS, WELL, JUST, JUST WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS KIDS OK?! ):(
Bruh I'm weak
Why aren't they wearing shoes????
cheesepuff factory
drop kick
Brick Studio
Snake are nice if you dont mess with them
Rajdeep Sidhu
guys thay wos a snake in my school it was a big won it posant
Bill Gates
I don't fuck with snakes,that lady at the end is stupid as shit
Connor Run
I got bitten by a snake yesterday lol
Plush Trap
My sister has a ball python named Monty he bite her once because she reached out her hand to put him in his cage but he was in his feeding bin and mistake'd her finger for a mouse but all it did was make a little hole in her skin and it healed in about a day.
the first one, while being hilarious, had me befuddled...that is extremely bizarre behavior for a rat snake...then it occurred to me that it might have been that the snake had chased some kind of prey animal into that corner and lost it...still in hunt mode it went after the first movement it saw, thinking it was the prey it was initially after...unfortunate timing for the Thai boy but f'kin funny as hell for the rest of us...
The salty old hermit.
Holy shit!!! I just got attacked by the same type of snake a few days ago!!
find better news than stealing videos from FACEBOOK
Brian Sholer
probably trying to get some payback for them eating his little brother...snake posted up at the door just waiting for em to open the door....snake was on a mission
Jessica Cellini
don't they know to stay still when they see a snake
Juan Alfaro
The guy in the cafe literally kicked that guy to the ground
Ninja kick at 1:13
Clark Simon Absalon
he flying kick is buddy
I am in tears when he dropped kicked the other customer
Mechtron Industries
this comments below and the tomo news cartoon is more hilarious , i cant stop laughing .
savage luffy
the guy that was running around just kick the other guy
Jane Han
Mohammed Sheekh
Garrett Lee
I'd flip the fuck out if a snake wrapped around me
Tavian Kelly
Samuel L. Jackson is too busy over at Skull Island right now.
I think they meant to say 5 foot ball python there is no way a ball python can even get over 7 feet. Ever
Lil, Charmander
They are all barefoot😐
it must smell a little in there 🤔🤤
If you get attacked by a snake first thing you do is drop kick the nearest person. This demonstrates to the snake your karate skills and deters further attack.
Makeulaugh55 Da Best
That last one was funny lol
Richard Jacobs
Steven Universe
It's Thailand, what'd you expect? Those people don't bathe; poor snake probably mistook the man for a huge rat.
Victor Arzu
ball pyhtons don't grow 15ft wtf
Al Wibowo Bob Wibowo
3:15 Mr.Snake : I love this bitzzzz
Enough is Enough I've had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking house!
Alien 4D
the first one is so funny
Jacob Ellinger
I saw this on reddit first. sorry Tomo you guys missed it this time.
Run away people more,
Bonnie Lockwood
wow, that guys fast. lol
Star _gazer
FUCK THAT! This is my worst nightmare! Aghhhhh! God awful creatures!
Don't bully snek
Vernando Buckner
😂😂😂he moved quick asf
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