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WISET CHAI CHAN DISTRICT, ANG THONG, THAILAND — A group of users at an internet cafe in Thailand got the fright of their lives when an unexpected customer showed up at the door. 

Security camera footage captured on April 8 shows the moment the rat snake enters the room and immediately causes chaos in the cafe. It jumped through the door and slithered around the room as the poor patrons tried to get on top of chairs and turned the place upside down trying to escape. 

Multiple camera angles reveal the snake’s aggressive attempts try to bite one patron’s backside, as well as how the slithery reptile sprang through the gap the second it saw an opening. Luckily for the jumpy patrons, rat snakes are not venomous, and as their name suggests, they typically feast on rodents and birds, suffocating them using their killer constriction technique.

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