Injustice 1 & Injustice 2 - All MAJOR Deaths Cinematic Cutscenes

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Injustice 2 and injustice: Gods Among us, all cinematic cutscenes Movie for all the major characters that were killed off from the game. Injustice 2 gameplay. Grab your popcorn and enjoy, Fighter pack 2 raiden and Black lightning gameplay gameplays will be uploaded to this channel first so make sure to HIT that sub Button and stay tune for it, Sub-zero vs Raiden? Red hood, starfire, and black manta against raiden? i think so too. Hellboy is coming as the last Fighter pack 2 DLC Black manta vs hellboy? dreammmm

Bolt Thunder
i have one question when superman killed lois by mistake whey didn't he rewind time
Lokir From Rorikstead
Some kills are necessary...

Gorilla Grodd

Sorry Batman, but your "holier-than-thou" mentality kills thousands of innocents.
Adam Donnelly
A lot of people give Injustice flak for taking extreme liberties with Superman’s character but it’s easily one of the more compelling iterations of the character and the conflict he has with Batman is far superior to BvS. You can tell in their interactions that beneath the fighting, there’s the spark of an old friendship. Plus we now have a pretty good reason as to why Batman doesn’t kill. Superman goring the Joker was the beginning of his slipper slope.
Solomon Mebane
What about Scarecrow?
Jose Gonzalez
So... Why didn't superman just go back in time like he did the other time Lois died?
Chucky Martinez
Superman, For the Safety of all, you WILL DIE!
09:31 FORKED!
weggens jean-baptiste
this story line trash
Big J
Ya think DC told the makers of Mortal Kombat, "hey, next time, less killing"?
Shazam saved Superman’s life, but was killed by him...
V3GA 42
Not sure bout this but I think lex should be a premier skin for cyborg not sure if it would work but yeah
Mareia Cunningham
You forgot Wonder Woman killing scarecrow
As if Supergirls mum and Victor Zaz were big deaths. More should have died in IJ2
Lil D Flanders
Superman looked so gross in the 1st
Shadow Fade
Superman not dieing by any of these characters=PLOT ARMOR!!
Chris Rhode
No offense but I didn't care that doctor fate died
Yoop Noop
Wasnt shazam not even an adult? Did Superman just murder a kid in cold blood
Kill superman
Under Armor Theif
This is why nobody likes superman aka fuck you sups
Andy Lee
A long dildo killed Dr. Fate
Awho Chen
Holy crap! How the graphics have improved! It's so incredible.
sebastian blakely
I actually liked joker
superman walked towards joker like he shit himself
10:10 inadvertent Harambe meme. “Insert here”
Trippy Dom
Isn’t killing Shazam child abuse
This storyline is so stupid and aggravating
Jason Tumpane
They really should just do Injustice 3: MKvJL
Matthew Daniel
Superman realizes he actually just killed a 10 year old boy, right?
potato man
Flash could just kill superman sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeasy
Doctor Fate's death was so unnecessary. If he could've died so easily, then Braniac should've done the same thing to Batman and the rest of the non-indestructible Justice League-ers.
Mike Keith
Superman said he never killed a child but shazam was one of them
chazz chazzton
So Superman is the flashpoint version of wonder woman?
Sif Greyfang
Batman is so much better than superman
Furious Gamer
Where's Harley Quinn
CapCrumbs The Mighty
Fate had such a shitty death.
Belarmino Castillo
Brainiac is not dead, he was just pretending to be dead and sleeping
Daniel Svensson
Sorry, but I got to hand it to Joker, he had a important point. Superman was easy to manupilate, compared to Batman, and if he or anyone else ever told Superman about it, so many innocent lives could have been saved. Like Reverse Flash for example, sure, he wasn't a good guy, but thanks to Superman and his Regime, in injustice 2, Reverse Flash is stuck in a paradox because of the regime killing his ancestors, while he is still present. There are many others, but this is only some of them.
Charlie Hayden
Batman lost all my respect when he defended Zazz. Literally no difference between him and an innocent. Let's treat the 121 murderer like the victim.
WorldStarHipHop WSHH
You Kill the man who saved your ass from Lex Luthers Kryptonite Blaster just because he tried to talk some sense into you?
iLast Kings
You have my profile picture
V3GA 42
I wish they could re-make injustice gods among us with the graphics as injustice 2 bcz oh boy those graphics are not the worst but not the best
Cassie Barns
Supergirl looks like a Disney princess with her long hair
Rodney Christopher
Was Shazam really necessary? Damn dude
NY Speedforce
Half of these deaths were committed by superman
Doctor Blam
Superman killed a preteen
Sleepy Snorlax21
My theory is that it was not the real Shazam
V3GA 42
Why the hell did shazam just let superman kill him he could of punched the shit out of him and got out easy
V3GA 42
Man the injustice game and comics really changed how I see the normal superman just knowing he can snap any second and that could all happen and now I can’t unsee superman that side of superman no more
Man, no matter how evil this version of Superman is, he looks genuinely horrified during Doctor Fate's murder at 11:03
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