Sourya Chatterjee
Just love her songs...♥♥
Thảo Nguyên Trần Hoàng
I miss the OLd TAYLOR so much
Erul Al-Din
I could feel that RED album vibes more than 1989
Luân Đặng
So great 😍
Herbert Brown Brown
taylor lady you be who you want be people who talk are just people who would kill to be you they got something to puut some down to make them feel better about their self because they are miserable in their life so they have to cut people down to make their selfs look better in the mirror talor if you get down own your self just step back a minute a their are people like me that always has your back an know what you are feeling im one of best fans enjoy your music an see the tiredness in your eyes some times when your being inveiwed always know that if it gets to bad just step back an lookup at the sky an you will see yourself souring with the angels as bright as the brightest stars your beatiufull human being so you go lady a keep stepup that highway the heaven an beam your beatiufull light
Selenator ∞
Her music is always amazing
Lina Smith
Ivy Joan
All Taylor’s albums are just awesome
Elizeth Padilla
Como amaría ir a un concierto de Taylor... todo es genial, es estupenda...
Myosotis little
sound likes an anthem of youth
Hebron Lorenzo
Instead of building a castle out of the bricks they threw at you throw them back to those stupid people who did it
Bella Jones
Taylor, love you to infinity and beyond, whether you are a new romantic or did something bad 😍😍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Look what you
It's like red
Roselyn Resente
This is new ..Always new like new romantiks
Henning Lim
this song needs more credit
Nicholas Matunog
love you forever
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jennifer luca
Love you Taylor:)
Diana Tovar
Who's here after reputation came out?
Joshua Perez
Que bonita canción c:
tamara masri
I love you taylor swift
Justin Bieber Alsel
Salty Ding
I just love her hair, short and straight
Leilani Robinson
I would be scared to go on that flying thing by my self so high above the fans I dreamed that when we pass that I come back as Taylor she is the person I would want to be ;)
Leilani Robinson
We know your better tay tay lol
I agree that this is the best song I've ever heard in my life, this is why I love Taylor swift!
I know it's soooooooo gooooood
Screw Youtube Censorship
Bravo to the editor of this music video - so fitting to the song and she didn't need to separately film anything. Love it!
Olivia Nguyen
I want to be just like her😊
I hope she becomes the queen of pop.
The_Farmer_Trashcan DD
GimmIE more music videos like this. Not a bunch of flat-asses twerking and other dumb shit. Give me a performer showing shots of the performances and them being goofy while preparing for a tour. This reminded me of the beginning of Katy Perrys movie and I love that. It's so powerful. The slow motion shots make it all the way here better and even the voiceovers add to the already beautiful aesthetics. This music video is everything I've ever wanted. A good song, slowmotion shots, the fans, the concert, and then all being goofy. Give me more of this.
Robin Francis Rayner
Taylor please I need ur help it’s Robin
atif kashif
Anyone after Reputation...????
ㄤ Kiki
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v a
"'Cause, baby, I could build a castle
Out of all the bricks they threw at me "
21 november 2017 who?
Yvan Regaton
New Romantics
New Taylor
Goodbye Old Taylor
Hello Reputation
Most underrated ts song ever
Bernard Obida
I cried so much of joy.. my tears running down to my face
Derek Hale
RIP the final good era of Taylor Swift
Roscelle Raguin
Hai your my idol
Taylor is the best
Melania López
Ready for it?
Why is this song so so so underrated?
Mehak arora
Mr. B Lemon
I got spot where we can build that castle.
Keiron Griffiths
most people don't like our society of music but it is creative which artist before couldn't do and this is creative and awesome song
Buggy And Everdeen
I'm kinda sad the old Taylor is dead, but I like the new Taylor
This is a wonderful song and recording and dream. We all have this dream and Taylor made it come true and made a video for me and you.
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