How EVERY Chainsmokers song is written

Not a fan
I recorded this randomly on snapchat so I apologize for the vertical video :/

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John Fassold
we're about to reach 3 million on this video and 50k on my newest video about Lana Del Rey, and I can't begin to tell you how thankful and humbled I am by all this. y'all are so supportive and i wasn't even looking to have any internet buzz like this, I just wanted to make my friends laugh! I'm gonna continue to post videos and be as open as I can with subscribers and viewers, thank you all so much 💜
Giselle Nicole
this is hilarious 😂😂
Miguel Hernandez
His laugh is what makes the video A BILLION times better 😂
"edgy but not"
tristan molina
The problem of knowing music theory. Lol
This is gold, made my day❤
Jose Rodriguez
"So basically you have to find some lyrics that talk about how hard it is to be white and in love"
L Kris
sounds like Perfect Strangers
You're my hero dude
I go 0 to 011 mike real quick
Alex Lepinski
damnnnn he good singer why cant he sang the hole song i wish i could sing
Nekocat 6474
😂😂we have the same keyboard👌🏻
Juan David Sanmartin
You should see how is Reggaeton composed. Just three chords repeating in all the song.
Eric's Evo
This dude is the best hater i know😂😂😂
Holy moly! Where can I buy this!?
This Tryhard
the dislikes came from guitar players
so basically chords could be plays one that he instantly knows won't work

fucking fail
Dublin Stroud
why is this actually voiced by Bob Belcher
do a video of you going hhhiiighhhhh for 10 minuets straight
J. K.
this is great. im literally dying from laughter
Welcome to popular music.
Barrett Lewis
now I love the chainsmokers but tbis is hilarious
julian dcortes
maybe you are too good
feisty channing
Melissa Bay
when his lyrics are actually good 😂
Mia Varghese
1:50 I'm dead😂
Nadia Che
lets see which one of these viewers becomes the next chainsmokers😂

I die every time he laughs in the video hahaha #gold
HILARIOUS! It actually sounds legit too haha
blvck iverson
I love how you're having fun with this, so cute xoxo
Kiana Chae
The Chainsmokers now have material for their next album.
why expose them like that
Ali Jalal
I can't stop laughing
please do a video of just that breakdown @ 1:26 i beg
Brandon Knable
why does that sound so good tho 😂😂
aKa Pikachu
ME: stop recommending ved i don't wanna watch
YT: i'll recommend u this ved till your death uahahahahah...ughghguhghh..hahah
ME: fine u win yt.
Are you making money from this?
hassan rashid
your video is both shit and god like. another subscriber here and don't change your style man. this is a compliment
Orlana Rodgers
this is so fucking true 😂😂💗
Blue Beta
Send Help
Firepopcorn 123
Holy shit, that actually sounded like a actual Chain Smoker song
James Herrera / Prankster-chan
This guy is so creative. XD
Mark Choo
It's so funny how he always says something about parents
Scribbly Alex
this dude has too much fun lmao cheers mate
jonghyun hoe
3:50 we at your house watching you make this video.
He just ended chainsmokers with 1 hand 👏👏
gg piano T_T
Piano Dragon
This literally is an try not to sing along lol
Sandi Salmeron
dude you have such a nice voice tho
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