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This is a weird DIY project for GIANT FLUFFY SLIMES & other great slimes!! Watch my previous popular video edible school supplies haul and it's the best prank for back to school. I'm not sure how to best prank but you can give me some ideas on how to prank. The next video may be a life hack or perhaps a routine not sure yet what do you think? Love, Wengie
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My hands were SO soft and smooth after playing with so much slime!! I MIX THEM ALL AT THE END :DD WUAHAH MORE SATISFACTION!! Which one was your favorite? Also Max and I have a channel called Reacticorns and we'd LOVE you to join us there! We upload every day! http://bit.ly/reacticorns LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3
Caitie Jones
My fave slime is unicorn fluffy slime +butter slime
Trinity Hasis
I don't wear contacts or have liquid starch so I can't make slime
Marshmallow Puff
Who is lying on there sofa because I definitely am😋😋😋😋😋😋😘😘😘😘😘😘
Emma the panda Wood
Wengie looks pretty with bangs
the slime is soooo sticky and that poking omg
Beca Williams
Litzy Gonzales
I liked all the slimes but my most favorite was butter slime and crunchy slime! They were sooo satisfying!!!!
Me and my crazy Family
That is not how to break iceberg slime you really are not good at playing with slime
Wendy Churchill
I love the slime
Amara G
I LOVE slime like if you agree😄😄
SimsLover11 Awesome
I 💗 the Montage intro! It's so just SATISFACTION
Marissa Cormier
With the iceberg slime do your have to make it that big ???
Cynthia Harriman
i want it but it didn't work for me
Samiha Zarrin Faruqui
I just love slime.
Samiha Zarrin Faruqui
I like the butter slime and the fluffy slime specially when it comes to purple I will definitely try one of your slime Wengie.
Does she not realise that slime shouldn't be sticky YOU CANT MAKE SLIME
Natalie Gonzalez
i love how she says "baking soda" <3
Emily_ Catgirl006
Why do u only mix the top when you make slime? No hate but it's so annoying #petpeeves
Vivien C
Collab with Alisha Marie or mamamiamakeup
Baidas Shaker
Was anyone else like no its baking soda not soder!
How exactly do comments like
Find out who you are
1. Wengie
2. Rosanna Pansino so on an so forth

Get more likes than comment telling you how beautiful you are like,

Dear person reading this, you are amazing and so on.

John T
I love your hugs
M & k Toy World
Tania Smith
I love the ice burg you amazing
SimsLover11 Awesome
You should try and do slime Bubbles
SimsLover11 Awesome
Fluffy and ice-burg slime are my fav
Archisha Arora
The way she was poking makes me cringe :(
Alena Avakemian
its not baking soder its baking soda
I love u wengie but......your poke on the fluffy slime...... #IMSRYGURL
Perla Wolflover
Who else is watching this while playing w/ slime
Camille Cabrera
Ice berg was my favorite!❤️❤️
Ghazal Wassim
Why are you shaking when your playing with your slime
Attack on Titan CryBaby
She said please don't try to eat the butter slime AT HOME, so I can eat it at school, work, etc?
Camila Vega
You said soder
Natalie Rhone
She got this recipe from Cute Life Hacks. Love it, Wengie!
Lynette Lechner
Kelly Evans
Yay ingredients
Jocelyn Swihart
the most satisfying was the crunchy slime
Gabbar Labib
Hey weggie!
Pls reply me I am a fan of your
amazing amiee
can i have ur slime please
Zahida Parveen
Do more slime vids
wengie i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ur the best youtuber
rafaela ramos
i like iceberg slime
rafaela ramos
in what country do you live
beverly andres
Can I dare you to remove your make up?DARE!!
SAL Nazarian
I love reading other people's comments and then when I see they have 1 like I think " they probably liked it like I did" hahahaha
Hailey Masiello
U have to use model majic clay
Girlie Garrido
She just said baking sodir
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