Sheena Bland
Stop lying....he has to go
Gayle Robinson
I'm still trying to figure out what Trump did wrong.
Angie sparkles
god damn hell no Donald needs to get himself impeached please I cant take it anymore. personally I don't agree with trump. But I don't want pence to be president.
The May Flower
Keep after your message Lisa. I am a big fan of it.
Abdelaziz- A
i see bigots everywhere.
josh woods
Everything you mentioned will happen when trump goes is what trump did when he got in office. Aside from Obama wasn't impeached. So I agree but its just normal politics to ship out the old admins,picks. The deep state and the shadow gov't are 2 different evils. The CIA Is not the deep state.
Joyce Crumley
they what America to be .musulem
not really, people are realizing that Trump is not fit to be president and that they're not kneeling at the Alt/Far-Rights anointed God-Emperor. The Media hates him, the states hate him, the world hates him. Hell, even his own secret service hate him. The only ones who love him are the bootlicking sycophantic sheep that will be committing mass suicide the second they hear news of Trump's impeachment
Dick Neva
Thank God for Lisa Haven and her dedication to our wonderful President! I am ready and armed to defend our country!
Salvatore pluchino
Sorry listening 👂
Salvatore pluchino
Jimmy Wilkerson
Obama needs to be ,hung ,u stump broke ,preacher you have to be a ass hole baby ,
shut the hell up lady
I'm trying to think of the safest and most effective way to burn a bible wrapped in an American flag. Should I dig a pit, or put the items in a grill? Would adding kindling help, or would plain lighter fluid be enough? Ahh well...I guess I'll just have to experiment.
Maxwell Bernstein
Girl... someday, there's gonna be a Last day that we see you, saying "This is Lisa Haven, signing out." and we won't see each other again until we meet in the sky, when we are caught up by Jesus. I just want to say, before that day comes, Thank you so much for everything! You've done a great work here and there are so many of us who are extremely thankful for your willingness to be used by God for his glory and for the safety and the encouragement of the saints! ♡ God speed and blessings to you sweet sister!
Maxwell Bernstein
Someone, please give us a quick cliff-notes list of those who want to impeach or assassinate Trump. Thx.
Courtney Bullard
This girl is dumb and makes no sense. Typical trump supporter. 😂😂
Goes in Ya
Maxine's choker is about to cut her head off.
Stephen LaMar
I will say this the easiest way i can if Donald Trump is impeached Civil War will break out in America and when it is done nothing will be left of this country
all you Demorats and Rinos wish for violent death.
Edythe Cozort
Vote the swamp out!!! Trump is not going anywhere. SMH!!! Vote newbies out without old Senators!!
Robert Boggs
Impeach .we will bring WAR
james mackay
Many of our deep state intel must be eliminated , that means truly eliminated permanently,balance the budget no more false flags like tonkin bay,9/11 JFK goes on and on ,they have to go.
gotjack? Homosassa
I agree. But I ask about the Pedorings...really? Why haven't we heard about it? Do you know any Utubes about it? May have seen it & thought it was old...before The election.
Larry Sparks
Hell & Furry !! By the Pro Trump Mitilia !
Robert Elledge
The American people have six ways to Sunday to take out the deep state.
Sid mack
bunch of losers... if trump is their best their in big trouble...
Robert stephenson
The Antichrist is here. Sign of the time the devil is in control all over everywhere.
Rachel Williams
Nazi germany is exactly what youll get with trump, that is true.
jelly bean 17
You speak a lot of common sense and reason to be concerned. Thank you for posting this video.
There is actually stuff about pro-abortion in the bible. Women and the pregnant are considered property at best. That is one of the reasons that the church were the biggest people to do underground abortions. Technically abortion isn't anti-christian.
Rick X
Are you KIDDING? Trump doesn't know anything about democracy. He's a BULLY & has anger issues & ego issues and is questionably mentally incompetent... He knows NOTHING about eloquence or speaking without antagonizing any listener... He's NOT a president... he's a bully and based on the number of youtube videos about his completency... it's OBVIOUS that HE, himself, has created this mess... he's incompetent and SHOWING it with every twitter comment he makes,, with every speech he makes and all of his actions just show him with rapidly dwindling support.. It's time for him to realize that it's time to get out and let America be run by someone who CARES about America AND THE WORLD and who has a conscience... Does someone like that exist? hmmmm?
Kurct 115
all this sht about trump, well guess what? nk is back, we need him. not a trump supporter but if we didn't have a president we would be dead. at least dats wut i'm seeing, my volumes broken ;3;
roo linson
if he gets impeach said goodbye to democracy and freedom, we will have to fight against the fascist "liberal" elites. bring on the guillotine.
Kristina Starkie
Wow they are feeling desperate!
Thomas Riley
Fk you
Alan Krebs
Forget about the stock market, gold, silver etc. I'd buy stock in rope. We will be needing lots and lots of rope.
Lisa Kunz
Robert Elledge
Democrats like to blame Trump for everything, let it be known, if they remove Trump they will be blaming themselves for what happens.
saujas sharma
Have your views on trump changed after recent events?
Christian Haller
Trump is a dumbass who can't get anything passed pence is a dumbass who can get things passed let's keep Trump
Percy Roussell
Trump is a luciferian
Percy Roussell
Lisa America and the people or the walking dead
Percy Roussell
We in hell with trump.trump will call in martial law soon
Percy Roussell
They all Illuminati trump to
These kind of vids are fun to watch as a European hahah. Love you Americans!
Antonio Black
Yay down with Christianity!
Lol! Was this video sponsored by the Heritage Foundation?
Planet Earth
Alt-right are terrorists.
Thomas Paine
Prayer + Lock and Load.
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