Colbert is a terrible interviewer "I bet those are on eBay, huh?" wtff. You can tell John Oliver has no respect for him "take a nap, Stephen".
Watching this video now makes me sad; pre-Trump, pre-EU referendum. It was a more innocent time...
Dr. Emeter Diacope
No one taxes the "rich" for bankrupt like females. I used to play "for" their team, until I got down to social accounting action. How about a condom tax and a wedding tax? NL.
Bill Randall
you LOST, dipshits, and because you're too stupid to learn anything, you'll lose again in 2020
Jaime Vaca
Did anybody else noticed John Oliver's pin? Its gold with a black bend and a dire wolf head...
The term 'queens vagina' is just the best thing john oliver has said
Jo Black
Trumpf means trump in German. It doesn't sound strange in German so I don't understand the 'joke' in that ...
No Filter Productions
ya''ll aint laughing now... keep it up LOOOOL
Nimrat Sandhu
So is it just me or does ANYBODY ELSE not get y it should be bleeped???
John quickly calms himself,
reminding himself that Trump is just a candidate
Adri Rizo
Love the Purell bottle in the chair next to John! hahahaha!
Anya Printon
Is that a hand sanitizer next to Oliver?
Pixie Dust
omg stephen's face right at the end with the vid fading away was SO cute
Alex P.
Ah yes
The wonderful times when president trump was only a possiblility
john oliver is irritating
bitch u thought
Ali Nasiri
Lolz two people who thought we'd never have trump and made a mockery out of him. Haha suckas. Eat shit
Simone Menier
"a sentient Kohl's mannequin that read a book once" ๐Ÿ˜‚
Chinmay Upadhye
Has anyone noticed hand sanitizer ?
Mike Ohhh
I always Love seeing John Oliver joking and having some good laughs with friends.
Pronunciation without representation!
T R U M P !!! T R U M P !!! T R U M P !!!
Very Nice
Ironically german is literally a language of poetry. It's very "image-heavy" and it's no coincidence that most of genius poets and philosophers are german. We refer to ourselves as the and of Poets and Thinkers. Our language may sound aggressive, but the words and grammar is almost artistic and really invites you to play with it.
star buster
Dumb and dumber
and it has happened
If these two court jesters are what leftist Regressives consider the "ideal man," anyone care to consider how the West will stack up to Russia, China and the Middle East? Well, I'll make a wager:

4:46 is the difference between CBS and HBO - I love how chilled John is when he says it whilst Colbert is 'reserved' in a way - though it's correct terminology
Alejandra Rodas
Miss those days so bad rn
Lindsey Wood
"We invented words, we'll tell you how they are supposed to sound"

lol I love John oliver
Calico Morgan
Tell me more about this "parliamentary system" you're talking about...

...because American school systems never taught me about it.
Alex Contreras
these dudes are fuckin' rockstars lmfao!
Dexter Wilkinson
hello pal! muslim does anybody recognize larger this case c#..3..
cameron lee
and now we have Theresa may
our equivalent
The two of these men together is priceless!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜
That feels like a really loooong time ago...
Mehenur Yasmin
england can have trump cause they have a first past the post system.
Oliver should have kept that freshly shaven 'stache
Douglas Fulmer
John Oliver is just effortlessly funny it's hillarious.
Evan Anderson
May 11 2017

That slip by Oliver at 4:01 is creeping me out watching this may 11 2017

Im high af too tho so there is that...
Clem Fandango
SantuNetu 1
trickle down...thats how economics works....!!!
Jason Barnes
@ 0:35...when you concede to the fact that you just got burned.
Nero v Frost
"We invented words and we'll tell you how they are supposed to sound."
-John Oliver 2016
S. Bakyhnh
The Madness of King Drumpf.
Diamond Lewis
He did the chudat pose lol m2k
I would love to see an episode of the Late Show where Stephen, John, Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee all get together for an episode (or segment) of hardcore late night political satire.
Abby Bonds
This is why John Oliver had to have an HBO show, he needs to be uncensored.
Samuel Junus
kings aren't elected
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